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In today’s third stimulus check and third stimulus package and unemployment benefits boost extension lwa pua peuc fpuc ssi fed-ed eb update, we’ll be exploring the current status of the 3rd stimulus check and 3rd stimulus package, including its many programs from the unemployment benefits extension lwa program to the sba, ppp, eidl, money for small businesses, social security benefits ssi ssdi ssa, and other various stimulus bills and stimulus proposals. We’ll be talking about what to expect next week, the current status of stimulus negotiations, my personal thoughts, and the state of our country, with the coming end of the pua, peuc, eb, pandemic unemployment assistance, extended benefits, and several other government support programs, in order to approve and pass the next coming stimulus, unemployment benefits state boost extension, and government funding for various relief programs to help save our country!!

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Payments have officially started rolling in several states, today’s update will explore the current status of each individual state, as well as specific details on California and New York’s Unemployment PUA, PEUC, FPUC Programs, now sending out the $300 unemployment state boosts deposits.

Stay safe, wherever you are, whether in the US, California to NYC, or internationally outside the country, and may we hopefully recover soon from this health pandemic we’re all in right now together!!!

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  1. Couple states are starting payments now, NY is one of them that just started this morning, only mentioning since I know many are from there, but also several states are hoping to follow soon too, of course some haven't released info, but most we know so far, hoping for the best as always, thanks to everyone for coming by!! 🤗🍹🌅📜💸

  2. Lol haven't received anything in almost a month with the supposedly 300$ a week another bull crap lie awesome job Pennsylvania 👏

  3. I’m from Wisconsin and when I called unemployment it did take calling 3x b4 I got through. They told me I had to reapply and that their might be a delay because they are individually reviewing every case to ensure they are eligible. That was around the 4th of the month. So shoutout from Wisconsin!! Oh and nothing in my account yet

  4. Reached my BYE date it says don’t reapply I’ve been certifying each week but still not a single payment…so frustrating..idk what else to do..

  5. Hi, Kevin. Do you know if work search is required for pua claimant for SC?

  6. Idaho, nothing yet still says stopping payment pending issue, I have PUA self employed. They told me it could be 3 or 4 weeks? This is the second week for me. Thanks for your help and information.

  7. Hi Kevin am at Chesapeake VA I have claiming weekly for my pua havent received payments I received a letter for elgibility still waiting and I sent documents to gov2go thx

  8. Still the same thing on PUA after filling out ID me verified me filled out the weekly form its says in progress that is incorrect, it should show paid and with receipt number and then to be deposit Tuesday morning.
    What's going on PUA ? Las Vegas

  9. Anyone here from AZ and do we need to do anything on our end ? When I go look at my available balance it still says zero. Any idea if this will change when it goes into effect ?

  10. People who received these payments. They received retroactive amount or not??

  11. Hey guys, do you know when Illinois will finally start paying out money to those who exhausted their unemployment and were waiting for Biden bill to be implemented? I was on peuc and havent been paid since Dec of last year.

  12. Myself and brother and sisters are still waiting for our 3rd stimulus ✔ checks.

  13. Thanks Kevin DE definitely 👍 again smooth transition and paying out the $300.00 boost yeepee.

  14. If you come across any information on the state of pa. Getting an extension on the 300 dollars can you please send it. Thank you

  15. Hello today March 25th I certify but shows error i call the unemployment and they said I have to wait two weeks my account its been reviewed so what can you tell me more about new jersey

  16. PUA in Mi. Any news?? I'm still waiting!! THEY HAVE NOT PAID ME FOR 1 YR. IVE CERTIFY 52 WKS

  17. No payments PUA in Illinois yet?!!
    I tried calling- can reach no one!
    Is there a waiting time? Two payments missed !