NICE! 4th Stimulus Check Update | Stimulus Helping Millions | Additional Unemployment – June 2

MAJOR NEWS! Welcome to your 4th stimulus check update, new stimulus package & infrastructure update, and daily news report for Wednesday June 2nd…

Happening Today:

10 More Days!

CRAZY NEWS – May 26th:

2 More Weeks:

Did Biden Lie Again!

It’s Coming SOON:


Money For Seniors:

$2,000 Checks Once Again!

Details Of $3,600 Child Tax Credits:​​​​​​​​…

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My name is Adam Snyder and here on YouTube we cover business as well as finance and stimulus. I do my best to provide you with all the newest stimulus updates and stimulus package news. If you want to stay updated on all things stimulus, then you need to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE right now!

Many people ask me about when a fourth stimulus check will be approved, how much will I get in a 4th stimulus check, will I qualify for the additional unemployment stimulus, will the 4th stimulus check include me if I am on social security, are there any rental assistance programs for me where I live, and so much more. I love getting your questions and I love answering them as well in order to help you out as much as possible. When you provide a question in the comment section about new stimulus package negotiations or stimulus check 4, then it provides me with content that I can create the following day. So thank you for all that you do as well.

If you didn’t come here and enjoy these fourth stimulus check update videos and stimulus package updates then I would not do them as much as I do. I want to help out my community as much as possible and if I need to do hours and hours of research to make this happen, then that is exactly what I will do.

Whether there is a $1,400 stimulus check coming or a possible $2,000 stimulus check, I will keep you updated on everything that you need to know. I want to make sure you know what is going on with new stimulus proposals as well as President Biden’s stimulus demands and more. If you have a question about the next round of stimulus, then ask here.

Whether there is a new 4th stimulus package being negotiated or not doesn’t matter. I will bring you more updates on the Cares Act, Heroes Act, Heals Act, or any new stimulus proposals that Congress wants to put in front of us. I am here to help you understand what is happening between Congress and how these stimulus bills may affect you. Stimulus payments or not, I am still going to keep you updated on all stimulus news…

Thank you for joining me on these stimulus bill updates and fourth stimulus check videos. If there is ever anything that I can help you with regarding stimulus or how to increase your wealth, then feel free to comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

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  1. Lester Colen

    give it a brake you tweeted all mounth for your owen good

  2. Jennifer Von Deylen

    The border is a wreck, many computer hacks all of the sudden, & our current administration just started buying oil from the Middle East. We haven't done that since 1991. What is really going on???

  3. People like you are such a joke you tell us now all we need money in the bank live on SSDI and see if you can have money in the bank we don't even make enough money to live on so I guess we're the ones that are going to suffer the most I don't like people like you

  4. crystal dragon77

    I don't know what you heard about get my payment to update for unemployment reimbursement it isn't doing that you have to go into account mngmnt on irs website to see if you've had an adjustment made. I wish they could make it easier

  5. Rebecca Wable

    2 days

  6. Stimulus gone in one day.

  7. Joyce Waldie

    My stimulus check was gone in 1 day. Alot of bills had to be paid.

  8. Spent it as soon as I got it for bills.

  9. It took one week to spend it .

  10. Never received my 1400 simulate check.

  11. Belinda Mattes

    It only last one day to pay back bills owed!

  12. Took me one day to go threw my money

  13. That money was gone in one day where do you get 3 months what are you living on $26 a day that's what people on SSDI live on

  14. Took me one day to go threw my 1400$ dollars

  15. Mine. lasted a week and still didn't get caught up on my credit cards had to buy a new tire for my car and tags.still can't get caught up.

  16. Mark Waldenberger

    Stimulus gone in two days. Now all they do is keep hawking about getting vaccinated. Even scientists have no clue if this vaccine will work on the new mutation, whether or not a vaccine for one type will be effective for others and we have mutations happening all the time it seems. No, I will not take that Frankenstein vaccine that they don't even know if it will work or not. With new strains popping up, I seriously doubt they will be able to keep ahead of it and that to me is just another indicator that this virus was engineered, not something just out in the environment naturally. It's been toyed with in some way to make it more lethal and specifically to humans. I will take my chances with my own immune system even though I am in the "high risk group" because I don't trust the science in the current vaccine nor do I trust the information when the scientists even admit they are still unable to tell what course of action is best and will work. I like my genetics just the way they are.

  17. Carol Brackbill

    All this talk talk talk n no action has alot of the reason why people are depressed

  18. Patricia Johnson

    It was over in3week.

  19. Stephen Carter

    Still behind on bills no money in bank

  20. loret williams

    It took me a week to spend my stimulus money

  21. Everyone keeps saying No we dont need a stimulus but they are the first ones at the bank cashing them .. i dont understand people! $1400 is one months mortgage ~

  22. Teresa Lindsey

    When people are cut off unemployment they cant spend at businesses so what a bunch of crap to do that right now. Plain stupid. It is too soon to do that while things are trying to open up.

  23. Stephen Carter

    2 days

  24. Lauri Macrone

    Have still some of it being put aside for a house 🏠to rent

  25. My girl still ain't got it

  26. Robert Mitchell

    To be perfectly honest 3 days

  27. Erick Schreiber

    The 1400 lasted me about three weeks. But most was spent before I got it.

  28. Homesteading Life 101

    The government wants us all to be safe, to protect our self, to get the vaccination for our good safety.

    But, it won't cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease.

    Wake up. Wake up. Just keeping it simple. Have a bless day.

  29. It took 5 days

  30. Pateicia Goddeau

    Are you related to Clarence B.Snyder Ca use I am His Grandaughter.

  31. Pateicia Goddeau

    A Dependable car.

  32. Pateicia Goddeau

    1 Hour.

  33. John Landgraff

    One day

  34. Jamie Waters

    Stimulus was used right away to pay debt.

  35. Mark Wendland

    Please let us know what you're going to do with this stimulus check you using this as a ball back and forth back and forth it's making me very depressed and very angry this is Mark wendland

  36. Rodney Walker

    Three days

  37. Amanda Aultman

    They not giving us jack shit our relief goes to illegals other countries like Iran to support terrorists and Pakistan to study transgender they have not funded the most important thing called social security and when us peasants are disabled they take all the taxes we paid and to hell with us

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