Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin CRASH – Why 97% of People will LOSE Money *NEW*

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Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin Prediction, WHY you need to be holding bitcoin and what would cause the Bitcoin price to crash (when to sell). Rich Dad Bitcoin and Rich Dad Bitcoin prediction for 2021. Keep in mind, despite his age, Rob is a Gold, Silver and Bitcoin bull. Great to see! 🚀🌕

Yesterday, former President of the United Sates Donald Trump on Fox News spoke on Bitcoin, calling it a scam and for higher regulation.

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In this video, Robert Kiyosaki aka Rich Dad, who is funnily enough good friends with Donald Trump however with entirely different viewpoints, speaks on the recent Bitcoin price action and why the LARGE MAJORITY of people will LOSE MONEY in this market.

Kiyosaki, who you may know as Rich Dad, explains why you need to be holding Bitcoin. Kiyosaki is an interesting figure head as unlike a lot of the older investors such as Buffett, Charlie Munger or Bill Gates, Kiyosaki has held a long time bull thesis on Bitcoin. In the second half of the video however, Kiyosaki flips the script and outlines why you would SELL your Bitcoin, what circumstances would have to unfold for Bitcoin to CRASH.

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  1. Same guy that said 2 week's ago BTC going to 500K. After it starts going down he says the complete opposite. He is clueless

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  3. I have heard alot about forex and bitcoin watched multiple video but always get confused 😕

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  8. You can't fight poverty by just printing more fiat into the circulation. If you mean well for the people, embrace a transparent financial system.

  9. There is only one thing Trump is right about…that Crypto currencies are a scam. As for whether the $US should be the ONLY legit currency, not if China has a say in this. I find human's perpetual desire to get rich, in the shortest possible time, without actually doing the hard yard, quite disturbing. Perhaps that is what greed is?

    Buying into shares means you are taking part in an enterprise that actually generate something tangible such as housing, minerals to build things, or even to sustain lives such as healthcare. Crypto currencies doing none of that. It is like a dog chasing its tail. The more repetitions it go around, the more value it gains. So a currency becomes a wealth generator in itself. It is like a magic pudding that grows by itself.

    I suspect that one day, it will come down with a huge crash. $650 billions of the values turned to, well, nothing because there is actually nothing in the first place. Technology is great as it makes the world a much better place to live in. I doubt this coin mining caper has generates anything tangible except a lot of paper wealth, and a lot of people who believed that they are very rich.

  10. Whatever Trump wants the deep state do the opposite.
    Big Trump fan but pushing the 666 Jab and actually canning BTC would be enough to lose my support. PS he won the election 100% you will see from the audits if you don't already know.

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  12. The Bitcoin Blockchain argument is sound. But the price argument is not. Based on this argument why would anyone buy when it is high? Or ever? It’s easy to say now that Bitcoin was high at $60k, but at the time who knew whether it would go up or down? At the moment you can buy twice as much for the same price. Maybe in 4 weeks you can buy twice as much again. Or half.

  13. To those who says.. trump is dumb.. btc is competing to gold, not dollar.. well the world used to transact thru gold.. then dollar got its initial preserved value as it used to peg to gold as gold is rather hard to lugged around before its detachment. So now btc comes around and not only replacing gold as stored value but being used as transaction. That in itself will compete dollar directly. Gone will the petrodollar be.

    So stop the idiocy of "oh btc is competing with gold, not dollar". Just like this video narrating.. folks who lose are the one who knows zero about the technology and purpose of bitcoin existance.

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  15. I hope bitcoin drops to 1k so I can buy lots!!!! Seriously, I'd borrow money against other assets to buy a bunch. Bitcoin has crashed and recovered time and time again.

  16. Trump just doesn't understand Bitcoin, people need to think of Bitcoin as an asset not a currency. When you buy something with bitcoin you are just trading an asset.


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  19. Wow this video is really awesome
    Most interesting thing is that bitcoin represents legion of adventures and entrepreneur most especially risk taking, investors and problems solver

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  24. Time will tell if this ages we'll but Bitcoin has already started a reversal… there may not be anything that any politician can do about what is about to transpire….even Donald Trump.

  25. Bitcoin was NOT designed to have a fiat value placed on it. People need to stop doing that because there's no fixed exchange rate between fiat currencies which is why the prices are up and down. It will NEVER crash in value because it has a PERMANENTLY FIXED SUPPLY of coins and most importantly, it's NOT ran by any 3rd party such as a bank or govenment that can "jack up" their accounting ledgers in their favor which is what the fractional reserve banking has been doing repeatedly for the last 50 years. I can guarantee you that if we all was to do what's called a "bank run", the banks could NOT do it because their books are cooked and they don't have enough cash in their vaults. Trump would have been the only guy I would have voted for and he just now lost my vote. I will never vote for anyone ever again.

  26. Your whole premise is wrong, Bitcoin is not a currency it's an asset, against gold, and the banks, but not the dollar. Invest, hodl and live off your Bitcoin. Don't sell it, get loans off it to live from.

  27. I’ll never subscribe to this flavor of the day channel ! This is a remix of highlights to make Jamie tree seem like he has real substance on this FUD channel !

  28. Why the majority (97%) of Bitcoin holders will lose money…Duh…It’s a Ponzi Scheme! Who makes money in a Ponzi Scheme? The people who started it in the beginning, and the “associates” (a.k.a. dummies), make the founders rich, and bail out too late to lock in their losses. As far as the “I never sell theory”, we’ll if you never sell, then you really only have riches on paper 📝. Eventually you need to sell, and convert those paper riches into solid assets, such as Gold, Silver, and the like.

  29. Last year was a good year Everyday we see improvement in trading. Glad I invested right! I have made more than I expected. Its 2021 let's make more money .

  30. Who cares what Trump says? Think about it… everything he says and does is for his personal gain, talking on FOX … it sounds good to his base to pump the dollar. And he’s so obsessed with his election lie he doesn’t pay attention to crypto anyway.

  31. Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life was hard for me until I started trading bitcoin and am now earning $ 18,435 per week