PK Beans Joins a Wholesale Marketplace to Grow Omni-Channel Distribution

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PK Beans is a revenue generating children’s wellness brand that is differentiating itself and super charging growth through great innovation and technology integration.

This is proven by the following:

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● Canada’s Only Public Company With Predominantly Women Board of Directors
● $1.5M in 2020 Sales
o Over 18K orders in 2020
o 55% increase in online visitors in 2020
● 10,000 customers
● Returning customer rate of 81.4%,
o increase of 34.56% in average order values (AOV).
● 790 affiliates
● Awarded favourite brand (Jillian Harris Favourite Brand) Canadian television personality and interior designer.
● adventure subscription box. a monthly subscription that will help extend the PK Bean’s apparel brand into the childhood adventure play space
● launched its second-hand resale and sustainable initiative
● Acquiring children’s health food company Les Petits Terribles Inc.


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