Pop It Trading Gone Wrong!

The SOTY Sisters try to trade for the best Fidget Toy there is…The Jumbo Pop It! They first try to trade for two of their best pop its but Bria and Parker wouldn’t accept their offer, they wanted them to add! They then offer almost all of their pop its, their simple dimples, and a DNA ball!

They still would not accept their offer for the Jumbo Pop It! Finally the SOTY sisters give them an offer that they couldn’t refuse. They offered their secret stash and every fidget they owned. Finally Bria and Parker accepted their offer and they got the Jumbo Pop it, the best Fidget Toy there is!

Just 4 Girls is made up of Taylor, Payton, Jordyn and Parker Yeager! These girls love having fun with skits, challenges, games, and fun activities. Just 4 Girls is all about having fun with their sisters!!

Previous Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQF_02eaf0o

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