Shaquille O'Neal's Credit Card was Declined at Walmart

James asks Shaquille O’Neal how a man with his credit has his card declined at Walmart, and Shaq explains that a $70,000 bill to fill his new apartment raises flags with credit card companies.

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  1. But I thought mr.beast had the highest amount of things purchased in walmart

  2. American Express don't care who you are! You better clear a large purchase with them first or they on yo ass!

  3. I seen you on Kimmel 5/17/21, talking about the trophy and Dwane's trailer home, I can't wait until tomorrow when Kimmel breaks his balls. Love ya

  4. Let me know where Dwayne lives and I'll go get the trophy he owes you and if you want you can get me a car so I can get my chemo treatments and bring the trophy to the place of your choosing. I'm nearly dead serious, and probably will be soon if I have to keep taking the bus 30 miles each way to the veterans hospital for the chemotherapy treatments. I know that you won't even read this or do anything for me but I seriously would go get trophy for you. P.S. Your one of the funniest comedic actors out there, especially in the Adam Sandler movies, you have me rolling on the floor, snot out my nose, your truly hysterical and I hope that you do something again soon. Love you big guy, Johnny from Long Island.

  5. Shaq: I have the biggest purchase in Walmart history of $70000
    MrBeast: I do this on a daily basis

  6. Imagine its 3:50 am ur trying to get home in time for 4:20. U r buying stuff at walmart. There is only 1 line open cuz its that late. You are like ok only 1 person in front of me. And its Shaq buying $70,000 worth of stuff.

  7. Hilarious video, tfs! Greetings!
    🙏Jesus Christ Saves 🙏1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV

  8. Bro I spent 150 dollars at Target once and I spent weeks regretting it 😂

  9. Dude !
    Wal Mart for appliances…tv’s….printers….!?
    Low-end items for a guy with a fortune ? WTF

  10. People who only make 70k a year after watching Shaw call them broke👁👄👁

  11. Please help me, my brother is a huge Shaquille O'Neal fan, I would like to gift him the shirt Shaqu wears in the video, but can not find it online. If you read this and would help me that would be incredibly nice, feel pressed and love from Germany! <3

  12. They couldn't tell who he was lol,that's not good. I don't see much of him and even I would know who he was,if I saw him in person.

  13. Am I the only one wondering how many shopping carts it took to hold all the stuff he bought?

  14. Lmfao 😂😂😂 Dr O'Neill is a trip I wish he could help me out with my seizure problem