New Zulu Ali – Attorney at Law

Inspired by civil rights attorneys Thurgood Marshall and Avon Williams, Jr., who used the law and courts as a vehicle to make change and protect all people against injustice, Zulu Ali opened the Law Office of Zulu Ali with a focus on representing persons accused of crimes and seeking criminal justice, immigrants, victims of discrimination, and persons seeking civil justice.

Unlike many firms, the Law Office of Zulu Ali takes on extremely difficult cases and matters that provide an opportunity to make changes in the law, through the courts, when the law is unjust. In all matters, from routine to the most difficult, the Law Office of Zulu Ali fights very hard for those they represent.


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  1. منن

  2. Cory Simmons

    Do you take cases Nationwide or just California

  3. خلف العواد


  4. Yaseena Mahammad


  5. HHcbc0ceh😆💗😎dl ci

  6. Gregory Coker

    Attorney Ali is a top professional who fights for his clients. I have worked with attorney Ali as he helps Veterans.

  7. बियप

  8. Someone please tell me the music used int this video

  9. Mr. Ali your the Best Attorney 👍👍👍👍
    I will always Recommend you!

  10. I currently work for the Law Offices of Zulu Ali and there is no client by the name of Abdullah Ben Abdullah. Mr. ali strives for the satisfaction of his clients and you call your yourself a Muslim but lie and slander the name of another brother in Islam who you do not have any contact with. Mr. Ali has been highly recommended by countless number of clients and is willing to do whatever he can to get justice for all!!

  11. Mr. Ali is an amazing attorney and man. I've never knew someone who would work so hard to make sure his clients are taken care of. Most attorneys just care about the money but he cares about you and your family. It's a family environment and experience at his firm.

  12. WAZZZZZAPpeeps4

    Why would you protect someone who is illegally taking your priveliges

  13. Man, you look like an old professor of mine. Weird.

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