Resident Evil Village: Post-Credits Mystery Solved (SPOILERS)

Spoiler warning!

Resident Evil Village ends with a post-credits scene that although appearing self-explanatory, poses a tantalizing final mystery. Well using the very helpful ‘photomode’ mod by Otis_Inf, we now have an answer, even though it inevitably leads to more questions!

If you’d like to check out the mod for yourself, check out Otis_inf’s Patreon here –

A Resident Evil Village post-credit scene that gives us more information about the aftermath of Ethan Winter’s journey presents even more Resident Evil mysteries. By modding Resident Evil Village, you can now explore the final location to discover a new secret normally hidden.

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  1. Robin De Kesel

    But Ethan was surely decimated by the giant explosion we saw?

  2. Ethan can survive anything with a few of re7 and 8 firstaid

  3. it's possible because rose is the strongest bioweapon ever exist right?
    so if she have connections with megamycete somehow from earlier, she could bring back ethan.

  4. So you didn’t solve the mystery

  5. sebastian mccullough

    So Re9 is gonna be like 20 years in the future or something? All the legacy characters are gonna be like in their 60s now lol

  6. It's also just weird how the figure shows after the car passes. Like you can't see the figure until the line of sight changes.

  7. OSMchills Adventures

    There was a chem fluid nerby the explosion so don’t worry guys

  8. Phong Khanh Pham

    Ethan is immortal

  9. It can be a new protagonist or ethan but the figure is clearing seen wearing a blue hoodie so it can be ethan who's survived the blast and healed himself completely one's again with the help of duke

  10. No one dies in resident evil unless we physically see it…and even then sometimes not lol

  11. Winnie The meth dealer

    Jack Baker could regenerate from just a few cells, what if Ethan did the same but since he's probably weaker it took a long time?

  12. Anu Obelisk/ Age of AVA

    It said at the end “ The father’s story is now complete.”

  13. Ethan was really deadpool all along. Inb4 nick fury recruits Ethan.

  14. Cameron Wiley

    So I'm noticing the brake lights came on when the car stopped in front of Ethan so, it definitely looks intentional.
    0:26 lights off/white
    0:48 lights on/red

  15. Ethan is alive, wow! 😱😮

  16. Kamijou Touma

    maybe duke save him again,?

  17. leviathan's pride

    Ethan and megamycete combine as Ethan is mold and the megamycete would make him a host out of self preservation? Just putting it out there…

  18. What happened to Duke after the final explosion?

  19. 0:50 mann! Ethan's face is so scary

  20. That's just his soul visiting his own grave

  21. its leon

  22. Wasn’t the cave of mold somewhere on the island from the photograph we witnessed Chris locate? What if he was dragged out after the explosion and somehow connected to the cave of Mold, and that’s how he was revived, again?

  23. Snatchy Snansy Wilson Hiyanto

    my theory is that he died by jack baker in re 7 and he is in a mold form,so in the second death of him is now in re8 ending where he detonate the bomb to finish miranda

  24. Two Sinister

    Pretty sure Capcom would get more sales for RE9 if Ethan returns, NOT as the main protagonist but something like Chris in RE8. "The story of the father is done" doesn't necessarily mean he's dead.

  25. dyabmtrk63 official

    Ethan really said: 😳

  26. B e r n a r d o

    Why would they stop the end scene music for a long three seconds and stop the car with the man if it wasn’t important. of course it wasn’t just a random guy on the road

  27. if rose is teenager now.

    that's mean old character like leon, chris, ada, jill, etc. is oldman/woman?

  28. But if Miranda was killed and all the mold was being destroyed with it, seeing as Ethan is made of mold, wouldn’t he get destroyed too?

  29. Well if Ada wong can survive a 4 mile drop and a bullet wound I'm sure our moldy boi can survive that explosion

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