Paradigm Lost

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Poor Boyz Productions presents a Kai Lenny & Johnny DeCesare film, PARADIGM LOST in co-production with Red Bull Media House. Filmed over three years, in six countries, it captures the highest level of water sports action in beautiful 4K. What defines a surfer? Is it the art of wave riding or the equipment you ride? For Kai Lenny, the ocean is a playground and the only rule is to have fun. In PARADIGM LOST, Kai shares incredible sessions with World Champions in BIG WAVE, PROGRESSIVE SURFING, KITE SURFING, WINDSURFING and SUP—and shows the endless possibilities that come with a wide open mind. Kai also introduces the world’s best pro surfers to a new chapter in surfing with one of the most exciting developments in years – the SURF FOIL. Enjoy the ride!

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  1. The stoke. Getting metaphorically barreled. The zone. No matter what your thing is, the object is to get into the purest state of creation. Scenes are for haters. 🙂

  2. I call it a goon board! Ride big peaks! Ride big large tubes! F*** the goon board!

  3. Big wave surfing is Back To Basics.
    Snake eats its tail.
    Watch they way they move when dropping into those huge sets off Portugal.

  4. "Filmed over three years, in six countries, it captures the highest level of water sports action in beautiful 4K"

    It only plays at 1080p -_-

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  7. the deadly pipeline…thats why on any given day there's hundreds of men, women and yes. children dying for a shot at one of those killer waves…

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  9. Maui No Ka Oi
    Wish I could be back at Ho’Okipa doing yoga on top of my truck watching you guys. Aloha. Thanks for bringing me back for a bit. Keep on innovating.

  10. I am a surfer I hang 10. I drop in. I am a big wave rider. Only 30 feet or bigger. I was under water for 2 days on a big wave in New Jersey. Sick it was 3 maybe 5 feet. I was on my rusty board no problem until I saw a shark. But then 3 dolphins came up and saved me. This video is baby shit.

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  12. grew up in Huntington beach ca and never surfed. Now I am 27 and barely getting into it, in Georgia of all places lmao. Better late than never.

  13. Paradigm lost? Female footage mainly included serving food to da boys before they ran off into the Mexican landscape for a slow mo high-five, helping a man put his shirt on, then, at the very end, falling off of a surfboard in calm water. Bum deal, man!

    In seriousness though, I enjoyed the amazing camera footage, and I respect the rad things these guys can do on the waves. As a lover of water, it's fun to watch. I've never surfed, and I think it would be really cool to be able to do what they do. While it does seem as if the film was meant to focus mostly on this particular man's surfing career and his achievement in various modes of surfing, I can't help but feel an old boys club vibe. When you hold a prominent position in a popular sport and have the means to make a lushly produced feature-length film which profiles multiple surfers and world-class competitions, it is responsible and appropriate to use that platform to provide a well-rounded view of all involved that sport. It would have been really cool to give some of that space to women or lesser represented types of surfers. There must be women and other types of people also doing really cool things with surfing. Speaking of losing paradigms…

  14. I'm a middle-aged guy stuck inland only surfing a few times a year, and nobody is doing more to keep my stoke alive than Kai Lenny.

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    DIS KILLAH VID!!! 👍🏽👍🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🍒✌🏽🏄‍♂️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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  18. Im glad they always put "11 time world champion " under Kelly slaters name when they show him….after all…w.out that we'd have no.idea who he is.

  19. Much props for the videographers in this production! They essentially make the video what it is! KUDOS! 🙌🙌🙌

  20. 2 best movie ever. The movie about the Australian boys is #1. 1 day im coming out to teach u how to surf

  21. This was one of the best surf-movies I've seen in a loooong time. Kai is insane, and my favorite surfer to watch nowadays. He is taking things to new levels both as an all around waterman, and advancing high performance surfing on MASSIVE waves.

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