Richest Successful Trades In Rich Adopt Me Trading Server

I joined richest ever adopt me server and got rich adopt me trades. I traded my mega shadow dragon for mega bat dragon and neon frost dragon in adopt me trading please let me know if its a win fair lose


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  1. yousef elgamal

    Done username is Emmet_20013

  2. Gabriel Flogoso

    Plss just one frost 🥺🙏🙏🙏

  3. Gabriel Flogoso

    Please 🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Gabriel Flogoso

    Hi I'm q bigest fan ❤️☺️

    Can u do it ride crow for ur frost dragon only please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    If u do it may user unicorn_youtuber125

    If u do it I give u 30 like in your video please do it 🙏🥺

  5. bakudekubitch

    Your so lucky

  6. peace ✌️

    "I Subscribe and like "
    Also GOOD LUCK!!

  7. Done!
    User: Not_Trisha

  8. Toca Aestetic butterfly

    My username is Zdfruitpunch
    Good luck everyone!

  9. DragonFruit_Playz

    Roxy I got locked out of my account i’m really sad and I’m sad because I can’t enter

  10. Ricardo Contreras

    Hey roxhi I am new to you channel can I have my dream pets it is only a
    Frost dragon and a shadow dragon please I will be happy


  11. Coolhuys6101a pls hope I win

  12. gamerboy🎃

    done user xXrobloxgamerxx1531 the video helped me learn some values

  13. "Donee!"
    "My user is bxbajcne"
    "Good luckk everyone!"
    "Nice videoo roxy"

  14. Hi Roxy can I please offer a neon dalmation if u have one?? 🙂

  15. ruplekha bose

    ''gl everyone <3''

  16. "Done"
    i like your videos and keep up the goodwork!

  17. Sandy_bear🐻🐻


  18. Done! My username is suzankhankhan good luck everyone I hope I win

  19. Donee <3
    Good luck to everyone

  20. Igwaner Plays

    My user is igwanerYT :)) you’re my idol

  21. Clarisse Rosaldes

    User lesley4501
    I hope i win bc thats my dp!!
    Goodluck to everyone^^

  22. Simaran Bajaj

    “my username is Navik_OP”
    “i wanna win cause I don't have more robux and my frnds tease me so I'm alone :(”
    “i hope I'll win”
    “best of luck everyone 🤞”

  23. "Done"
    "Goodluck everyone"

  24. Khang Nguyen

    user Jackfunneh1234
    I wish i win it my dp

  25. joining giveaway !! Username is smile_cringe
    i love all ur vids, goodluck every one 🙂 <3

  26. Kendall Lundeen


  27. "Doneee"
    "My user is rubysiovexo"
    "Good luck everyone!!!"
    "I really hope that I win"
    "I love ur videos Roxy!!"

  28. SimplyCupcake

    Done! Gl! Username queencupcake631268

  29. Done!
    My Username Is ItsJrcs
    Good luck everyone
    I love your videos sm roxhi💕

  30. "Done"

    Username: lpslook

    I love your vids roxy!

  31. Shalliney Elida Oliva

    Doneeee!!! Me my username is Shalliney_Playz

  32. Pure Vanilla Cookie

    Trade list
    4 Snow owl (ALL normal)
    2 octopus (the two are normal)
    Ride Snake
    Ocean egg
    T-rex (normal)
    I dont have so many pets, but that's all mt pets if you got an offer pls Reply 😀

  33. granny vickers

    Your voice gets right on my nerves wow. You Don't even no values at all

  34. "Me"
    Im sorry im late and goodluck to everyone in this giveaway i hope u guys have a nice day
    "User" : 13k_dreamasthetic

  35. "Done!"
    My user is iiLegendYTii
    Good luck everyone:)

  36. Done! My user is cupcakejr10293847. Good luck I. I love ur videos

  37. "Done"
    I realy want to grow my inventory to be like you roxy !

  38. What for my mega no pot shadow ? User : Iconic_Altii.

  39. BumpkinPlays

    Nice. Also trading no potion monkey king 🥸

  40. ❄️ Roblox User: Alice_Minecraft361 ❄️

    « done »
    « Alice_Minecraft361 »
    Good luck!
    Lysm Roxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Can you plss give me a unicorns 5

  42. Can you give me a unicorn I love unicorns 5

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