New You can pay your mortgage with Bitcoin?

You can pay your mortgage with Bitcoin?

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  1. The Economic Ninja

    Check out Uphold if you are looking to buy #Bitcoin, #XRP, #DigiByte #Theta and more

  2. Jackie Janssen

    <Always appreciate the realness of your content the bearish and bullish case scenario is very very important to know both scenarios so we are always prepared thank you so much!!! btc is truly a class of its own, it has no competitors. All the other alts are competing with each other, they are more centralized, and the majority of them are not completed projects. I can't believe it when i hear people selling their btc for alts lol, although I was able to make 7b TC in just July from implementing tradess with tips and info from Eric Clark.

  3. Stephen Hansen

    Interesting Analysis, great insight👍. With the current market trends, lnvesting in bitcoin now would be the wisest choice you'd ever make as it's on a rise and it'll skyrocket soon to the moon. People will be kicking themselves in regrets in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and lnvest in crypto.

  4. F the banks!! Pay them with trashy dirty dollars!

  5. I want to be paid in crypto.

  6. Ortwein International

    We take crypto, gold, and silver at our firearms business. Yes, you can buy a gun with Bitcoin. 🙂

  7. But every time you spend it you may owe taxes. How can you possibly keep track?

  8. I’m hoping XRP will pay off my mortgage.

  9. Levi O'Rourke

    I got a s9i, well two one fried one ready to roll. How hard is it to start mining or to find a mine that’ll run my equipment and pay me a cut of it

  10. Crushing Housing Losses

    Orlando, FL Housing Prices Crater 17% YOY As Sellers Slash Prices Double Digits Across Florida

  11. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

  12. Simon Thompson

    They want your bitcoin to dump fiat on you to give to your seller, winder why?

  13. Ryan O'Neill

    This is a seriously good channel 👌

  14. What about people never got in bitcoin. I can't afford 50k for one bitcoin

  15. alice coppers

    Wouldn’t this fall under banking regulations, such as Coin Zbase got hit with today?

  16. Steve Mackelprang

    if your bank falls for it, and the grid is up.

  17. This will end badly. Imagine banks holding something that can lose 60% of its value in a short period of time….. oh wait that was the financial crisis.

  18. Hannah Stephnie

    People has increased their bids in hopes of making huge gain from the rise but as we can see now the market is very unstable, the truth is that you can always make more profit from tradn rather than just hodlin and waiting for the price of BTC to skyrocket. Indeed it’s a tough decision for both old and newbies whose intensions are just to hodl and sell but rather the potentials of tradn Btc would allow you grow your Btc not minding the present price chart and also saving your ass from any future deep that may occur. I started tradn with Daniel Wríght since last year and till date have made over 14 Btc even with the ups and downs since the journey. With Daniel’s help I no longer have to worry about the rise and dip of Bitcoin ,you can reach Daniel at :Telg: rm @Danielwrightfx*

  19. victor arregnelle

    I'm not saying I know, I'm not saying I'm right, but this, and El Salvador, and other exciting bitcoin news seem like red flags to me. It doesn't scream people's money, so to speak. But hey good luck to y'all, you can tell me "I told you so" later when I regret not jumping in.

  20. Robinson Sean

    The economic hardship, recession, unemployment, and loss of jobs is enough to push people into financial ventures.

  21. mr smarty pants

    And i still hit the like button, you rock, 97.4 m% of the time. If nothing else you make me feel good about my hair…

  22. mr smarty pants

    Crypto is an awesome place to speculate. I do it. Its not an investment any more then NFTs are. You know fiat currencyt is worthless because its not backed by anything but butcoib is the new gold even though its backed by nothing… it is awesome for speculating though. Im up 21,000% on my crypto. But when the world goes to poop, you better have tangibles.

  23. haha 10,000 bitcoin pizza guy would tell u NOT to pay it with bitcoin.

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