New Wyoming becomes new crypto hotspot

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Crypto firms are flocking to Wyoming as the state defines new regulations. Caitlin Long, Avanti chair and CEO, on why the Cowboy State is a new frontier for cryptocurrency. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights on crypto and more:

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  1. Crypto Cowboys, reads the CNBC chiron. So doing, CNBC (and NBC) reveals itself of being comprised of people with stereotypical mindsets who are out of touch with America. They show they've never been anywhere but maybe New York City and LA. How offensive they are. At least that's what they would accuse others of who might think it's just fine for the DC football franchise to be called the Redskins. Or that Dr. Seuss put out nice children's books. How dare they stereotype Wyoming.

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  3. CNBC, Wall Street, Government all trying to control & tax crypto. What a joke.

  4. The real reason is that entero costs are very low there haha. Fossil fuel is driving the mining there 😉

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