Peter Brandt: Bitcoin Can Go To $100K | Trade Gods – Episode 1 with Scott Melker

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In the very first episode of Trade Gods, Scott Melker, aka Wolf of All Streets, talks to the trading legend Peter Brandt. From mastering commodities to writing a best seller, Peter has experienced every facet of being a trader and thought leader in the space. With a successful investing career spanning almost 5 decades, it’s safe to say we can all learn a thing or two from him.

Trade Gods is a new show by Scott Melker, where famous traders reveal their techniques and philosophies and discuss markets. Watch it to learn from the best and become a better trader.

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0:00 Intro
1:49 What makes you unique as a trader?
3:37 Alpha 5
4:47 What does your risk management strategy look like?
8:00 What percentage of your total portfolio are you willing to trade with?
9:34 Describe your average day as a trader
12:49 What was your first charting experience and how did the evolution of technology change your trading?
14:47 How did you overcome the burn out?
17:26 How did you become famous?
20:00 How did you get into Bitcoin?
25:25 Peter Brandt’s best trades
29:14 Peter Brandt’s worst trades
32:54 How did you end up in the position beyond your managed risk?
39:26 How much out of $100K should be invested in Bitcoin?
42:39 Why did you increase your recommendation to invest in Bitcoin from 10% to 20%
45:30 95% of traders fail, what percentage profit can professional traders expect?
50:30 Peter Brandt’s outlook for Bitcoin?
51:54 The life goal as a trader?
55:24 What are you teaching?
58:00 Bitcoin’s price at the end of 2020


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  1. ooo twitter follower but just subscribed.. great content

  2. Nicolas Harrison

    One of the best trading inverviews i've ever heard.

  3. Crypto Holic

    tremendous stuff

  4. Juan Barberis

    Peter is not only a great trader but even a better human being. He is humble and always willing to assist. I have benefitted much from his wisdom and prompt replies. The world needs more "Peters" ! : )

  5. Sebastain Levi

    Very bad..I have been accumulating funds for a long time and wanted to multiply them, I thought for a long time whether I should trust them and still decided and it was a mistake who got into the same situation, lost all investment and profits but was to recover all back, lost of people lost their investment but it possible to get your lost funds back.

  6. CloverPickingHarp

    What an interview…. this was fantastic. Thanks

  7. This is the best trading vid ive seen in ages. Such genuine sound advice and wisdom

  8. Terry Gronenthal

    Great insights. Thank you.

  9. João Rebelo

    I love Peter Brandt. But Scott Melker and Peter Brandt discussing trading and crypto together in an interview?

    Oooff, that is like a wet dream that became reality on December 14th!

  10. Trading is 50% Risk management, 40% psychology, 10% chart analysis.

  11. 6 figures is nothing. I lost that in the 2018-20 bear market. 😭

  12. Robert Cacho Mancera

    Spectacular, thanks Scott and Peter for the interview

  13. Shared. So much good information. Great questions Scott.

  14. ZmTopReasons

    That face on the thumbnail is of a man who just made a Lot of money.

  15. ShKott Rendezvous

    One of the most enjoyable and informative sessions in YouTube today. Many thanks for sharing. Living legends indeed. 😉

  16. good line of questions, excellent discussion

  17. Reel Zero Tuned

    Good content sir.

  18. Didn't this dude say it's going to zero in March?

  19. Wank mCstank

    He sounds like he needs a nappy

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  21. Great stuff! Peter is brilliant

  22. Yes Seagreen

    Thanks for having a tue legend. Happy Holidays! @btctugboat

  23. Cryptomcmillan

    I remember when Crypto Bitlord trolled Peter lol He's a legend! Hope you can have Sergey Nazarov next in line for an interview.

    Here's my Twitter handle: @Cryptomcmillan1

    Thanks again Scott for the great interview and of course for doing a Christmas giveaway for your supporters!

  24. Felix B.O.G Crypto

    Thank you Emi and Scott for giving out this way at a time like this. 2020 was drama filled.

    Twitter: @o_ponle

  25. Felix B.O.G Crypto

    Thank you Emi and Scott for giving out this way at a time like this. 2020 was drama filled.

    Twitter: @o_ponle

  26. Daniel Zondag

    Great video! Keep posting more awesome content! @Daninz88

  27. Bitcoin is still undervalued, the exposure is just gaining ground. I wonder what will happen in the next few years when a lot of people and organizations start adopting it.
    Bitcoin is the next big thing the world has never seen.

    Happy Christmas Scott and Emy. I wish you guys many more wins❤️

    Twitter @CryptoKemmy

  28. @fuckitbuycrypto (coinbaba)

  29. Anonymous A.J

    One day I'll get so rich from Crypto, and I'll find myself a woman like Emy who will support and be my partner in every thing.
    And thanks Scott, I've learned a lot these past days by just going through your videos. You are awesome, you guys are inspiration to me.
    Happy Xmas in advance 😚


  30. Happy Holidays! @mofastcrypto

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