OMG! 😲 Trading My EXCLUSIVE PETS for 15 BILLION GEMS… | Pet Simulator X

I traded my exclusive pets for 15 billion gems. I got rainbow huge pegasus, rainbow huge cat, and many other pets! So many gems, so many dominus astras, and so many trades in pet simulator x! I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Sanja Šaponja

    Mister bist plz pet juzer name snapivanja12LcLcfan

  2. Anthony Hemmersbach

    Yo amazing vids!!! My user is catsareawesome1114 and I'm new and I rlly want a good pet like a rlly want one like a big cat or something 🙂

  3. محمد الشمري

    Me dream pet huge cat and done and me username MohamedAfj1

  4. Борислав Петрунов

    my name on roblox is white

  5. Albert Lipasana

    username ko ginalipasana

  6. Emanuel kean Montefalcon

    Giant cat thats my dream pet please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🥺

  7. Emanuel kean Montefalcon

    Please let me have My dream pet

  8. Emanuel kean Montefalcon

    My name is Emanuelkea2 I'm a bacon

  9. Pinky Marquilencia


  10. ashlie azumie

    jimjimx12x 1pet plss

  11. my username is:ggddxdggddxd

  12. Rudrakhya Das

    Roblox name

  13. RudyBloxAmazing i am rich trade me and friend me anyone

  14. Night Wolf 🎃🎃🎃🎃

    Trading 18m gems

  15. MichuKingRule
    pls chose me

  16. i794vanluis

  17. I794Vanluis plsss pet

  18. What would u offer for 10b gems

    Ihave it tell me
    i can do 2 huge cats only

    LET him see please guys

  19. Lucast1240

  20. John Carlo Gambito

    Pet pls

  21. yaseeen2899 gaming2

    USER: yaseen2899

  22. Ren Capampangan

    I want one plss username:shock_tv17 nickname:xkillerx

  23. karen demetrio

    me janhlowrens34 i subscribed ok

  24. Suganthan Raja Gopalan


  25. Mayshell Buiza

    Name Is 1_FeA6

  26. Debi Sawyckyj

    I loved the part when the 2nd person on the leader board came and hook you up

  27. Debi Sawyckyj

    My username is xxtxtentacion

  28. hello po pwede po pa add name salbase987 po idol

  29. I did it user: MrBenC13 display name:devilish_son

  30. Phoenix Susanto


  31. anes abdulrazzaq

    Dakingoflife123 : my nickname is GodRetired

  32. kenzo altair rupang

    My roblox user name is minikenzox23

  33. Thiago Jose Gutierrez Grullón

    meee PYGGY_SG1

  34. GamingPrincess258

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