Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Pre-Application | EIDL/PPP Update | UI Certification Problem?

Can you pre-apply for the PUA? Maybe so! Updates on EIDL & PPP, as well as a potential problem with UI claims to keep an eye out for.




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  1. Only pre-application for pua in Hawaii. Says nothing will be approved till May 15th. Strange

  2. Going about my Fathers business

    Music is distracting..had a hard time hearing u

  3. Is EIDL a payment we receive. have to be pay back?

  4. Miguel Martinez

    Mine said 0.00. Got a few letters. One was requesting information on my Wages that I was able to pull through my Social Security. The thing is that i did put my last employer with whom I working with. I was there alittle over 2 months. AND also it asked me if i worked elsewhere before that employer. I did. Put that info. But i didnt get anything regarding them through mail. Just my last employer. (The 2 month one) That said award $0.00 in the letter. Now, i just checked EDD account and I was able to certify 2 weeks. 04/12/2020 – 04/25/2020… which i did. I dont know why. Im like freaking out because what i sent out was the Social Security log. But thats my former emoployers earnings. Not my (last/current) employer. Really what I wanted was to get denied by them and be able to grt approved for PUA. I was told you first had to get denied and then go with PUA. But seems like i got Approved. IDK. I dont want them to send me money then charge me and face a 30% fee. Im thinking on not certifying next weeks. And apply for PUA. Any help? I will be calling them so I can see wassup with that.

    I was a part time worker with w2 wages.

  5. Robert Robles

    I’m a self employed musician, and applied 6 weeks ago for regular unemployment at EDD. Because I don’t have any W2’s and only 1099’s I won’t be receiving any benefits from regular unemployment. It was a big job filling and I’m wondering if I need to rescind my original unemployment application and start over on the PUA site when it opens? I also sent a dispute letter to the EDD showing detailed proof of income going back to October 2018. Not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Hey Blake, I have two questions and figure you might have some insight.
    1. I have a prior ppp app through chase and am wondering if I should cancel and apply through another bank. I only have accounts at big banks – chase, wells, hsbc, and partners who doesn't offer it as of now (this may change I suppose?). I could do kabbage or something or open an account quickly at a small bank that does already offer. Idk. Any thoughts?
    2. My mom was in the process of finalizing a new hire for her business but because money is calculated from last year's income how would she be able to guarantee she can pay without already getting accepted for either program? Should she wait to hire until approved and potentially lose the new hire or go ahead and hire and hope?

  7. Andrew Bibay

    PUA application, I hope they don’t ask about earnings in such detail where it confuses people. Uber drivers don’t know if to put gross income or net, in fact I asked that in a previous video and you said gross. We will just have to see how it plays out. Hopefully it’s not overly complicated.

  8. Nadine Figueroa

    Turn that music off please….

  9. Luke Sanchez

    Any idea what I will need to provide to show income once I apply as a freelancer/gig worker in California? Is it just bank statements that will be sufficient? Thanks for these videos man! I subscribed

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