PUA Unemployment: PUA Application Pandemic Unemployment Assistance – PUA EDD California Application

PUA Unemployment : how do you do the PUA Application for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, and what is the PUA EDD California Application?

The PUA EDD California Application Glitch is causing problems for many viewers. What is the PUA Application Form, how do I apply for unemployment benefits in my state, how do I apply for PUA Unemployment benefits in California and any other state? We explain how and where you apply for unemployment benefits, how do you apply for PUA for self-employment / independent contractor, and more.

This is a PUA Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Application update for Wednesday April 29. LALATE covers the PPP Loan, EIDL, PUA, Unemployment Benefits, Stimulus Check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act, and more. Please check out videos and http://lalate.com for exclusives that no one else is reporting. We are here to give you information that no other news site is providing you.

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#PUA Application in California Has Purported #Website Glitch Causing Incorrect Denial of #Unemployment Benefits to People who Exhausted UI
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a. You apply on your state unemployment website
b. California, Most States: no separate form for PUA. It is part of the same unemployment benefits form.
c. Apply online.

If you qualify for PUA the initial payments you will receive are as follows:

At least a base amount (depends on state, in California is $167.00 per week), for each week from February 2, 2020 to March 28, 2020 that you were unemployed due to a COVID-19 related reason.


$167.00 plus $600 per week, for each week from March 29, 2020 to July 25, 2020, that you are unemployed due to a COVID-19 related reason.


$167.00 per week, for each week from July 26, 2020 to December 26, 2020, that you are unemployed due to a COVID-19 related reason, up to a total of 39 weeks (minus any weeks of regular UI and certain extended UI benefits that you have received).

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  1. Diony Rivera

    Outstanding! Very very helpful information! Thank you LALATE!

  2. Chika Furumiya

    Thanks for this video but I still do not see the actual section on the CA EDD website where I would upload my letter and front page of my tax return. There is no way to attach these documents in a “coorispomdance” to them. I’ve searched through all the available web pages on the website after I logged in and I do not see it. There is only an Inbox where I can email them a question. There is no method to attach a tax return and ask for a higher amount of unemployment. Can you please direct me where to go to do this on the CA UI online website ?

  3. David Alvarado

    Its sounds like you know more then the people that work there Keep up on the good work

  4. I applied on the 28th on the CA EDD for PUA. When I click the "certify my benefits" button it takes me to a page that does not let me certify any benefits. I would copy and paste what it says but its too much text. Here is one paragraph on the bottom. "When certifying, you will be asked to answer a series of questions to assist the EDD in determining if you meet the eligibility requirements. If all eligibility requirements are met, a benefit payment will be issued. You may be asked to answer additional questions to provide more information with your certification. Having this information allows the EDD to review your eligibility for benefits more quickly based on the information you provide. If there is a question as to whether you will be eligible for payment, a phone appointment will be scheduled."

  5. 💊 #LALATE 💊 #BREAKINGNEWS right now (1:02 pm PST)
    #Remdesivir by #Gilead #Coronavirus #Drug Approved by Trump !!
    NEW ▶️▶️ http://news.lalate.com/2020/05/01/remdesivir-gilead-coronavirus-approved-by-trump-but-not-vaccine/
    "Remdesivir" "Gilead" "Coronavirus"

  6. Jhon Prestige Cleaning Service

    I went with gut feeling before reading your reply, you are right i left work search blank on both certified weeks, was approved in 15 min (pending) than paid. We shall see, dont give up guys and gals do your research and stay strong ✊

  7. Chris Gonzalez

    Can you explain how do you do the certification when the application from PUA is approved by $125 in Florida and i wanna know what steps i have to do to receive the payment please let me know as soon as possible

  8. Hi Everyone! While #LALATE can see your original comment, we are having problems replying to your follow up comment. As a result, if you have already on this video posted a comment and we have replied, but you have a follow comment now as well, please write your follow comment in a new thread. Thank you 😊 And as always subscribe and like the video because we are doing about 4 videos per day with new updates that might answer your question. Also follow us on lalate.com for possible further updates about this subject. Be safe – LALATE

  9. Hi, I am a Florida resident that was deemed ineligible for state benefits. The site said nothing about being registered for the PUA. Am I already in the queue for PUA or do I need to do more??

  10. Jhon Prestige Cleaning Service

    Self employed cleaning service . i have not filed tax return yet this week. Work was effected by covid 19 no new business but still managed to work for few repeats maybe 70 percent reduction in business.For the pua 2 week certifying period after getting 167 weekly (im in cali edd) i applied april 4 regular UI got denied ($0 reward) so applied april 28 got notice of 167 for march 29/20 to end of December (39 weeks) very confusing when they note you dont have to be looking for work to certify due to covid. But on the same page contradicts by saying not looking for work will have benefits denied. cant seem to find answer to this worried if i leave blank wont get benefits any light on this thank you – Jhon

  11. David Alvarado

    I think I mess up I got approve and then I call the new PUA assistant number I told the lady that I made 43,000 for the year and then she told me she was going to log me in the computer for a wage investagation so I hope that doesnt delay my BOA debit card delivery to me I hope they dont freeze everything

  12. makeupbychery

    I certified for my weeks PUA and still say PENDING but recived so I’m confused 🤷‍♀️

  13. Joseph Kainoa Mahoe

    Hawaii Pua ask for income from w2s and 1099. I worked both payroll and independent contracting, I made more on payroll than 1099 so I applied for regular Ui back in late March and got disqualified saying I didn’t make enough in 2 quarters, which is incorrect. I made a lot more in wages than what they said I made for at least 2 quarters, so I filed an appeal and still waiting on that cuz you can’t get through on the phone, then I applied for Pua April 28th and have to wait til may 15 for them to start processing my application. Everyone in Hawaii applying for Pua has to wait til may 15th, as far as certifying claim we are not able to because there is no options to certify.

  14. Great video! Cant beat California sun and shoreline.

  15. Almost ready to submit. One ?
    Site asks: Do you expect to return to work for a former employer? They mean my ongoing client that issues my 1099 or an employer I had at some point in my life?

    #PUAApplication Form: #PUA #Unemployment – How Do I Apply for Unemployment Benefits in My State
    JUST PUBLISHED! ▶️▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgXm8-SGmDY&t=38s
    #ppp #ppploan #eidl #stimuluscheck #pua #careact

  17. Thank you 🙏 Can Taxi driver apply for PUA?

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