Ripple XRP: No One Can STOP This RIPPLE Effect! (MOON No Doubt!)

Ripple XRP: No One Can STOP This RIPPLE Effect! XRP News Today, XRP Price Prediction

XRP is the only crypto that will likely make it to the moon, aside from Doge, thanks to Elon Musk’s backing. But crypto as influential as XRP doesn’t need the backing of an influential billionaire like Musk. All you have to do is check it out, and soon you will be an XRP fan. Today I have some excellent news for you regarding XRP and Ripple that I’m sure will turn heads like never before. So, stick around to the end as we break down what’s current and relevant in the crypto market.


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  1. 🚫 Please be aware of scammer accounts who talking about bitcoin and investing, fake accounts taking our pic and acting like us in the comment section! We NEVER ask for money or coin from you via WhatsApp or Telegram. 🚫

  2. Alisha Daniel

    The world is becoming more digital and crypto is the future of the world that's why it good to invest in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise in the market value of some coins in the market

  3. Hesar Koraer

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    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracing….BE WISE

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  10. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  11. Content is good, like short bread, nice texture, sweet and crispy and leaves you wanting more..

  12. Fritz Riesinger

    What’s everyone’s price predictions on xrp as I’ve heard it wouldn’t break $100 just curious what the xrp family thinks


  14. Rumen Raykov

    When I bought 100k XRP last October for 0.24/0.26, my wife was going crazy for over a month. That bitch now is more quiet than ever been. 😀😂

  15. Brian Hickman

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  19. Jaywant Beloshe

    After Sec lawsuit settlement xrp gones to moon

  20. When buy again xrp

  21. Crescendo como Investidor

    Xrp $ 589


    No related base news? Just opinion? Really?

  23. Ray Zin Cain

    You are only speaking to correlate with the Halvings of the past and are not taking into consideration the adoption of XRP after the SEC lawsuit is over. XRP is much more about worldwide adoption which will drive the price of it to heights unheard of.

  24. Why is there a pic of that peasant Biden? Are you trying to put people off?

  25. Xrp forever!!!!!!

  26. Elon let out a tweet to go to sea with a new car.

  27. Rojhat Polat

    Only a year ago, BTC was worth 9k.

  28. I would like to learn to trade and to recognize when these falls will happen 😫

  29. Futbol İkizleri

    Comrades, try the Appentraq indicator, it works great on all time frames and is great for daily trading.

  30. there are so many Africans that have btc and what the SEC is doing is being perceived as racism/ oppression of Africa, SEC is simply fuelling the growing Hatred of the USA from all of us living on the African continent. Does the SEC care or is the plan to fuck the Africans in Africa even harder than before. so tired of the USA and its racist leaders.

  31. Daniel Dickson

    Already holding them for 2 months

  32. Leanne Hutchinson

    I totally agree with you.👍

  33. Jermain Leysner

    Xrp scam of al scams

  34. To be frank, anyone who thinks its an either or between BTC and XRP is an idiot. They are two completely different things, solving different problems. And since the whole market is correlated over 90% to Bitcoin, you wouldnt want Bitcoin to tank, cause it will tank all the coins, including XRP. Bitcoin IS crypto. At least for now

  35. A bit Bias, alt coins are influenced by BTC, xrp is slumber now. SEC basically want to set example.

  36. Don't wait until it happens!

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  38. The Justice Department said it "inadvertently" altered documents that it submitted to a federal court as part of its ongoing effort to dismiss the criminal case against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

    So it's not far-fetched!

  39. Pirate Smurf

    America is Under a Two Party Dictatorship 🇺🇲

  40. Dawson Trask

    Honestly think the whole case is theatrics so all of the rich can get set up in xrp but I don’t think they’ll alter docs but who knows

  41. Sec is stalling so the people they protect can buy in at small amounts. Proof is in the process. If sec had them buy the balls they would be shut down. Don't be scared if you hold xrp. When there's no more to buy our prices will rise, when sec case gets thrown out it will blow up.

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