PUA Unemployment Federal Cares Act 2 Extension update in PA. Jan. 31, 2021 No Benefits Released Yet

PUA Federal Cares Act 2 Extension update in PA. Jan.31,2021 No Benefits Released Yet Hey Guys, I hope you were able to file this week I understand they website has been crashing. We need to get our voices heard about these issues we continue to face. Get involved I created an email just for that reason. Any feedback in the area would be much appreciated.
[email protected]

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WGAL News Channel 8 Article


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  1. Parker Wesley

    I can’t imagine life without Herickcard on telegram he’s the realest dude …

  2. Please be very careful when calling into the Pennsylvania pua every operator is different as far as being knowledgeable about unemployment. I even had an experience where the operator brought up an issue with my case that was absolutely bogus when she realized she didn't scare me into confusions it was absolutely obvious that she just made up an issue to try to trip me up I guess to see if I was a fraud or maybe these operators are just evil people who treat all claimants as if they're cheating the system.. Then she actually went into my case and saw that nothing was wrong. I simply had a question but this operator started of the conversation by telling me a complete lie about my case. This is my third experience with an operator straight up lying. It's scary because they can cause you an issue if they want to. Please be careful when calling in.

  3. Edward Daniel

    If we were on pua December 26th because we exhausted regular uc benefits last year are we supposed to go back on the regular uc programs or do we stay on pua I’m lost

  4. Edward Daniel

    I got mine this week but my wife still nothing idk what’s going on it’s seriously ridiculous nothing we can even do

  5. Hey guys, I really need help. Based on email we got. So I personally do not get Pua. I’m disabled so I don’t qualify obviously. But I help women and children escape domestic abuse and get back on their feet. Currently I’m helping 11 mothers and five of them have been getting PUA, one getting UC. Out of the five, three of them will be applying for extensions and essentially I’m doing it with them and at times for them. 2020 has almost doubled the amount of victims that we have had to rescue and I confess I’m a little overwhelmed right now because I don’t know what to do in directing them towards the right type of extension. Can anyone guide me a little bit please? Two of them are in very scary situations and I feel the weight of making sure I don’t guide them the wrong way. Here are the situations that they have. Can you guys look at them and let me know what is the best path?
    1. PUA-Young mom (newborn 2 weeks old) with two auto immune diseases. Doctor says she is in high-risk risk. She should be ready to get back to work again in few months after the vaccines and everything but she will need the extension.
    2.  PUA-mother of two. Had to leave her decent job because the school shut down. Unfortunately, when the schools re-open they still don’t reopen more than for a couple of weeks at a time and again, childcare is a problem because she’s alone. she has gone to job interviews but has had to turn away two jobs because the schools would shut down again.
    3. UC- elderly woman, escaped brutal abuse, no children in the home. She got fired from her job because she couldn’t climb the 8-12 ft ladders. It took four months to get her unemployment approved and by then she had lost her apartment. We finally just got her a room but she is having a terrible time finding work and she’s terrified because she’s also diabetic. Due to some current heart issues, the doctor is just having her isolate and hold off on the vaccine but we don’t know how long that will be.

    All three of them have some form of literacy issues so they are fully dependent on me with this. I really don’t want to be responsible for them getting denied because I screwed up somewhere. Any direction would be so greatly appreciated 🙏

  6. savieo montana

    Bout to just tell them to close my account out I ain’t getting no more money from them they did me dirty I never had a issue from day one now they gave me 3 issues outta of nowhere I been waiting since dec 13th I’m ready to give up I caught COVID 19 from working

  7. David Abonyi

    Claimed all my weeks but having this address issue which I never had in the Cares Act Act. They screwed this is so much that Barrier is using terms like apathetic, which means in the dictionary, "t care a less about something." What a Joke!!

  8. Carolyn Bradford

    I'm really not a social media person but I got to take the social media because somebody got to help Michigan residents this is so disrespectful to people that have worked all their lives that have lived here and went to school and graduated with High student loans and finally you need some of the money that you didn't paid out all of your life in this what happens is so disrespectful bet you can't even get them on the phone on messenger on chat or nothing I tried to email them what do they want from us they have everything it says open the Pua application is Benn submit it it says it's complete all the things that we went through in 2020 with Michigan unemployment they supposed to had corrected this problem they supposed to had hired more people so Michigan residents to get the respect that they deserve , they had us wait 14 and 15 weeks last year all for us to go through the same thing in 2021 Michigan residents are hurting we need help help us help us help us help our family help us

  9. Rose Salvador

    I'm so happy that unemployment has started back up in Michigan, i got it filed using itechhackerscom..

  10. I get pua in Ohio using ITECHHACKERSCOM, and ive received it for weeks, thank God ❤️

  11. Fausat Yekini

    I finally got paid today after i employed the services of I t e c h h a c k e r s c o m, they're the best for urgent financial issues

  12. Jennifer Lopez

    Thanks so much ITECHHACKERSCOM for the help, it’s been so hard for me ,my husband has a barbershop and business has slowed down and we thanks for the SBA payment done ✅

  13. Rahmon Azeez

    Thanks for the money flips, itechhackerscom has been doing a great deal for me nd my family

  14. Margaret Stallone

    I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which ITECHHACKERSCOM…

  15. Ghandi Muslamya

    This week, I was provided with excellent service at your ITECHHACKERSCOM, and I truly appreciate it.

  16. I've been unemployed for months before i met ITECHHACKERSCOM who has been getting me steady income weekly ..

  17. Yusuf Abdulahhi

    Its been 12 weeks for my unemployment benefits, i didn't receive anything until i asked ITECHHACKERSCOM for help, i just got some funds available few mins ago..

  18. Tanks a lot itechhackerscom. I don’t think I can ever pay you back for the bitcoin mined into my wallet ..


    Thank you very much Itechhackerscom. I don’t think I can ever pay you back for the bitcoin mined into my wallet ..

  20. LLoyd Andrew

    At a time when hell broke loose, ITECHHACKERSCOM offered help which saved the situation. I am forever grateful

  21. Rebecca anderson

    -I can’t describe how much your help meant to me. I will forever cherish your generous acts. Thank you very much itechhackerscom, i got the 3.5btc

  22. jakobylove15

    feb.7th still nothing in denver

  23. Renee Jenniffer

    Thanks for the great referral! I’ve admired ITECHHACKERSCOM work for a long time. He’s very knowledgeable and approachable.

  24. brandson tracia

    I was a bit skeptical after I heard about it but right now I’m glad I took that decision to see I T E C H H A C K E R S C OM, they pro and legitimate…

  25. Karyn Rogers

    What happened with your open issue? I have the same issue and I think yours was currently resolved please help?

  26. It’s ridiculous how unorganized and incompetent these people are

  27. I lost all faith in this country were suffering how is not the top priority?? I still have not received last years income tax payment I have not received a check in almost a month I’m on pua I’m behind 2 months on bills people been struggling check to check from before corona virus what the hell is going on this country is falling apart

  28. Edyta Gaviria

    Do you know something guys about pua claims being active?? Its February 2 nd already does someone know when pua form starts working? Let know about new changes please!!!how to go to this app

  29. Goosby Goosby

    I keep getting the wait one week screen can somebody help

  30. Alan Peeples

    Anybody from Ga that exhausted benefits before 12/20/2020 receive anything yet?

  31. Vanessa Henesey

    Yeah im from pa I got 2 weeks then I got my disqualified weeks. Then I got my forth week. Most people can just do nothing but file weekly certificate and it will all fall into place..

  32. Has anyone been able to certify in the pua program

  33. For some reason after the website updated it says I have 17 weeks available but nothing has popped up in my account alerts to certify or when I would be able to. What do I do?

  34. buddinghappiness330

    Im praying that it all works out for u

  35. Melissa Antonetty

    Good Evening Mercado, I just subscribed to your channel. My husband put me up on you. I really appreciate what you are doing and you're definitely helping alot of us including myself. I also live in PA and the info you put up is definitely helpful.. I noticed on your weeks you have stimulus amount. I have yet to see any updates on my claim, neither has my husband. All it says is In Progress for our 7 weeks back pay. May you please help me and my husband figure this issue out? Please and Thank you..

  36. Edyta Gaviria

    Thank you to everyone giving the hope but the hope doesn't pay my bills coming on regular basis..

  37. Church of Philadelphia

    I noticed when your in Cue you have to keep clicking around the page every 5 min or it logs you off. Than you got to start again. 🤦‍♀️ 3 times of messing with it. I will try going into claim summary like one of your subs suggested.

  38. Paris Massey

    Thank you for the updates. Keep up the hard work you are appreciated.

  39. Paulaf Moody

    I'm on peuc and when I click on the pua it tell me I don't have a claim but when I click on the main website for unemployment it says I have a peuc claim but I have no opinion to file for the weeks of January 2,9,16 can u give me some info on how to get the backdated payments.

  40. my shit working fine now thankyou me and the big G O D. only advice i can give you peopl is call 888 313 7284 of course its bizzy you gotta call at 7:58 am dont hang up if bizzy hit your redial button and keep calling till you get in. free game

  41. JonThis IsMoody

    TN doesn't respond to e-mail or messages!! They knew this was going to happen. I'm not giving up, my nearest job is 100 miles away… Probably move with the unemployment I get.

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