Pal 2 Special Edition Versions & NEW HP (High Performance) Coils!

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NOTE: While the current coils are great, these new HP coils are just…better. Seem to last longer, flavor is a little better, and the 1.0 is actually better for MTL users. A little tighter, and the flavor is improved. Like I said, it’s not like the coils NEEDED to be improved, but the engineers WANTED to improve them. That is something we can all appreciate.

This video is just a quick one, to show you the newest colors / version, and to let you know that there’s a new coil available. These 3 will come with the HP Core coils in the box, and you can buy the HP Core for your current / previous Pal 2’s.

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  1. For me, the original color is ways more better than the special edition or so, whatever in suggestion, if u want to present those special edition with a little bit hi-end material, you better use the real one instead of printing on its. If that would create an over cost just do it or not that all. By the way I still prefer a simple color but it's a good pod though! I also looking forward to see the minor change of its, on removing the ugly silver come out on the drip tip. Actually the design on the Pal1 is quite good, why don't you just redesign that by make it more slightly compact, less is more bro, keep going. I like Pal don't let me down. :))

  2. Nice improvement sir i hope you continue your support with your product with artery vapour it is my favourite pod so far with new hp core coil esp with 0.6 ohm mesh coil

  3. Nice improvement sir i hope you continue your support with your product with artery vapour it is my favourite pod so far with new hp core coil esp with 0.6 ohm mesh coil

  4. I have just got the black carbon version. Really liking it. Great job Tony

  5. Got mine today, I love it but Is it supposed to make an electrical buzzing noise when you fire it?

  6. Tony, are all the new editions still made of aluminum with patterns added? I recently picked up a Pal II and love it (particularly because it was built like a tank) so much that I was planing on getting a second. Now I can pick up one of these 🙂

  7. I've been using the 0.6 Mesh for quite some time now, and from what I notice is that it only lasts me, at best, 5 days before the flavor started to taste weird, and the cores seems to lack the ability to properly absorb the juice.

    Any idea how to overcome this?
    Is it the flavor that is causing this? Mine was a 3.5% Nic Salt, Grape flavor, I like fruity flavor.

  8. First of all, congrats brother on this device, it was a hit here in malaysia and still is. I really appreciate that you make an improvisation with the current device instead of making a new one. Really looking forward to try the HP coils but sadly still cant find any available in my local vape shops. Hope you guys might come up with something new as in variety of coils instead of making a new device cuz pal 2 is dominating here in malaysia bro haha. Well done bro!

  9. If this mod had the option to buy rebuildable coil heads, id buy it. Not a fan of spending $10-15 a month on coil heads when cotton n wire is so cheap.

  10. I love that “Fauxbalone” – I need one. When can I order my good sir!

  11. Great video Tony, love the look of the new colors, they're beautiful. I got my gold one on the mail today and love it! Thanks for another great product Tony! Hope you have a great day ☺️☺️

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I love the size. Colors are gorgeous. I hope the magnets are as good as they look. I have had several mods with magnets on the door and ALL of them have eventually just fallen off for no reason so glad to hear that these have been secured! As always, thoroughly enjoy your informative videos.

  13. The pal 2 3D cube looks so awesome. I really got to get one soon. Keep up the great work Tony B. 👍👍

  14. …well the tony b. project for the PAL2 makes me want that e-cig…and I'm still thinking was a good deal for me…but the original coil with the pulp wood isn't that perfect I hope this new version do it better…!!! #Impressiveness

  15. Nice looking new color options, Tony. I especially like the cobalt blue version.

  16. Changed the AF port.. I wasnt the only one to think it looked like a penis then 😂😂

  17. im really glad you stand by your branded products and continue to improve on them

  18. Yo I’ve seriously been considering buying one for like 3 days now I guess it’s meant to be

  19. Nice job as always Tony B.
    everything you have designed is for the consumer in mind. Thanks for staying true to who you are.

  20. Everyone i'we talked to praised the round mouthpiece on the Pal 2 Pro so I'm sorry to see it go back to the old style, even if i'we never tryed a podsystem. I liwe in a retirement home but don't care about the dirty looks I get when I take out my mod to vape. They can mind their own buisness! Thanks for the review Tony.

  21. Hey Tony any chance on a version 3 with a mini screen and adjustable wattage, I thing that would be a winner

  22. Good afternoon everyone🌬TGFAD🌬happyvthankful monday🌬5,20,19🌬 love your videos n I love your reviews👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I just received the z biip on sunday🌬👍n I totally love it👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌬but I do would love to get the artary kit couz its easy n simple also n I do love the fire botton👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍but continue you all on having a wonderful n blessed day🌬love you all❤ GBYAA🙏

  23. Would be nice if they made a little RBA deck for it so you could build your own coils.

  24. I cant wait to get the special edition, I love the designs of them. One of my magnets did come out but it was easily glued back in, but it's good you've made a design change and also the view window. I use the mesh coil and cut the airflow right down for nic salts mtl

  25. I vape all my salt nic ejuice with the 0.6 ohm coil. The original 1.2 ohm coil wasn't good enough to bring up the flavour and I found it wicking not really on point. It burnt fast. Maybe because of I taste nothing and no satisfaction that bring me to keep on firing to push the coil to it's limit and lead it to burnt fast. Or maybe try to make the wicking slot or hole bigger to make it wicking more efficiently. Because I found out its not performed well with 30PG/70PG blend for free base ejuice. Most of the free base ejuicein the market is 30/70 blend. Well, it's a good device. It's just my experience with it. Hope the new 1.0 won't let me down cause I like this device.