PUA and FPUC Unemployment Benefits Clarification and Q&A – How Do I Get the Extra $600?

Georgia is being reported as one of the hardest hit states for unemployment cases. In this video I answer some of the latest questions for unemployment including the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

Also, everyone I’ve chatted with has confirmed you can claim past weeks on the same day you do your first claim. I have not heard of anyone not having success claiming past PUA benefits this way.

For the Pandemic Unemployment Benefits application ➡️ https://youtu.be/pWSzyyNafv0

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  1. Styles Caldwell

    Hey Matt: Thanks for all the great info. This is not a bust but hopefully will help your viewers and it's certainly not authoritative. Your info on answering question #4 on the PUA weekly benefit page might be misinformed. I've searched and it appears you answer "no" for some oddball reason. I, unfortunately, answered "yes", put in the weeks/amount paid and did not get receive my weekly benefit. I think it is a poorly worded question and probably just refers to regular UI benefits and payments, not PUC and FPUC. I'm emailing GDOL to see if I can get this fixed. Will let you know.

  2. Hi Matt can you forward this to Kimberly. I can’t seem to find the ? To respond it came to my email I was trying to tag her,but if you see this Kimberly yes I did happen to Me also. They will send additional information. I applied months ago tho. So I’m not sure if they are still doing it the same way.

  3. Zakiyyah Samad

    Im claiming but i haven't received a email

  4. Zakiyyah Samad

    Ok im calling my claim how long do i have to wait before i get my money

  5. Empress Marie

    I have applied for my pua on July 30th. It goes back to March 15th for potentially 39 weeks at 149$. “It still is saying no recent payment summary” it’s like it’s suppose to come but it basically says “0$ for you!”

  6. Can someone please help me. I have no idea as to how to get my payments. I have received a decision letter but have waited over a month for payment.

  7. Hey man quick question, I just got denied last week for regular ui after waiting months(filed on first week of may) and have applied for pua, immediately following I got the email, sent in my documentation, checked the portal and saw it was already updated with amount and potential weeks. Is this process the same as ui where you get initial processing then a examiners determination? or is it a lot simpler and faster because I dont think I can wait another 3 months lol

  8. Genetrice Cole

    This is ver helpful. I was getting the Federal Unemployment but I answered a question wrong and now I am waiting. It has been over a month and I didnt get fhnds. I did get a determination letter and now waiting on payment

  9. I have been certifying for weeks and have never been paid for 15 weeks . It says my pua is $ 204 and I dont know what to do next . Uber driver

  10. Christine Daniels Touris

    I received the Pandemic letter stating I qualify back in April and still have not received payment, about how long should I anticipate before receiving a payment.

  11. Summer Copeland

    Hi, I received a letter with stating pua weekly amount is $149, but my wages amount at the bottom is $0. Will I still receive the $149? It says potential number of weeks 39 and has the dates for pua assistance period. I applied in April and just received this letter last week.

  12. I am confused on this whole thing. Do you have to pay back any money for pua?

  13. Annette Williams

    I have been approved for PUA & a card has been sent however I never received it. I checked my mailing and living address and no card. I am in desperate need for these funds. I requested a replacement card and it has been over two weeks and no card: please provide me with a contact number for a live agent ASAP

  14. Janelle Jelks

    How do you fix a locked account? I tried to change the pin and it doesn't work. What do I need to do. I can't even claim weeks because it won't let the pua application open. Stating locked account.

  15. Can i apply for both pua and regular??

  16. Prestige Lawn Care

    So far i exercised 3 months if patience.

  17. If anyone out there can answer this I'd be very appreciative… My PUA claim was processed and I recieved a determination letter stating $149 for potentially 39 weeks. I submitted my w-2s to the supplied email address now my question is: does that letter mean I am approved or am I waiting for a second letter? I keep reading mixed answers. Some say I'll recieve a second letter some say that means I am approved. Anyone know whats up?

  18. Stephen Nixon

    My PUA Benefit Determination letter states that Iam approved for $365.00 for "potential" 25 weeks. However, I have only drawn 11 weeks and my payments have stopped. The local DOL office states to be patient that they are updating their system. But refuse (and I have tried many times), to answer this question – does the term "potential" 25 weeks mean I will draw a full 25 weeks???

  19. Ronald Holbrook

    mine says effective date in feb..15 on my portal can i only go back till april 4th for back pay?

  20. Since GA extended 13 extra weeks of unemployment does that mean we have to apply again or just keep claiming your weekly benefits?

  21. Susan Snickles

    I get to go back to work Monday 6/15 yahoo

  22. Hi Matt: Thanks for all the great info! I have received PUA Determination Letter on May 15th for PUA Weekly Amount of $309. I have not heard from GA DOL since. There were no ways you can communicate to them right now either in phones or emails. I am a 1099 contractor. Do you think what is wrong in my case. Thank you for your advice if you can!

  23. Marvin Stodghill

    Hey I was getting my claim every week but for some reason now the money not showing on my fpuc

  24. Pamelah Howard

    I have a question. Where are you getting your information that you are posting? Are you a CPA or tax or Department of Labor staff member? I keep watching all your videos but I am yet to find anything literally getting to the point telling how to answer not just #4. I have looked for answer to 1 and 2 which is really confusing because "who knows" what the correct answer is! I don't have time to watch all your videos all the way through hoping you will finally get to that point.

  25. Keena Kister

    Has anyone entered their cash app account number for direct deposit for benefits. Yes, cash app accounts have an individual routing and account number. I am just wondering if anyone else has done this and received benefits

  26. Maria tavarez

    Thank you soo much for valuable information 👍👍

  27. elizabeth snipes

    My husband is a sub-contractor. We lived in Florida untill last summer when we moved to GA. He didn't work enough to get UI in Ga and is 1099 now so he was denied that. We apllied 04/24 for him when his job was put on hold bc of covid-19. DOL site said his ss# was not on file but wouldn't let him reapply. You said there would be an update so On 5/24 I checked and it said he was approved for 149 PUA starting week of 5/2 so he went in and certified for the past 4weeks at once that day. Today, it shows 4 weeks of 149+600 w/ deposit date 5/27 on all 4. It's 5/27 & the $ isn't in the account. I saw a comment on one of your videos showing it should be tomorrow so I will hold my breath. I will let you all know if we get all 4 weeks tomorrow. I went on Families First FMLA on 4/26 and applied for UI and PUA. I have a few specific ?s about that in conjunction with PUA/FPUC if you know anything about it, lmk and I will fire the ?s at ya

  28. Hey Matt, Again I want to thank you for this Awesome Service. Question; Are you paid back benefits/pay on one check or is it broken down in separate weekly installments (I'm owed for several months)?

  29. Question, if I’m already receiving payments through unemployment plus the $600, do I still have to apply for PUA?

  30. Okay every representative says something different. I spoke with Mrs brown Friday she said pua will have to call me to fix 5/9 & 5/16 I called this morning I got through in 2 min. This representative says pua doesn’t have a phone number or phone to contact me

  31. Hey Matt, Thanks this awesome info.
    This may have been covered many times before down below. My question is, I was approved for PUA on 5/20/2020 with an Effective date of 3/8/2020 from GA Unemployment. Should I certify for each week from 3/8/2020 to present or from the date of my app?

    Also does the effective date indicate the date I was eligible to receive benefits?

  32. Susan Snickles

    It's just people on fourlough don't get a choice to open up we have to wait on business to pick up need the 600.00 a week 61 impacted alone trying to hold on to my house

  33. Nabiha Babar

    Thanks for the information. Stay blessed

  34. So I filed 4/26/2020. I’m a 10-99 I have not received any letter or email. The only email I received was my confirmation email. I file every week. But when I went to check status it don’t notice my ssn or pin. But I refile it states it’s been process

  35. I got one payment from pua but nothing else

  36. PUA in Ga: I certified for back pay for 4 weeks. I received 2 of the most recent weeks, but I did not receive weeks ending April 4 and April 11. Those weeks I had income from my emloyer (not exeeding $300) even though I am no longer employed with them. I did put that in there but I may have messed up on the dates. Is there a way to go back and make sure I did those right? This week I expected to see that backpay but its not there,


  38. Young Havick

    Hey brother my u says waiting on determination but it shows how much I'll get a week and the I've been approved how long do it take to get the deposite

  39. Ronald Holiday

    Hey Matt my account said Saturday my money was paid today 5/18/2020 but iys not in my account. How long will jt take to actually post?

  40. West Ethiopian

    What if I forget to request my 1st week of benefits on that 1st Sunday, will I be able to request the 2nd week on the 2nd Sunday.

  41. I just received a monetary determination letter today (I applied a month ago) I'm from Florida. I do lyft as full time self employed. But I've been receiving benefits for the last 3 weeks? It says $0 in quarterly base period wages. Im not sure what to do. Im confused.

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