Real Stock Trading for beginners | Trading Terminal | Bid & ask Price Concept in Hindi | Episode-10

Real Stock Trading for beginners | Introduction to Trading Terminal | Bid & ask Price Concept in Hindi. ————————————————————– You are just …


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  1. Jay Kotadiya

    sir where is pdf of this series

  2. Saurabh Kumar

    You are amazing sirβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡

  3. Hello sir can you make a video on Angel Broking. As many of the terms are not present in Buying and selling of share its quite confusing for me. Thanks

  4. Nyc sir..

  5. Thanks sir

  6. Sir isme apni kya kya information Deni padegi???

  7. Durgesh Yadav

    Sor delivery position or long position bta do kya hota hh

  8. samadhani gyan


  9. ronak zalavadiya

    Bhai ❀️❀️❀️

  10. Naresh Munda

    Thank you sir

  11. yash warrior

    Mere paas angel broking hai usme se karu ya appka download karu

  12. Very nice explaination. I was searching for this video for such a long time

  13. Sir ya web side mara phon ma open ni ho rahi plzz help me

  14. Yash Waghmare

    Thank you sir

  15. Zindagi with Anjaana

    What is IOC.

  16. Digital Mathematics

    Nice sir

  17. Trisha Gupta

    Sir … Demat account ke liye .. PAN card ki requirement h …. Wo to nhi h …. Fir kya kare

  18. Makarand Thakare

    Sir, Agr intra day me agr ham pehle sell krte hai aur agr hame square off k baad loss hota hai. Aur abi utne paise hamare bank account me nhi hote to kya hota hai? (Maine abi start kiya h sikhna, don't know much)

  19. Rushikesh Bhosale


  20. Bikash Senapati

    100 trillion time thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  21. Thanks you sir πŸ™πŸ™πŸŽ‰

  22. P R I T E S H

    Sir error aa raha hai buying is restricted in parleind asthis is an illiquid scrip. If you wish to buy enable TOTP on your account and login to place order.

  23. Cory Princeton

    This is a good one sir I really appreciate your help and support with this video,i never knew how to make consistent profit in the online trading market till I met Mr Romero pieto who helped me out by Trading on my behalf and also giving me a proper guidance in my trading sectors.

  24. Really, simple to understand.
    Thank you sir

  25. Pls does anyone has pdf of this I searched it in telegram. Not available

  26. Biswajit Sahoo

    Video is uncleared.

  27. Biswajit Sahoo

    Thank you sir ❀️❀️❀️

  28. This video series is the best I have come across on youtube.
    I wonder why there is no updates in the channel since few months and telegram channel as well is not active.
    Hope everything is well with you!


    Sir how to updates from stockmarket daily news analysis



  31. Shubhrajit chhandogi

    Thank you sir

  32. I believe no one can do it, what u did. God bless youπŸ™

  33. sarang joshi

    thanks sir you videos are very helpfull

  34. Md Shadab Hussain

    Yes very easy way to explain the concept

  35. Charlotte Bingham

    I actually struggled to understand and to forecast the signals in forex. Then I came across Carlos kingston @carlos_1uptrades. He solved the problem to discover the signals which made me to gain profit in forex trading easily. If you wish to trade with him contact him @carlos_1uptrades on instagram

  36. Deepak Singh Chopra

    Thanks Sir 😊

  37. piyush ramnani

    Best tutorials one can find on youtube.

  38. Ranu Chandraker

    Stop loss kya hota hai

  39. Abhay dhuppe

    Sir is there any app for learning virtually?? For the practice.

  40. Sir,
    Fir Jo profit hua hai uska ky hota hai .
    Direct bank mein jata hai or demat acc pe rehta hai ?

  41. masked messiah

    kindly reply to the comment sir.. i have seen most of the comments are not replied.. a course means complete doubt clearance. and as you refer this as a course, its also yours duty to clear my doubt…

  42. masked messiah

    i didnt understand this vdo at all… during start the account balance was 78.41k.. and the stock price of Infosys was around rs.719.. as you bought 10 stocks so the total price should be around 7190.. so 78.41k – 7190 = 71120 i.e 71.12k.. but the balance became 77.84… how this happened.. and why share prices are referred as points… see, am a basic beginner frm non commerce background and i dont undersstand this vdo at all


    Best course bro….hats off……

  44. Briju pandit

    Sir zoom kerdikhaya kijiye dikhae Nahi detahain

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