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  1. Out of curiosity I transferred my youtube channel to brand account and all of my previous comments was deleted so here are some summary of my replies that might help you…


    • Username and password is juan.
    • I already fixed the looping error (paulit ulit na nag pa pop-up) when you run the Payroll.exe without extracting the zip which is not recommended in the first place.
    • Technologies that I used to make this are: Delphi is the IDE, MS Access for Database and FastReport for generating reports.
    • While making this PMS I can barely understand the function of Increment and just skipped that part and totally forgot. Also already added the currency options under settings as suggested.
    • Attendance is also a good suggestion so I already added that.
    • This software was made under VCL Framework which made by Microsoft and only supports windows and will remain so. But still, I'll try to find other way to extend its compatibility.
    • When downloading click the link on the description you'll see a V1 folder double-click that and choose the zip file with 'Latest' on its filename double-click that and on the top-right corner you'll see a download icon click it and save.
    • As long as you have a windows machine this PMS will probably work in any country because I added a currency options.

  2. Brother i have downlaoded the file but cant install it, every time i run the setup means my laptop restarts thats all, cant able to inatall the file, pls let me know how to install brother.

  3. I've been using your app for quite some time now, the only concern that i have with it is the payslip id # if i could change it that would be great.

  4. Newbie Question
    What is Conveyance, Festival, Deduction, Payhead and overload?

  5. sir can we use this? is there anything we need to know about this sir. I tried to open it and its very useful tho some features is not working properly but its a great start.

  6. nice one but. whats the login and password to use the downloaded PMS free software. From the video i can see its

    id: juan