PUA Weekly Benefit Increase & PEUC 13 Week Extension (CA EDD Unemployment)

PUA &PEUC:Increase Unemployment benefits and extension for some Californians
Starting this week, the Unemployment Administration has made some important changes that could mean an increase in unemployment check amounts for some people on Unemployment Insurance (UI), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or the new Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation (PUEC). Additionally, for peoples who have already exhausted their unemployment benefits or will shortly exhaust their unemployment benefits we will discuss the 13-week extension that is starting this week through the PUEC. If you like this video please do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance – Weekly Benefit increase
Unemployment will change how benefits are calculated for PUA benefits
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is (PUA) is part of the CARES act
Β· PUA is for people who normally are not eligible for Unemployment Benefits:
– Gig workers
– Self-employed
– Independent contractors
– People who have exhausted their normal state unemployment benefits
Β· Unknown how much self-employed people actually make.
Β· Minimum PUA weekly benefit is $167
Β· Now they are going to review your reported income for 2019 and adjust weekly benefit up to $450 weekly.
Β· $167 weekly benefits are based on $17368 income or below
Β· Maximum amount of income to get the $450 is $46696 or above
Β· Money is retroactive back to when PUA claim started
Β· Separate from the $600 PUA payment that will be for months between March 29th through July 25

What is changing and new PUEC update
Β· Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)
Β· Third part of the Cares Act:
Β· Stimulus checks
Β· PUA – Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
Β· PUEC – Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation
Β· Regular Unemployment benefits run out after 26 weeks within one-year timer frame
Β· PUEC allows for a 13-week extension for those who exhausted their unemployment benefits or were previously ineligible.
Β· 2 phase roll out
Phase 1:
Β§ Starting May 27th this week
Β§ EDD will automatically file PUEC extension for those who exhausted all available benefits on their original unemployment claim.
Β§ Recipients will receive a notice 5- 7 days after PUEC extension
Β§ Will receive a letter to certify for the extension of benefit payments if still unemployed
Phase 2:
Β· Early July, EDD will mail notices to those who ran out of regular UI benefits who ran out of benefits after July 2018 but were not included in the phase 1 group
Β· These individuals who remain out of work should re apply for Ui through UI

Is this a good idea
Β· Great news for California who need the extra support
Β· California is taking extra precautions to ensure that everybody is safe
Β· Going to be on lockdown in California than most of the rest of the country
Β· Going to take a long time to get everybody getting back to work even after lockdown is over
Β· The real question is how long is it going to take to get back to where we were

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  1. Serria Fonesca

    Herickcard on telegram he’s the best when it comes to pua method and more..

  2. Mudd Whistle

    All these are click bait, but they need to talk about something on their channels, it’s also January 2021, these guys videos is at least 4 months behind what is going on right now?

  3. Nansi Frausto

    I have a question so on mine it says 4/2/20 – on extension what does that mean my claim balance ended last week-does that mean I will be getting the 11 weeks ? and I called edd the guy just told me just to wait what I have wait for

  4. Bigole. Pappy

    Pt. 3: Claimants should not file a new claim if they have exhausted benefits, but should continue to request weekly payments. The GDOL will update claimants on next steps as soon as the guidance is received and programming changes are implemented.

    Pt. 2: The GDOL is still receiving federal guidance on programming the 11-week extension for over 239,000 claimants who exhausted PEUC and PUA benefits on or before week-ending date 12/26/20.

    Pt. 1: If you have exhausted your benefits, do not file a new claim. This will not expedite your payments. We're still receiving federal guidance on programming the extension for those claimants who have exhausted PEUC and PUA benefits on or before week-ending date 12/26/20.

    Got this off of GDOL Twitter. Hope this helps! – Georgia

  5. Janelle Dawakins

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    Does the extra 13 week come with the extra $300 dollars?

  7. Clement Vito

    This has be a total heart break for me,since September I was not able to got my PUA payment again,He got pending till now, but all appreciation go to MR DONALD BROWN on π–π‘πšπ­π¬π€π©π© +𝟏(πŸπŸŽπŸ“) πŸ’πŸ’πŸ-πŸ’πŸ•πŸŽπŸ—,He just help me and I got my 2 months paid successfully,thanks you so much 🍷

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  11. Delana Murrell

    Hi I have a question I'm getting my unemployment but I'm not getting an extra $600 a week am I supposed to get an extra $600 a week or how would I apply

  12. Would forever appreciate the service of davidhack0_ on lnstagram for successfully approving my pua funds..

  13. Would forever appreciate the service of davidhack0_ on lnstagram for successfully approving my pua funds..

  14. Would forever appreciate the service of davidhack0_ on lnstagram for successfully approving my pua funds..

  15. Hello.I used my edd for 23 weeks then Δ± back my work fulltime but I just learn we back unemployment end of October.I have apply edd again.Δ± heard extra weeks until end december 26th.Do we get unemplyment after 2021 too? help pleasee

  16. Arnold Robertson

    I’m so relieved. Got approved and funded within 6 days! thanks to Albert.
    Call him on +1 3 1 0 9 8 6 2 3 2 1
    I needed this money because my savings had been severely depleted!

  17. what to do if my PUA benefits run out ?

  18. lockonkira mega

    Hi my unemployment benefits just ran out on sep 14 and im not sure if I should call the unemployment office for my pecu? Does it automatically take effect or is there anything I need to do? Do I just wait for the letter for them to tell me if I qualify? I received a message in my inbox saying I might be eligible for the pecu but didnt quite understand it?

  19. Don't want a channel

  20. Mommy's Lifeline

    PEUC 13 Week Extension, We are almost done with our benefits what should we do to get the next 13 weeks? We first filed in March 2020

  21. For those who exhausted their 26 weeks ui benefits and were automatically enrolled in the peuc how long did it take? Was it instantaneous or did you have to wait 3 weeks? Any comments would be appreciated?

  22. I'm an Uber driver who has recently applied for UI (7/15/2020). After inquiring if I will receive PUA in addition to UI, I received an email from an Associate Tax Auditor from the Sacramento Area Audit Office indicating that since I was approved for UI I was not able to get PUA as well. What's up? Should I complete my Certification for UI or try to get the PUA, which should be more money?Thanks for your help…. Fred

  23. Marcos Pasillas

    Hello I’m a Lyft driver on my 1099k I make $38646 and EDD Is paying me $74 a week and is post to get $167 to $400 a week !!!! What should I do to get The right payment ?

  24. Gustavo Soto

    Is for grooss or net income ?

  25. is there a possibility to get both PUA and PEUC?

  26. Faith Sedlin

    Okay. A tricky question: Which takes precedence PUA or PUEC? What is a person has already qualified for PUA (self-employed during past year), but now has also been approved for PUEC based on a prior employer? Should they be paid under PUEC benefits or continue being paid under PUA.

  27. Barbie Lenington

    What about the people of California that have applied for UI and PUA and qualified but haven't received a check yet? I was awarded both and my start date is 02-02-20 but still no check and I can't get answers via email and can't get a person with a pulse on the phone. Please help our people of California!!!

  28. Victoria Pawlicki

    If I have not worked in 2020 and have worked in 2019 and haven’t made enough for regular unemployment insurance but have been trying to find a job and keep getting rejected because no one is hiring due to covid 19 and my last employer I worked for in 2019 is closed so I can’t work there, can I get PUA?

  29. Khamseng Vang

    My unemployment is ending at the end of this month. So, I don’t have to file for extension because I’ll be automatically be enroll in PEUC right? 5-7 days after my benefits end?

  30. Billy Hoyles

    I'm a little confused, my unemployment will run out 2nd week of August… What will I need to do to get the extension if I'm even qualified.?

  31. Sultana Dillon

    I have exhausted my benefits in Feb 2020. There was no "certify button" for months until I spoke with the right person who went above and beyond. I also had disability Feb 11- Apr 21st, in which, i will not receive UI benefits nor $600 wk. After several calls and emails i finally received a date online and in mail for phone appointment; which was 3 little questions before being rushed of phone. I received a letter in mail 3 days later stating not paid during time period of disability, which, I was not expecting. During the phone call I was told i am eligible for PUA and when it runs out, then PEUC. I stated i read it was PEUC (my normal Pay which is more than PUA), then the extension of PUA. I will research EB. Its been a week today, still waiting!

  32. its been 12 day since my edd ended im part of phase 1 still have not recive a letter yet what should i do reapply or wait for letter help plz

  33. Brandon Lacayanga

    Is the $600 weekly extended? Or In the process of extending it?

  34. I was qualified for PUA and recently EDD said I also qualified for PEUC , and my PUA weekly payment was adjusted. It’s really a mess for my online account , sometimes it shows PUA balance, sometimes it shows PEUC balance , the last 2 weeks , EDD calculated PEUC for my claim . Does that mean my PUA was stopped automatically? But my PUA has more balance that PEUC. Do I need to cancel PEUC to continue my PUA claim ? Please advice, thank you!

  35. Eduardo Ugarte

    Hello EDD is a scam in my case they are verifying my documents I have almost a month on hold does not answer the calls the offices are closed and they take advantage to abuse the people who are out of work due to the pandemic I think that the affected people should take them to court because it is fraud

  36. Mitchell Jones

    Have heard another extension after my peuc ends next week when my claim year ends its called EB.
    When the unemployment rate reaches a certain percentage is triggered. California has reached it.
    Only hear it talked about on unofficial unemployment websites. Found information at Bureau of Labor website. Here's hoping

  37. Mychal Morris

    So I exhausted my regular UE benefits in January 2020,claim benefits yr expires July 4th 2020. I work as a independent contractor from end of January 2020, to March 12th 2020, and couldnt work because of the covid 19 lockdown. I got a letter last week that I qualify for PEUC. Do I also qualify to get the $600 PUA on top of the PEUC?

  38. MissSicBitch

    Ok, I received a letter saying "I do NOT qualify for fed PUA benefits". Then, then next day I got in the mail another letter stating my "Notice of PUA award" and giving me a weekly benefit amount & maximum benefit amount. Then it says to receive PUA benefits I must provide info every 2 wks..known as certifying, and to do that by one of these 2 methods: 1. online 2. by mail using the paper "continued claim form" (DE 4581 DUA) BUT it doesn't let me DO anything online, AND they haven't included any "continued claim form" with the letter. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? AM I QUALIFIED? Or NOT??

  39. Jorge rivera

    I will report in a couple of days for my re-certification. My PUEC starts on sunday. Once it as been initiated I will answer any questions anyone has. I live in the high desert in California.

  40. What happens after the 13 week pandemic extension?

  41. Brandon CiCi

    What if your income was less than $17,000 or haven't filed 2019 taxes, could they cancel your PUA benefits?

  42. hi I need help please and thank you do I need to apply the PECU if these different because I apply UI and PUA?

  43. Elizabeth Cantu

    Do you have to apply in your state?

  44. Robert Scannell

    My claim started April 1 2020, my benefits will exhaust july1( I was given partial enemployment because I only made 7800in quarter 4 of 2019. As of now, my account still shows my benefits exhausting on July 1 as it always has 3900 total for claim &300 week + the 600 week.Has anyone’s account who ends around my time or soon seen there accounts have the extended time? Or will I not see this reflected in my account until after July 1 ? I’m in California . Ty for response !

  45. Melody Toleafoa

    I applied March 13 still haven’t gotten approved..

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