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  1. i spoke with sum one on the phone the lady said she back dated my claim she said all i have to do is wait on the money now how long will take to receive backdate money ?

  2. I was having issues being paid on my Pennsylvania profile and @exceptiona_tool help me out and I was finally paid thanks man his so legit

  3. I got approved for 29,000 sba with the help of Tom, here is his number 5 1 2 7 7 8 0 0 3 9

  4. Can't still believe this until I get paid by Mr Marcus James he help me add money on my cash app and PayPal and bitcoin with $5,500 text him up now on WhatsApp number +‪1 (719) 695‑8376

  5. It is time to Protest in the streets for thee unemployment benefits still owed. January is reckoning month. I'm organizing a legal peaceful protest for those of us who have yet to see their benefits.

    My wife applied in march. Again in April. Sent an email explaining her plight to the only contact available. Hundreds of unfruitful calls to the unemployment line. Again in june with an appeal. The website crashed. Our representative Dowling said he would help when we contacted him in August. He has not been able to help after many consultations with his office. No results. Finally got a reply from the email she sent in April in early November. She responded and still no response to our response.

    I am going to peacefully protest with signs pictures and people. January is reckoning month.

  6. Just filed for pua haven’t worked since April 1 how much backdate will I get

  7. Does everyone get the lump sum? And if you do, how come I got the weekly and never the lump sum?

  8. My payments got released with the help of Tom, he cleared the issues I had with my account, txt him on +1 51 2778 0 03 9.

  9. Ma’am it just took me 7 months to get a denial letter from UC, so with that said I’m now applying for PUA but they are telling me an examiner now needs to review it because of an IP address issue. I just waited 7 months for an examiner to deny me UC. Do you have any recommendations on how I can speed this process up or how long it may take. Any advice or info you can offer I’d gladly appreciate since it seems like you’ve had plenty of ups and downs with this process as well! Please get back to me

  10. I just wanted to come back and give some hope to those who are waiting on their pua money. I know someones account that has been on hold for 12 weeks. Every time they called they got the same speech about waiting for an examiner to review it. This person uploaded everything that was asked for. On Sunday they went to file and this time it said “expect to get paid”. For the past 12 weeks it was saying it was under review when they filed. Then, this morning they got that stimulus money that they didn’t originally get because the account was on hold. So the account must be getting worked on. For those who have been waiting for weeks it’s like they might be finally moving.

  11. Is there a maximum amount you should put down that you received in a year to get approved from your business / self employed?

  12. I have transcation numbers, and it says paid date but no money? Am I getting this money, am I just waiting my turn for payments? This is so stressful I’ve been employed since may.

  13. I filed my claim on June 29, it’s almost 3 months and did not hear any thing. Did not receive a single penny, using all my savings. Any suggestion?

  14. You must wait for a signature document to arrive in order to get back pay -That’s it.

  15. Back date button ? What’s that . I filled 8/23 & it’s don’t say anything abt a back date button

  16. Miss mercado please help me!!!!!! I opened my initial claim begining of August. I haven't worked since February 21st. I'm getting my regular weekly claims but how do I get all those back weeks?? Please help Ive tried everything.

  17. Hey ms mercado.. Ima a single father. I can not get into my pua claim account because i can not get into the initial email that i set it up with. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Byron

  18. Hi my name is Emanuel Davis can you please help me with my pua undeployment

  19. Hey my name is Emanuel Davis can you help me with my I signed up in March and got my car and everything but now what I do my claims it just keeps saying in progress and I haven't received any money

  20. Hello, I applied for PUA on 07/01 and I was approved and I put 04/15 my last day of work because of COVID-19. I received only 125$ and 600$ direct deposit on my acc. from July 16 and never received money from 04/15. Do you know any phone or email to contact tham to ask for my money from my last day of work 04/15? Thank you so much.

  21. i sent my email for backdating and my clamint status went to suspended … would u know what that mean ?

  22. I was able to get through and they changed my effective date backdated it however when I went to file for those weeks I couldn't. Did those weeks already process ? I was able to claim weeks in july and august and it says week 16 but none of the weeks since april eventhough they changed my date to april.

  23. Please can somebody help me and my girlfriend she did the P U AShe did it June 29 she made a mistake one time They just they just said the resolve issue just wanna way we still waiting for her card and why do you keep on saying it’s in progress shaking my head

  24. On the pua desktop there is a newsletter that says if you want to file for back pay you have to call 855-284-8545 or email [email protected] and state how far you want to go back. Also how COVID-19 has affected you.

  25. Applied pua june 26 for being out since march 25, and got approval letter, when I went to file my weekly, I have not been able to login and no one return my messages, can you help me?