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Think you’re a true Bitcoin believer? Think you can hold your BTC until they hit zero? Let’s discuss.

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  1. What about for us ladies? What type of wealth are we working for 😂 life changing and…

  2. We would hodl to zero but it won't happen. I'm one of the people who voted in the Plan B poll. On March 13 2020 i saw my portfolio crash 55 percent in hours and I just bought more than usual then fell asleep lol.

  3. Holdn till the end of a new era begins and it’s the way we spend every day norm !!!

  4. HODLer is the reason why BTC is going to 100K. BTC is getting more scarce everyday.

    I used to be skeptic for BTC until I made research and realized BTC is the Crown Jewel, The king, The OG and also the reserve value of crypto currency. 90% of today's crypto will be $0 in 5 years but not BTC.Why? Because the demand will always be there due to it's agreeable by everyone that BTC I'd the "gold standard" of all cryptos.

    Might not be $100k but it will never going to be zero.

  5. I don't really have a choice. I only recently got into this and so I'm not in profit at this point. So unless I want to lose big time, I'm need to hodl and ride out the retracements.

  6. i see my btc investment as a pension for later, but it could be handy to have some if another financial crisis occurres. i luv a fairer financial system too btw!

    my pension is in 25 years so i have time, but would be nicce to stop earlier, what i prob gonna do, no matter if btc goes high. 🐐💨💨💨

  7. If that many people are willing to ride it to zero, then it's logically impossible for it to go to zero. We are protecting our own futures

  8. I won't ever consider selling until we reach 1 million usd and even then maybe not BITCOIN for life HODL ON il buy more on the way down if it happens

  9. For BTC to go to $0.00, literally no-one would be buying at any price. I can't imagine what catastrophic event or technical breakdown would lead to that situation.

  10. Too easy to say.. last time it dropped from 10k to 3k they almost all sold their bitcoin..😂

  11. Higher highs and lower lows, don't think well see BTC around 3-5K ever again so take any opportunity