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  1. dileep nrieb

    I have 85 points for Electronics engineer Occupation. Do I have chances to get invitation for 190 ?

  2. Yogeshwar Giri

    Mam how we can contact at homeaffairs department

  3. What are chances for university lecturer aa offshore applicant with 75 score excluding spouse and vetasaess a and statee sponsor score

  4. Rohit Dhingra

    Hello mam. I have 95 points including state sponsorship and I am working in regional nsw as an accountant for last 9 months and will have 100 points in november after 1 yrar of experience. Should I wait for 190 or straight away apply for 491? Please assist. Thankyou.

  5. parveen kaul

    Hye mam, how can i contact with you ?

  6. Pallavi Juvekar

    Is it for offshore only?

  7. Amishu Pawale

    I m from qld and on section 48 bar can I lodge file for 491 as a chef from NSW

  8. Amishu Pawale

    Can section 48 bar is eligible to lodge eoi

  9. Shabib Hussain

    So no chance for offshore for both visa 190 and 491😢

  10. Shabib Hussain

    Can offshore apply for 190

  11. Pul Bahadur Pun

    Hi suman greetings. Under stream 2 does applicant need to work in regional area as well or is it just living anf studying.

  12. Hi mam, they mention genuinely resided in nsw for a minimum period of three months.
    Does that mean any three months?
    Example: recent grad of NSW but working interstate!

  13. Rajan Rampal

    Can u please tell how do u guys check as im trying to google it but haven't got sufficient info. Wat do i need to type on google while checking this

  14. pardeep singh

    Thanks madam

  15. Rubina Mehraj

    Hello mam plz explain how to move to other state while being on tss 482 visa

  16. Occupation list comment?

  17. all in one place

    My daugher had accepted 491 visa 2day ago but now in 190 they had added telecom n electronic can she go for 190 on 85 points nsw .she had accepted in 28 july 491 vsa any chances for 190 vsa pl

  18. Ramandeep Kaur

    hello mam

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