Over 1,200% Gains Incoming | XRP Analysis & Update | Crypto News Today

Over 1,200% Gains Incoming | XRP Analysis & Update | Crypto News Today

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  1. Looks like it's about to pop off again

  2. WhalesOfWallStreet

    Do not take your eyes of XDC either

  3. As with a negotiated peace, there are two kinds of negotiated settlements. A good one and a bad one. What is good for one tends to be bad for the other. The weaker side tends to get the worse settlement conditions. Now on the face of it, it would appear that Ripple is the stronger party, it has made the stronger case. But if you look at it from an endurance perspective, things are not all that cut and dry. The SEC could draw out this case to the maximum without suffering in any meaningful way. The same is not true for Ripple. My feeling is that Ripple will get the worse settlement. But as things go, that may in fact actually be a boon to investors, for obvious reasons.

  4. Mohsin ilyas

    Appreciate how much effort u put in your videos & explain TA

  5. Alex Dallimore

    Thanks, I always enjoy your XRP TA. I agree that the SEC will settle, my only concern is when it will happen. The clock's ticking on this bull run and if settlement doesn't come for another 6 months to a year, I don't think we will get that explosive effect that we're all praying for.

  6. Paul Cunningham

    Is it possible to put a video together on how to use EVAI tools and explain the ratings etc….

  7. Jade Bencher

    I'm thinking I should trade my cumrocket for xrp now

  8. Nemesis Elite

    Cardano has almost tripled his ATH of 2018: it is as if xrp today worth $ 11.50 …

  9. The market cap mong heads make me laugh… because I was one until it was explained to me. Cheers for the video guys

  10. CMON XRPPPP, I've never had big gains from crypto due to chasing 'green candles' or buying at 'all time high's' (I'm a newbie). PLEASE BE MY FIRST CRYPTO GAIN!! <3

  11. I enjoy your analysis thank you!

  12. William Breeze

    Xrp is looking good 👍.

  13. RIP ripple

  14. Dinosaurus si

    i'm also stacking up some shiba $$$

  15. XRP is huge scam coin !! Its in a macro down trend and in its Bitcoin pair its not going anywhere !!! The shitcoin detector on XRP is going crazy

  16. xrp diamond hands

  17. Settlemt would be OK. Sec safe face and ripple should never be harassed again. Sec can continue o harrass other dodgy crypto

  18. Mmm .. Actually listening to your reviewq something pop up my mind. What if never were an ABC, but abcde – a symetrial triangle or continuation pattern of current trend (could be reversal but according to theory it's most likely continuation) so in this senario the consolidation price will not be going down to 1.00 range anymore.

  19. XRP is the future, OGN is the future.

  20. حسين حسين


  21. Biggest bag

  22. Richard Prat

    Gday from Australia.. Just this week it was announced all 4 major banks will be using XDC….

  23. 💗

  24. Irina Yelenbaugen


  25. vincent burrowes

    X.R.P all the way.

  26. CrYpToCricKeT

    👍👍 Great video Thanks👍👍👍

  27. decadentia84

    XRP is going to have 2x the current Market Cap of Eth? …

  28. Involution Nostrum


  29. Volodymyr Ruban

    First nah

  30. Viktor Böhm

    Shall I sell my BTC and ETH and spread between xrp and ada?

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