PUA & YOU: The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Guide for REALTORS®

Applying for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) can prove to be a challenging puzzle. In this video, two labor and employment attorneys and two REALTORS® share their expertise and offer advice on the unemployment application process.


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  1. Scena Hoffman

    I applied 12 months ago.it went to appeal.cant get a replay by phone or mail.its not what it's put up to be

  2. Will you help me download my IRS taxes from their one I'm on PUA

  3. I need to download a letter to pua from my taxes from the IRS and I don't know how I think I did it but nobody will check

  4. I appreciate Scoffedhacks on telegram after too recommendations I was able to increase my credit score and I got approved he is genius

  5. Chuck Stafford

    Did they pass the going back to work bonus

  6. Chuck Stafford

    It's not right ever one should get the $600 there people out there playing the government, we out risking our health

  7. Stephanie Nielsen

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  8. Terry Zentzis

    My last check was Dec.28. I’ve submitted my weekly certifications. I worked one day in February since the schools were shut down again on Jan. 4. I am owed 8 weeks at least. I spoke to someone February 5said the unresolved issue would be solved. When? Frustrated

  9. Im live in ct and i was on disability from a auto accident anyways i was suppose to start working fr myself april 4 2020 but now i couldn't perform. My job skills i also ended catchting covid – 19

  10. Am i suppose to get my deniall from the state. Via mail so i can have prroof from when i apply for the pua benefits

  11. I filed 2 months ago and still nothing says my claim can't be process at this time

  12. Collins Jones

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  13. Why does no body ever answer the phone my unemployment ran out a month ago and now they are saying I was over paid in 2013 what do I do now I haven't heard anything

  14. Jason Seavers

    I wont to no i lost my diver lis i cant get tham bee cus covr19 oll dmv is i ned to have tham review speck to a her

  15. Jose Antonio Muñoz


  16. Chris Goodwin

    It’s been almost two weeks since I submitted my pau and it still says their determine how much I will receive. My friend submitted his claim a week after me and has already gotten approved with an amount on what he is going to receive. What gives?

  17. The extra 600 week since they took it away again ?when will this come back retroactive in va?

  18. Do i have to do anything for va pua retroactive when is it coming to me from when they cut it off i could use it my rent is coming n all

  19. Jacqueline Damphier

    Well the state of Tennessee has been denying the pua has denied me my income and now left me homeless in the car at 59 years old it's not right it's not fair

  20. Jennilee Bull

    Thank you this this backdate information is just what i need going there now to try .

  21. freda Sutton

    Why do unemployment penalize you when they make the mistake of overpaying you. How are you to know if you are overpaid? It is just like SSI. They fault you for their mistake and that is not fair at all. Someone was not eligible for the regular UI because of an overpayment that unemployment said that they made. But they were eligible for the PU but then the regular UI took the money for the overpayment from PU. This money from the Pu had nothing to do with the regular UI so why did they take that money for the overpayment and the person does not see where there is a website to appeal.

  22. solenne cruz

    If u take ssi u can fo it?

  23. My SBA loan application finally got approved. I was declined on my very first application before I met him through a referral and he helped out. If you care reach out to him on + 1 2 8 1 — 7 6 8 6 —8 8 0

  24. Leisa Foster

    I filed for PUA 9weeks ago and still haven't received anything in ohio

  25. Ashley Wiseman

    You can contact Erictools on IG if you are facing any difficulty on filing your PUA. Thanks me later

  26. Tassie Wyatt

    I applied for reg UI and after I submittd application..i got a message on the home page of Eservices. I am to call a number to verfify identity and given until the 30th to do so. The phone number provided states a high volume of calls and basically hangs up.??? I cant bypass the message on Eservices to verify online..I am not able to submit my weekly claim ( as instructed to do so while waiting for the application to be approved/denied. im not even sure if my application was submitted.

  27. Martez Winston jr

    What if i working reduced hour can i get pua still i put it in online yesterday how long it takes

  28. Fernando Torres

    I file in June I got one check and then forgot my username and password please help

  29. Veronica Moore

    I am receiving my weekly payments but have not received the lump sum. Has anyone else experienced this

  30. I sent a email to reset my password and they tell me to answer the security questions wich I did and its say that info doesn't match. What can I do? Please and thank you

  31. Boyet Acupan

    I recieve 3 weeks but after i got my RELIA CARD from USBank, it stopped, i tried to withdraw but it found out O balance till today, i wonder why, could you help me.

  32. is there a certain age you have to be i’m 17 and have bills i have to make

  33. TheSalvigirl81

    Can you continue certifying PUA in California if you're working full-time?

  34. Please sign my petition to help Rep Terri Bryant audit IDES to fix delays. Gov Pritzker refuses to cooperate with audit. https://www.change.org/FixIDESnow

  35. Oregon unemployment is a racist bullshit. I call everymorning for PUA last 4mons. What I hear just lies. How come my colleges can get but me?

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