Self-Employed Unemployment: EDD Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program PUA (Stimulus Package)

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program (PUA) the new unemployment benefits that are available for individuals who are self employed / independent contractors through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program (PUA). This program is part of the CARES acts passed by congress. The PUA will provide unemployed self employed individuals with a minimum of $167 per week with an additional $600 for a limited period of time. The Unemployment Insurance benefit is just a small part of the overall stimulus package along with the PPP , EIDL and that is meant to bring the economy back to life . Normally Unemployment does not provide benefits for people who are self employed or individuals who file taxes with a form 1099. Under the new PUA program independent contractors will be eligible for UI benefits for a limited period of time. In order to file for the PUA program you must do the application through the EDD website UI Online. With this website self employed people can file for the normal Unemployment Insurance benefits as well as the new PUA benefits. Additionally if you are uncertain about which program you should apply for it is recommended by EDD to apply through the UI Online portal and EDD will sort out which program is best for your situation.

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  1. It doesn't work

  2. jamie mccann

    help. I tried to file for the PUA and was stopped at the net income question. I only worked c15 hrs a week @18.00 per. it won't accept this amount. Why?

  3. BigMoney Juice

    I applied I was approved

  4. This makes it more confusing. I was laid off because of covid. I have had a terribl experience with EDD in the past- No accountability on their end for over payment which lead to them to taking my tax return and owing interest. RIght now it says "false penalty". I am not self employed and my union rep pushed EDD on me. My understand PUA is not just for self employed, its for those that have lost their job to covid. Please be clear….Because right not I am unfairly dealing with false penalty. Please hold EDD acountable I have follows instructions on line prior to this and look where I am at…

  5. Andrew Bibay

    I was accepted into the program. Grateful I was able to get into it quickly as I applied the first day and super early. Is it normal that one week remain stuck in pending ? All the other weeks were approved , but there’s one stubborn on in my claim that has been pending for a while.

  6. The Sevilla Show Everyone

    Would I still be eligible for benifiets if I barely started my self employment on February 3 of 2020 and it ended due to Covid-19 on March 28, 2020. I didn't work in 2019 at all. Would i still be eligible?

  7. I’m getting unemployment benefits and now I get approved for ppp loans 6k. If I take the ppp is it gonna stop my unemployment income?

  8. I made only 300 usd as self employed in 2019. I put only 300 net income for 2019 in my PUA application..I want to know whether I will qualify for PUA due to low income in 2019. I am from California. I didn’t have any wages from W2. I am self employed..please suggest me.

  9. what is the turnaround time for this? knowing EDD, it will probably takes at least 3 weeks for them to touch your claim.

  10. Chau hong Lam

    Is there a minimum earning requirement for the PUA qualification? I am getting denied in MD, the automated response states, "You do not have sufficient wages in your base period to qualify for a claim." I am a part time Manicurist, unable to work since March in Maryland. Thanks

  11. Can someone answer my question?
    If somebody is currently getting wages from w2 as a part time 15 hours a week , and used to drive for uber/lyft for 25 hours a week but had to quit due to covid-19 ,, will he/she be eligible for any benefit? Pua or regular ui? Help pls , thanks

  12. Michael Esterline

    i exhausted my 26 weeks of benefits and its not giving me any option to apply for the 13 week extension HELP!! please🙏 California

  13. If I had traditional unemployment with my other job but I exhausted my benefits and I had a gig job b4 the virus got out of control would I still be able to get the pua

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