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In today’s third stimulus check and third stimulus package and unemployment benefits boost extension lwa pua peuc fpuc ssi fed-ed eb update, we’ll be exploring the current status of the 3rd stimulus check and 3rd stimulus package, including its many programs from the unemployment benefits extension lwa program to the sba, ppp, eidl, money for small businesses, social security benefits ssi ssdi ssa, and other various stimulus bills and stimulus proposals. We’ll be talking about what to expect next week, the current status of stimulus negotiations, my personal thoughts, and the state of our country, with the coming end of the pua, peuc, eb, pandemic unemployment assistance, extended benefits, and several other government support programs, in order to approve and pass the next coming stimulus, unemployment benefits state boost extension, and government funding for various relief programs to help save our country!!

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Approved in the Senate and now on the road to the House and President Biden’s Desk, today’s episode will explore all details related to the $300 unemployment benefits extension update, for all unemployment programs, including the PUA, PEUC, FED-ED, EB, FPUC, and details in the rollover process into the new unemployment approved together inside the 3rd stimulus package.

Stay safe, wherever you are, whether in the US, California to NYC, or internationally outside the country, and may we hopefully recover soon from this health pandemic we’re all in right now together!!!

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  1. States are now starting to release info, I know NY confirmed it'll be a smooth rollover yesterday! Looks like they pushed the voting to tomorrow morning, hopefully more info to come, best wishes to everyone till then!! 🤗🌅🙏

  2. Great video! Congratulations on the 15 K subscribers! Such a nice milestone!!! 🎉🍹😄

  3. Im late to this video.. Im in illinois. It says the extension is ended. Idk what is going on. Please help

  4. Liberal states are bankrupt…'s called their wet dream give aways ain't sustainable….hahahaahahha

  5. Stop being lazy and got a job people or so lazy they went live off someone else there's millions of jobs at there no body went to work sit around get unemployment you or lazy

  6. I actually hope it actually basically works out for basically everyone!

  7. I applied for peuc on feb 19 and it’s March 15 and I haven’t received any funds. I’ve except but don’t know what going on. Can you tell me what’s happening

  8. I called Sunday the 14th and they told me I exhausted my 52 weeks and my claim was not processed …so now what

  9. I'm on EB in Illinois. I've exhausted all my benefits and my eb will be running out soon. Will I still be able to receive unemployment?

  10. Hi Kevin It’s there gonna be any extension for you Ui here and New York ? Plz

  11. Are getting pua extended?? You haven't answered this in your video.

  12. I just found out about PUA and applied on March 10 2021. Claim balance is $9k plus, will I be able to claim those fund since I lost my job around July 2020.

  13. Finally received my $600 STIMULATION! 💐🐶🐕
    NOW 110% believe I am getting the NEW ONE! SHOUT-OUT $1,400

  14. What if your benefit year is ending? What should we do ?? Virginia residents do we apply again?? The new bill signed is confusing on this

  15. Wow i looked this cideo up wondering if i need to refile or reapply because my.benefits end this week. It would be great if its automatic

  16. If. My. Money. Valence. Runs. Out. This. Week. .will. .I. .get. .new. Money. Balence

  17. Your support and encouragement have been the driving in my life. Thanks you so much hackerrecover01 on instagram.

  18. Your support and encouragement have been the driving in my life. Thanks you so much hackerrecover01 on instagram.

  19. Your support and encouragement have been the driving in my life. Thanks you so much hackerrecover01 on instagram.

  20. They already signed a bill into law it's already law will be sent to checks out this weekend

  21. I subscribed. Good job on the videos. I like the way you portray your self 🤙🏻

  22. What if my bye was in January? I got extension back than will I be getting the extension on the 14th as well?

  23. Kevin i just saw my Subscribe button was not selected. Which is odd because I am your subscriber. I selected it again. Thats weird and i also get your alerts when you upload ..🤔

  24. I emailed my local and state reps as well as all of my local news outlets asking them to get clarification from the PA Department of Labor and Industry. Getting through to UC is a joke so maybe they can get some answers on claimants BYE. Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Pennsylvanians are approaching their BYE date and still no direction from DOL. It is unacceptable. 😡

  25. I just want to know if I'm getting rolled into this new extension. I've been on PEUC since the start of all of this last year and last week was my last claim date. I'm at $0 balance on the site, and I have no idea if they will roll us into the new bill and if we will will get the extension. I don't care about the extra $300, I just want to know if I'm getting more base unemployment! Please Minnesota, talk to your people!

  26. Do people collecting PUA get an Xtra 300 weekly ? On top of there regular PUA payment ?

  27. House passed the relief package!! Biden waiting to sign until Friday.. no idea why?? maybe direct deposits start next week

  28. Thankyou Kevin really clearly understood always know I can count on you to be very descriptive and to the point as well…😁

  29. Well Illinois reduced the weeks and some people couldn’t claim money after feb 21 😭 I couldn’t claim no more I had 3 weeks