New York State Unemployment & PUA Update 5/11/2020

Today I give an update on my unemployment and PUA payments.

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  1. Put It in the safe

    It’s been a month since I applied I’ve just now got my ellegibility letter saying how much my benifits are weekly for pua I’m confused and don’t know what the next prossces is

  2. Chris Goodwin

    Wow I just went over my pau application and I see three of the questions I submitted yes to actually is saying “no” so I was denied

  3. I filled a new claim for unemployment November 9th 2020 and been claiming ever since every Sunday and yet still haven’t received anything and it’s now 1/13/21 a little over two months. I’ve messaged them on the department of labor website so many times also faxed and wrote to the department of labor multiple times up in Albany and still nothing. I’ve literally had to sell a lot of my shit to stay afloat it’s crazy. Thought I was the only one I’ll continue to claim every Sunday and just have to wait patiently to receive all that back pay if they ever decide to do so. Good luck guys keep ya in my prayers amen🙏🏻

  4. Chris Goodwin

    Okay so I submitted my pau claim two weeks ago and it still says my application is progressing through the system to determine the amount I will receive. Some one I know submitted a claim less then a week ago and was approved. To make matters more unbearable is that this guys claim was fraudulent. This man has never worked a day in his life and yet the government just took his word for it and handed him thousand of dollars. This government is unbelievable

  5. Do you know how long it takes to get the backpay email?

  6. So if it says 182 .. effective days 4

    But for 600 it’s says the effective days 0 does that mean I never received the 600$ .. yet ?

  7. Luis Jimenez

    I just got a letter of being denied nys pua benefits can you help me on what to do.dont have any income since covid 19 started.cant find work.

  8. I got a submission confirmation on my application but that was on the 17th of last month is it normally this long? And I checked online and I don't see any updates

  9. Muhamed Jones

    Unemployment is just messed up. I haven't been getting paid either.

  10. Raven Phoenix

    I just recently applied and I am also getting the exact same amount weekly and have the exact same maximum payout amount as you.

  11. John Riederer II

    I qualified for PUA but not unemployment ? And I’m only getting almost 182$ for PUA. Shouldn’t i get my 600$ from the CARES Act, I’m very confused and don’t know what to do

  12. Richard Prebis

    I was told that their was no need to fill out a separate application.

  13. I'm still waiting for them to determine how much I'll receive. Just last week I finally received an email saying I could start certifying. I applied in April I believe or March.

  14. If you get rejected in NYC for Unemployment does that mean you can still apply for PUA???

  15. Can I claim both pua and unemployment insurance

  16. Joli Garçon

    I applied since 3/26/20 and I received a payment on 4/5/20 after that I no longer received any payment. They sent me a letter to prove my ID, I did it and for 8 weeks no pay or response. yet I certify. which is the following to do. HELP

  17. Mehnaz Chowdhury

    In my payment history under the' type' column, it is showing 'last week worked' what does it mean??

  18. Dine and Serve with CiCi

    PUA is the same as unemployment insurance (UI) except it applies to individuals directly affected by the pandemic who would not have typically qualified for regular UI (self employed, independent contractors, loss of income because of shelter in place/business closings etc.)

    UI normally lasts about 26 weeks but I believe it’s currently been extended to 39 weeks. PUA payments are 39 weeks and are scheduled to stop at the end of December.

    The $600 is Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC). It’s an additional booster on top of everyone’s UI or PUA weekly payments from the federal government. Currently it’s set to end on July 31st but many are pushing for its extension.

    You’re supposed to get the $600 on top of your weekly UI or PUA, whichever you qualified for. Everything’s crazy right now so a lot of payments have yet to come through properly.

    You also have to make sure you certify every single week. If you make more than 504 a week in NY state you do not qualify for that week’s payment. If you don’t certify at all you don’t get paid that week. It’s quite a complex process smh.

  19. Lucena Compay

    Hi! I just signed up PUA and I happened to clicked the Y instead N answer ,I submitted and got a respond from labor that I am not eligible.But I signed up UI also but there is no response yet.Do you think I can get a benefits from UI if wasn’t eligible to PUA since I clicked wrong answer and I can’t re do it anymore, Please! answer my question

  20. If i can see my “ weekly benefit rate “ does that mean i got approved?

  21. Tevin Stuart

    I’ve been claiming since March 31 and still haven’t received any payments whenever I go on the website it says that my payments are processing and when I called the phone nobody picks up how do I get my unemployment benefits because I really need it!

  22. adrianobie67

    Anyone receiving unemployment benefits; please make sure to set aside the taxes on it. Many aren't aware but this money is taxable and I'd hate anyone to be surprised when they file this year and/or next year.

  23. Anthony Lane

    These states are like car insurance companies that collect your premiums but when you have an accident look for every angle to not fix your car. The DOL has news conferences stating how much money has been paid out leading you to believe applicants are receiving their funds. But unfortunately, those people who have gotten money have only gotten a fraction of what they're owed. Does anyone watching this video know anyone who has received all they're owed by the DOL?

  24. simply AnneJ

    Is dua the same as pua

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