Pastor defends asking congregants to donate stimulus checks

CNN’s Victor Blackwell asks Life Tabernacle Church Pastor Tony Spell about his request for followers to donate their coronavirus stimulus checks to the church.
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  1. Julio Peinado

    I wonder where the church's donations went to.

  2. jehovahuponyou


    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tony Spell you are not GOD. We were taught not only is the physical church but our bodies is a church.

  4. Raymond Lucero

    This guy is making up his lies. as he goes along. And off camera his legal adviser his most likely trying to stop it before he cuts his own throat. Which by the way he had already done when he asked people to give him their checks. Really sad how these corrupt harlots operate. However I do take solace in the fact that they will soon meet their maker. First with God who will condem them. And with satan who will torment them! Come Lord Jesus come!!

  5. Bible says 10%. Man rationalizes/guilt trips much more. He doesn't want PPP but wants your money? 😄

  6. Lmao this guy is ridiculous

  7. Estella Harris

    Many of these Pastor's have lost their way! It's All about "GREED!"

    Why would Anyone, give their pastor there stimulus Check? So that they can do WHAT, with that money???

    Take care of your families, pay your bill, etc…

  8. James Sunday

    "pastor" Spell MUST be casting SPELLS upon his Gullible church members!!!!!!

  9. ok, scammer

  10. Kelly Thompson

    Another evangelical Christian scam. Doesn't the lord supply? Maga/maggots strike again. Hot an idea! How bout that billionaire trump throws his money in the to the basket? The magas call him their lord and savior. Oh that's idolatry. But Christian's know an exception when they see it. Hail trump! Lol

  11. William Adolphe

    What a jerk, tony spell. absolute a..hole!

  12. These evangelists are often showboating narcissists, it's disgusting and grotesque.

  13. this is exactly why I don't believe in any religion and they are all frauds.

  14. My Stimulus checks are going to BITCOIN ! They worth a lot more then when I got them.

  15. George’ Anderson

    You can't be Christian and not support this pastor

  16. Garth Rathkey

    What a smarmy piece of shit.

  17. Joyce Wilson

    I'd rather donate my bills!

  18. A Blessed Woman

    God says to obey your leaders and laid down rules!. Which Bible do these people read??? Sigh… Lord help your people! Smh.

  19. Late to the party here, but this is genuinely sickening. This is the greediest Pastor I have ever seen. You are keeping the door open so they can keep giving you those luscious tithes. You are willing to expose your church you care SO MUCH about to a deadly incurable airborne contagion. That isn't bad enough, but you also have violated law to do so and ignored the order meant to keep people safe.

    The fact that your business model is so inefficient you lack the self discipline to not blow all the money they donate to you speaks volumes about your character.

    You are using the Bible as a weapon against the very people who love and trust you the most. You are using the Bible as a smokescreen to pander around the fact that you are a useless, greedy, evil man and you are not as smart as you think you are. You're so transparent it HURTS. you are taking advantage of people who love God and believe in Jesus's word.

    Nobody can prove that they have gotten Covid from your church, but you know the truth you just don't want to face it. You have done nothing to protect those people from Covid and just write thier deaths off as God called on them and the ones that survive still have still have work to do.

    There is a reason for everyone's death, true enough but in those poor victims who died in covid attending your church, the reason they died was because you didn't care enough to shut the doors.

  20. walter Heublein

    Looks like the so called pastor want's to buy a new expensive car.

  21. Mark Cartret

    You cannot shut down our God given rights because of a virus. I am sure the communist and their sympathizers would like to utilize COVID-19 to reset and destroy Christianity and western civilization. He asked to give, not just to himself but to many others. Nothing wrong here. Victor and the failing Communist News Network lost this debate.

  22. queenofyoworld

    The church I went to wanted to charge me 35 dollars to volunteer for a back ground check. They own a radio station and schools kinder garden -college. I was upset left the church, came back a couple years later. It was over 100 outside and their cafe was closed. One of the church members asked the woman behind the counter, if I could have a cup of water. She replied , can't afford to give me a cup.

  23. Need Victor Blackwell to interview all scam artists. He exposed this dude swiftly.

  24. CL Lowboy King

    Prophet my ass. Another CON MAN

  25. They tried to make Jesus look bad too.

  26. George Peterson

    This asshole tells people not to get vaccinated. How sad that so many people fall for this bullshit. They say they believe in a man in the sky and love love love, yet they hate anyone who doesn't look like them. It's all about taking money from a bunch of desperate people who are afraid that this is all there is. Like that is such a horrible thing? Just be glad you lived, and that hopefully you get to live a long and healthy life. This planet is all the paradise you'll ever need, and hopefully we don't destroy it so all those that come after us get to experience all it's many wonders.

  27. OrdinaryFolks


  28. This bozo is back in the news today, ranting against vaccines, and going in about conspiracy theories. I’m sure he makes a very comfortable living and is fighting for his tithings.

    Cute how the ticker only says 39,000 deaths.

    He is a special kind of stupid.

  29. Natasha Vaughn

    He said he doesn't want to get government help but yet taking stimulus coming from the government…what??? This so called pastor is ridiculous!!!!

  30. Louis Cryblood.

    Evil steals everything you are. They are sociopaths who exploit the needy and have done this for centuries.

  31. Great point at the end. Con Artist Pastor says he won't get government money cause if he does the government will control him…. Yet he's getting money from the government by using their tax exempt status to avoid paying taxes… Note he doesn't pay taxes and he'll still be protected by police and firefighters when he needs them.

  32. Wow the pastor should help the millions if people who are in need. Sale their Ferrari,bentley, yatch, jets, mansions to feed the people during this difficult times.

  33. Paula Ritchie

    It is truly sad how some of these pastors are coming out the woodwork behind these stimulus checks. First off a lot of these pastors don't have actual jobs. They are paid through the church. Take a look at some of these pastor's salaries. Their salaries are wayyyy more than the congregants. Ministers get paid, reverends get paid. And they also have jobs. But they get something. So he needs to stop tryna cry poor mouth for these people. Since I can remember I was always taught tithing is 10% of your income/earnings. Stimulus fits in neither category. Some of these pastors see this money as opportunity to get extra or money from people. And it's not right. Some of them forget about God blessing people, that couldn't pay rent or bills. Buying food. Getting their kids new shoes. Helping out a family member. Medical bills. Etc. Some congregants pay their tithes, give offerings, contribute to other things in church, on the regular. Why can't God be blessing them for their faithfulness? Touching the minds of this government to help people, in this crisis. Not to mention funeral bills. Or maybe a neighbor or friend can use a helping hand. God teaches us to help others. Not just the church building. We Are the church, and it doesn't remain behind the building walls. I can't understand why some of these pastors can't see the blessing in this for all people. Not just the church building, and those that work there. And by the way…the people that work in the church qualify for the stimulus too.

  34. Paula Ritchie

    He needs to read! The church can definitely apply and in some cases have received the stimulus.

  35. Paula Ritchie

    God expects you to be obedient to him, and follow the laws of the government(providing it isnt against God's Laws). God does not condone us to be defiant people.

  36. Cris P. Bacon

    What a piece of shit!

  37. Delores Keys

    God ask for 10 percent of your pay.Not the whole check.People have Bills to pay and etc.

  38. This man is nothing but devil him self the Bible said temp not the Lord thy god he no that the virus is killing many people
    Jesus said if it was possible the devil can fool the very elect that mean does that have sold out there whold Hart and sold to the Lord Jesus said in the last days many false prophets shell rise

  39. Griselda Smith

    Ignorant “pastor”

  40. Jessica Benavides

    The missionaries/ pastors don’t “want” the loans because they have to repay it. So they want those who need the stimulus funds to give to the church, so the church can gift a large amount of money to missionaries/ pastors and they don’t need to repay it. They “challenge” our lower socio economic group and guilt them with religion knowing they are most likely on assistance, and will get other community help. Yep, just another reason why I don’t attend organized church.

  41. how can people donate to these con artists?

  42. Sheila Hudson


  43. Sheila Hudson

    Do he wants to take from those that don't have and claim that to give back to them. And I say claim because he's full of it. He know dog gone well he's not giving nobody nothing. And I'm with the brother. If he's struggling sign up for that government grant. Because as someone said and it's so true those stimulus checks are from the government. Or better yet sell his possessions.

  44. Gary Gallant

    Lol. Another crook

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