Pharmacology – Psychiatric Medications for nursing RN PN (MADE EASY)

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Pharmacology psychiatric meds explained clearly by Mike Linares from
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A message from Mike Linares, founder of Simplenursing
Since 2012, I started to do mini lectures from my parents in home library, armed with a $30 white board from Walmart & a sock to erase the board. Since then I have created over 1,200 videos, only 20% which live on YouTube, and have helped over 100,000 nursing students pass their NCLEX, HESI, ATI, and Kaplan proctor exams. Thank you for the continued support and love as we strive to help LPN, LVN and RN students become licensed nurses!

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Thank you for the support! Don’t be scared, BE PREPARED!

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Don’t be scared, BE PREPARED!

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  1. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience and its medications are neurotoxins that cause the same illnesses psychiatrists have fabricated to treat. Chemical imbalance? bahahahahaha

  2. hint* for Lam ending Benzo drugs antidote Flumazile is to think of (Chinese lady) Lam on a benz with a Flu covid19.

  3. This video is an awesome summary of Mental Health medications and the class associated with each. I have watched this a billion times and I love pneumonics and helps with learning making things "stick" with me. Thanks, very helpful!!

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  5. You are my life saver! I’be been watching your videos and it helped me a lot with my nclex!🙏🏻Thank you!

  6. Here is the solution to all your NCLEX problem be it ,RN,or LPN, because here your success is 100% sure and , you have nothing to worry about because you are going to get what you have been looking for to prepare for your NCLEX Exam , be it questions and answers , online classes or direct license for those who don't want to sit for the exam, wish you all the best as you look forward to work with me. Contact us on whatsApp +1(530) 207 0441

  7. I hope that you could have student promo for your courses. this video will really help student nurses, life saving video. Thank you so much for this 🙂

  8. Hi Mr Mike I like your videos because I am a visual person. I am taking my boards in 3 weeks. I am still a little weak in OB and Pediatrics, is it possible to have more computerized video instead of writing on the board?. I like it when I hear your voice and showing the organ system the same time. Also I like it when you're saying big nclex tip here write it up. Thank you very much

  9. Are any of these medications that can aide Methimazole to lower thyroid hormone as well?

  10. I don’t get why people need to dislike these kind of’s really helpful..if you don’t like it just don’t watch you don’t have to dislike it

  11. I thought MAOIS don't mix well with others? Why was it ok to mix with busprione?

  12. fruits, yes, but ripe avocados are high in tyramine, so avoid with maoi's. also according to google. "Citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and tangerine contain high levels of tyramine."

  13. I have followed you for my Nclex exam, i passed Nclex this week, thank u for your amazing videos❤️❤️😍😍

  14. Buspirone does have withdrawal symptoms. They are just much less severe than benzo or other CNS depressant w/d, and are not life-threatening.

  15. I’ve been STRESSING over psych because we have meds, clinical application, AND ATI. THANK YYYOOUUUU!

  16. Thanks for your graphic presentation. That is awesome. what software did you use for this graphic presentation?

  17. Respectfully, this is nice but I wouldn't pay $40 a month for it. The content feels as though it barely touches the surface of what we're expected to know. Still, a lot of effort went into this, and I appreciate it.

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  19. Those drugs should be made illegal. No one should take them. This nurse is afraid to be filmed because he can't control his facial movements. How many lives will he destroy with prescriptions?

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  21. Super helpful video! However, one little tip for those who are taking ATI, the book includes fruits such as avocado, figs, and bananas as tyramine containing foods. I don’t think I can reference specific page numbers or sections but it states theses fruits in each section where MAOIs/ tyramine- rich foods are listed. Hopefully this adds on to the usefulness of this video!