Received $0 Benefit From Unemployment, Should I File For PUA?

Today I’m responding to a viewer’s question, “I received a $0 benefit from EDD, Should I file for PUA?”
**Please note I am in California. EDD may be different if you are viewing out of state.**

The faster you apply, the sooner you will receive benefits:
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    I live in p.a. as an independent contractor for a company based in v.a. … pa sent me a card with 0$ on it. Should i apply in v.a. as well?

  2. Help, SSDI recipient, and now certifying for PAU, however at end Edd asked if got Doctors release, Didn't know had to, driving a taxi! Is this mandatory to revievey

  3. TheOfficialJustin

    Hi I was finally able to log in UI BUT been waiting over 1 month only to see Big FAT O BALANCE should I apply again I'm confused thanks???

  4. I was self employed and took a loss in 2019 because of material cost but made profit in the first quarter of 2020, should I use the online or the paper forms for PUA Cares Act because the paper forms that’s available on the website has option for alternate base period, meaning first quarter in 2020, so I’d say my business stopped on March 30, 2020. Online version, only asks biz owners for net profit 2019, my business did not producing any money in 2019. However it did in first quarter of 2020 but when the stay at home order hit in March 2020 my cleaning business stopped abruptly because people in my county were sheltering at home. If I put zero down online for net in 2019, would I be rejected?
    I haven’t been able to fine any topic on that dollar amount necessity for the online version question “net profit 2019” for self employed, thanks a bunch.

  5. I didn’t make enough wages for regular UI and got the letter in the mail saying so. How do I apply for pua now? When I go to file for pua it makes me put my last employer which doesn’t let me file for pua what do I do please help me

  6. I need your help. Can u please cal me tomorrow at 562 505 2480. Please please

  7. Shelli Malerba

    What if I didn’t get a denial letter or nothing

  8. California Pandemic Unemployement Law

    So how does someone with a $0 Award file a new claim? Do you log into UI Online with the same email and there should be an option to file a new claim? Or do you need to create a new UI Online account with a different email?

  9. The always beautiful Miss Cecily.

  10. 1:1 One of One

    Please help me. I applied for UI but not for PUA. Will I receive $600 if my UI is approved. I am unemployed due to COVID19

  11. Hey please help me. I’ve got disqualified from unemployment but how do I apply for pua? Cause i heard it’s the same form but it still shows my account there

  12. Speak up girl!…I have my volume at high and I still can't hear you that well…Otherwise thanks for the vid & tips…

  13. Thanks for this video. Yes, I applied before April 28 and got the 0 letter. So I reapplied stating that I was out of work as a direct result of Covid-19 etc. They sent me letter asking me to verify ID so I faxed and mailed everything they asked for etc. Then I did not hear back for the longest time. I tried to call multiple times but never was able to get through to anyone. Fast forward…..finally they responded with another 0 letter indicating that it was because I worked for a non-profit. So I went back and researched to see if perhaps I did something wrong, but I did everything just as prescribed. So now I re-applied a third time (probably a month or so ago) but still have not heard anything back. Meanwhile, I have had zero income for April, May, June and now July as a direct result of Covid. I have former co-workers who received theirs, and others who did not. I have a friend with my exact same job, with the same agency (only in a different city) who received his. Not sure what to do now and have pretty much accepted the fact that I will not be receiving anything. Very frustrating. Any suggestions? Appreciate any feedback.

  14. Juggalette Ninja

    They don't think bout the one's who've had hours cut & can't get unemployment cuz they make more than weekly benefit amount so the ones not working are making more than a person working how fair is that

  15. Thanks lady!

  16. Can someone get Pua, if they only worked only this year, and didnt have a job in 2019

  17. maryjane britt

    I applied on may 11 for my UI and my boyfriend applied for UI a week later and he got his letter. Already and i still havent received nothing at all and i cant contact the EDD so im not sure wat to do

  18. Sammy Umster

    Thank you 🙏 very much u answered my question holy moly

  19. Hi i apply on april.20 but i never received nothing i call them and they said my account has a stuck payment and they set up to.someond to call me but they havent call me tomorrow will be 9 days….do u think should i apply for pua? I hate it when call they said they cant help i dont why those people dont have the access to help people i already wait 4 weeks no pay plus 1 another week waitting for the call this is the 2nd week already been waitting for the call its just not fair

  20. Mundo de los Perfumes

    beutyfull eyes and lips

  21. Alesha Russell

    Hi I filed for pui thinking I wasn't getting no benefits from pui so I filed for pua . Turns out that I am getting pui benfits but I can't cancel my claim for pua what should I do ?

  22. MAD DOG guzman

    I applied for unemployment and got denied but they made me file for self emplyed insurance, had to fill out 6 weeks of back vouchers for 6 weeks, i hope to get 149.00 plus 600.00 pua unemployment thanks for making this vid and for all the info,stay safe healthy, most of all stay blessed !!!

  23. Stress Free Me TV

    They will investigate- your past years of unemployment money- did u spend on accepted items? Drugs and spa visits will get you flagged

  24. I am currently receiving Unemployment benefits. I am receiving the MINIMAL (plus $600). I will only get benefits until mid July. My friend applied for PUA and received $5000 back pay and she will have benefits until December. My question? Can I apply for PUA if I am already receiving Unemployment (I worked for a salary). Thank you in advance.

  25. Juan vergara

    Hi Drive girl. Thank you for the info. I just got approved for the minimum amount for PUA. There is one question when you certify for benefits for the week. Did you work or earn any money should I put yes or no. I have a rental thru the lyft rental program and 90% of the income goes toward the car.

  26. i was able to certify online on 15th but i didn't get any email or notification about approval so am i approved if i was able to certify i am confused can someone answer

  27. elmer hernandez

    I tried to apply for pua after getting a $0 notice but Edd is not letting me apply or do anything it looks like they blocked me

  28. Susan Snickles

    I'm from ga got mine direct deposit on fourlough yahoo

  29. I have applied 15th March i have got letter in the mail nd the card my balance shows lot but I missed my first claim now I can't get through i m trying over the phone nd on line still saying o i appild last week I have never been unemployment first time so finally I got hearing date why so deficult this unemployment.

  30. Thank you very much for taking ur time to share this information to us ❤️

  31. I’m a doordash driver . I do NOT know where I can apply for PUA . Where do I go please help me with the steps someone .. URGENT

  32. Leticia Lizarraga

    I applied for PUA and they approved me with 167 dlls, I am still working partially, but when I certify what I earn per week they tell me that I have excessive earnings, I really don't know what I have to do to qualify since I lost half of my hours of my job i am self employee. I appreciate if you can give me a advice
    Thank you!

  33. So I received my Pua award letter today but when I went online it still says $0 and there’s no weeks to certify. What should I do now

  34. I've been receiving unemployment payments for over 2 months with no problem. I certified by telecert on Sunday as usual and I always get paid the following Monday.
    but here it is Wednesday still no payment ui online sends me in circles, been hitting redial everyday from 8 to noon, have they just stoped paying us?

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