Second Stimulus Check Update & Daily News Report Friday Jan 8

Second Stimulus Check Update and stimulus package update and stimulus check 2 update and daily news today as of Friday, January 8th.

We cover the second stimulus check and the stimulus update. The stimulus package passed under the Trump Administration in March of 2020 was the HEROES Act. We discuss the stimulus check, the second stimulus check, stimulus unemployment, the SBA PPP Loan, and the EIDL loan. Please enjoy this second stimulus check update.

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We cover the stimulus check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act. We’re also covering the HEROES Act. We cover the CARES Act unemployment and give you the best piece of news during these days with our daily news updates. We hope this helps you secure your stimulus check and check the status of your stimulus check money! This stimulus package was made to help offset unemployment and support small business owners. Also, the HEROES Act is to support essential workers.

Please check out the video library we have containing information about small business forgivable loans (the PPP loan) with the small business administration and the EDL loan (the EIDL loan) and the Paycheck Protection Program loan (PPP) administered by the SBA. These are forgivable loans created by the stimulus bill that are available now. Please stayed tuned about updates on the unemployment rate, taxes, and the stimulus loan money in Stimulus Package 4 for the CARES Act Stimulus. We hope you enjoy this stimulus update. And we hope this helps you answer questions about the second stimulus and the second stimulus check and clarifies questions regarding the stimulus check second round and second stimulus payments and questions about will there be a second stimulus check.

Some good questions people are asking is when will the Senate vote on the next stimulus package and also when will the Second Round of stimulus checks approved happen? We’ll find out for the stimulus check 2 and 2nd stimulus check update. Thank you for joining this daily show and daily wire and the stimulus, stimulus payments, stimulus unemployment, and the second stimulus check amount, and more! We hope you enjoy these second stimulus checks update about the stimulus 2 and stimulus package 2 and stimulus checks 2!

Thank you for joining this stimulus bill update and stimulus news. Stayed tuned for the stimulus check 2 date! We’ll look forward to a possible third stimulus check and stimulus check 3. We will update you on the HEALS Act and the CARES Act 2.0 or CARES Act 2 and the HEROES Act 2.0. We hope you enjoy these stimulus check updates regarding the stimulus check 2 status and the stimulus check second. We also look at the executive orders that were recently issued.

Thank you for joining our news today live and news today usa in today’s video!

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  1. Melissa Medina

    I was part of the Turbo Tax issue and I just got my stimulus DD in my capital one bank account an hour ago today.

  2. Trish Jacobs

    I use JH…IRS tool said mine was mailed out on the 6th & I still haven't got it …Im still waiting & loosing hope at da same …NC

  3. If I didn't work can I still get my $600 stimulus rebate??

  4. Alberto Martinez

    My check was mailed on the 6th and got it today the 19th at 830am in Chicago, IL


    Too many Joy in my heart because HACKER_HAXX on Instagram and his team makes me smile with bunch of successful stimulus. Thanks once again


    Too many Joy in my heart because HACKER_HAXX on Instagram and his team makes me smile with bunch of successful stimulus. Thanks once again

  7. I havnt got mine

  8. I filed with TaxAct and still haven’t received the second check. I got the first one right on time. Idk what happened to the second one.

  9. WELL JACKSON HEWITT SCREWED US OVER THEIR CUSTOMERS DIDN’T GET A EMAIL !!!THEY WAITED UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE TO INFORM US!!! IRS ISSUED THE REFUNDS TO A CLOSED ACCOUNT SO INSTEAD OF DISBURSEMENT THEY SENT IT BACK TO THE IRS!!!..Having to wait until February 1 to either receive the stimulus or we must file on our personal tax return… I was a longtime customer but never again…. I’ll be taking my services elsewhere😡

  10. Becky Bassey

    Yeah, I'm satisfied with the sėrvice of Sliverhackz on ig am blessed to have met hīm

  11. BRIAN, WHAT IF I DIDNT WORK IN 2020 and don’t file taxes how can I file for my stimulus?!?!!

  12. No one doės it better than SLIVERHACKZ on !nsta,he’s the bėst of all

  13. Too many joy in my heart because SLIVERHACKZ on 1G and his team make me smile with bunch of successful stimulus, thanks once ågain

  14. JAzmin Richards

    Can you see about the child support payments that we’re taken from the first stimulus check??? Like I’m still waiting on that. LETS TOUCH BASIS WITH THAT.

  15. SLIVERHACKZ on łG thanks you for being 1000% correct regarding the entire stimulus check. Thank you for all your assistance.

  16. Whitney Morgan

    Do you have any insight on what they will do about people with PUA that ended dec 26th how will we claim benefits since the cases have closed

  17. Dragon Warrior

    Never knew, it’s just triaI that’s needed I’m glad I got my chėck with Sliverhackz on iG

  18. He slammed the paper and I had to look at the screen like what what happened.

  19. Still waiting I didn’t use anything but direct deposit wtf

  20. Alicia Clagon

    I need your help I watch u every single day. My check went to the wrong account. It got sent back to the irs what do I do

  21. Mary Goetsch

    Seems all Dirty Donny cares about is losing his job does not care about Coronavirus deaths! So count Donny's losing the Presidency as another job loss!

  22. Mary Goetsch

    Thanks for you updates always very informative and accurate.

  23. Mary Goetsch

    Trump has to go!

  24. Mike Passantino

    I didn’t get an email from turbo tax about the Jan 8th stuff. I’ve seen a screenshot of the email. But never received one. Which makes me worry more I’m not getting it. I’ve been waiting since the 29th and I’m broke. I did use TurboTax and I did have the fees come out of the return. Will I still be receiving a stimulus if I didn’t get that specific email? Or am I SOL

  25. I still don’t have my money

  26. Mother Honey

    Mine says scheduled to be mailed the 6th got it through turbo last time nothing in the mail yet I'm hoping for tomorrow 🤷🏾‍♀🙏🏾

  27. Zuckerberg is a shady character..

  28. rpsportstraining program

    Can you do a video on how King Trump and his cronies got all of the PPP monies?

  29. Stacey Pagan

    I'm guessing if you didn't file 2019 taxes they're taking our stimulus money

  30. Gino Turrella

    Hey Donald Trump you'll get a stimulus check in January 21st. it'll give you a little extra money to buy something you really need. We all know Don you are want to be Americanized Adolf Hitler. Your wife went along with you just like Eva Braun. Your demagoguery has come to an end. Your dictatorial ambitions are all for not. Democracy has won. Now Don take you and your wife and go to your proverbial bunker like Hitler did. Once there do all of us American people a big favor 😃

  31. I actually lost two automobiles to Reba sessions waiting on this money the government is amazing they funny as hell

  32. Charles Hoffman

    This riot was not called for and other means should have been used. It was partial do to voting scam but was the majority of people who are totally against our leaders and their scam of the ameeican people. All political fiqures are to blame because they put themselves first and their pocketbook. Let them eat cake.. This is just the start of a massive revolution against our poor leadership. Pelosi, Schumer and McDonnell are just as much to blame but they point finger elsewheres and not at themselves.

  33. How about liberty tax service

  34. Lloyd Hoffman

    Professional Attitude

  35. Lloyd Hoffman

    Stop having a attitude, after reading the paper, slamming down !!!

  36. Alpheus Joseph

    Goodmorning the IRS will direct deposit my second stimulant checks in which I received my $600.00 down payment and the more the delay on the second one President Biden will execute a $2,000.00 check and unemployment of 600.00 plus will be into action and my 600.00 went on bills I'm broke I need my $2,000.00 to eat and buy foods

  37. margaret howard

    What is happen to parler could happen to walmart or anybody what ever happen to free market.

  38. I used nether and still have not received mines.

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