President Biden asked if he is open to altering the filibuster. Hear his reply

In a CNN Town Hall, Anderson Cooper asks President Joe Biden if he would be open to altering the filibuster and discusses bipartisanship and voting rights.

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  1. Typical Don Lemon democratic suck up.


    There is something fundamentally wrong with Biden. Look at him. That is not normal behavior.

  3. Charles Sawadogo

    CNN is the devil’s advocate. 😢

  4. CNN does not let me leave comments anymore..

  5. Poor fumbling older man. Does not know where he is at or what he is talking about. Coughing after every sentence, not answering any unscripted questions. If anybody has faith in this guy you are insane. By the way JB’s safe covid practices are horrible. The left is turning away more people than ever. Let’s go brandon.

  6. Let's go Brandon. F… Joe Biden.😝😝😝

  7. Richie Blakit

    Joe Rogan deserves an apology. Why are you so dishonest?

  8. regarding filibuster: "that was one the most news worthiest answers the President gave during this Townhall" LMAO about FILIBUSTER. There is so much SHIT going on in the world, and this was the most news "worthiest" answers. JESUS CHRIST help us.

  9. MisterRicky007

    Gay Le-Mon

  10. Catch LaRooGaming

    So basically if tyranny benefits the democrat party by ending the filibuster it's ok but if the other side does it it's evil and tyrannical. At the end of the civil war states were given representation within congress and in the senate but by ending the filibuster it means certain states won't have representation within the senate meaning we have to go to war with one another. Now these insane leftist think they want war but none of them have ever seen it or experienced it. There are horrors beyond your imagining that you and your family will endure. Most conservatives and Republicans are good people but not all of them. We know how to fight and a lot of us are warriors and have trained with firearms and you'll have good people on both sides but you'll also have horrible people on both sides raping women and children, murdering and torturing people in horrible ways. Imagine your child being tortured before your eyes to gain information to sell out your comrades that's something that not even we are prepared to endure so maybe think long and hard about what you're asking for before you get it.

  11. Wow did all of you just miss him saying renigg we are not going to renigg on our debt

  12. I believe nothing will change Don.

  13. Let's go CNN !!!!

  14. Aaron Johnstone

    Let's Go Brandon!

  15. Complete Nonsense News

  16. Dan Is Awesome

    I want the filibuster we need more Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham

  17. Watching President Potato head speaking with Cooper was painful. I hope the secret service keeps him away from the red "button". Please…..

  18. Drilldrulus123

    CNN = The Deep State

  19. Drilldrulus123

    If you try to alter a thing that is put in place to safeguard democracy when you are in power you are a evil doer and will feel the consequences

  20. Drilldrulus123

    Biden think he is a dictator. CNN is a propaganda tool. They are both antidemocratic

  21. Ville Juusela

    Lets go Brandon!

  22. Got to love the down votes. Let’s go Brandon

  23. Michael Gardner

    Let’s go Brandon

  24. Callum nathan

    Biden looked like a lego figure a child put together standing their like that

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