SHOCKING! 4th Stimulus Check Update | Social Security Money | Infrastructure & Eviction Crisis

SHOCKING! Welcome to your 4th stimulus check update, new stimulus package & infrastructure update, and daily news report for Sunday July 18th…

New $500 Checks:

Exciting NEWS – July 16th:

The Wait Is Over:

Payments Sent TODAY!

Deal Made By Senate:


Major News & Stimulus Update:

Details Of $3,600 Child Tax Credits:​​​​​​​​…

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My name is Adam Snyder and here on YouTube we cover business as well as finance and stimulus. I do my best to provide you with all the newest stimulus updates and stimulus package news. If you want to stay updated on all things stimulus, then you need to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE right now!

Many people ask me about when a fourth stimulus check will be approved, how much will I get in a 4th stimulus check, will I qualify for the additional unemployment stimulus, will the 4th stimulus check include me if I am on social security, are there any rental assistance programs for me where I live, and so much more. I love getting your questions and I love answering them as well in order to help you out as much as possible. When you provide a question in the comment section about new stimulus package negotiations or stimulus check 4, then it provides me with content that I can create the following day. So thank you for all that you do as well.

If you didn’t come here and enjoy these fourth stimulus check update videos and stimulus package updates then I would not do them as much as I do. I want to help out my community as much as possible and if I need to do hours and hours of research to make this happen, then that is exactly what I will do.

Whether there is a $1,400 stimulus check coming or a possible $2,000 stimulus check, I will keep you updated on everything that you need to know. I want to make sure you know what is going on with new stimulus proposals as well as President Biden’s stimulus demands and more. If you have a question about the next round of stimulus, then ask here.

Whether there is a new 4th stimulus package being negotiated or not doesn’t matter. I will bring you more updates on the Cares Act, Heroes Act, Heals Act, or any new stimulus proposals that Congress wants to put in front of us. I am here to help you understand what is happening between Congress and how these stimulus bills may affect you. Stimulus payments or not, I am still going to keep you updated on all stimulus news…

Thank you for joining me on these stimulus bill updates and fourth stimulus check videos. If there is ever anything that I can help you with regarding stimulus or how to increase your wealth, then feel free to comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

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  1. Jacqueline carter

    Thank you for being honest!! Cause the rest of these utubers are flat out lying, saying there is a stimulus check in this bill 🤬!! Thank you

  2. Norma Farmer

    No that is not right

  3. Norma Farmer

    I no that don't like SSI people

  4. eitc is based on low income where it is refundable, ctc the way they are doing it is they raised it and made it wholely refundable…eitc is based on a income bracket, whereas ctc is based on the amount of children you have…at 75/150k you don't get eitc…but a stimulus check you would…at 75/150k the ctc first goes against what you owe and then some becomes refundable at the end (used to be at 3 children it became refundable, however now it is refundable at any income etc)(also ctc used to be 2k per child and now is 3k/3600 depending on age..) (eitc used to be only for 3 up to 3 children will be interesting if they make changes to this)

  5. You'd known how bad people need the help on SSI SSDI and vets. It's rough living on an I fixed income.. you'd have to Budget everything you get. When the last time you'd could go buy something new. Or go out to eat. Inflation

  6. Patricia Pat

    Why do the p with jobs getting money for there kids one day provided all these years these working people provided food on a table for their children and now us seniors or senior citizens don't get a stimulus check we don't ask for stimulus check every month we just went off with students check the bottom stuff and we're not getting it because the working parents are getting money for their children and it's not right because they provide food for the children all this time right now they have to get that money why now I will never get it.

  7. They can all go pound 🧂

  8. I don’t get it I thought you said you can almost guarantee we would see a direct stimulus check in the future now it’s not going to happen at all

  9. James Earnest

    It’s hard to believe anything

  10. James Earnest

    Its hard to believe anything

  11. Sammy Prestwood

    They'll send a forth stimulus check when they start murdering people with another strain of covid and there's another strain coming it's already moving through California anyone can check this out it's not just China that did it they're all in on it

  12. Delana Murrell

    Want to see someone commit suicide online California Franchise Tax Board are murderers

  13. I heard a landlord say that the money will come late so the tenant will still have to go and it's double money when a new tenant moves in because he will also have that late check.

  14. Greedy rich clueless lawmakers

  15. Pretty sick of these clueless lawmakers

  16. California Unemployment

    If you haven’t been dealing with Darrinthomas1 on telegram y’all missing a lot he’s the greatest of all time 💯

  17. Mebane Cheek

    So now their going back on the bill just passed wow . this why we need kick all out office an start from scratch with our whole government's bs

  18. They can take that Check and stick it up their ass Liar F all of them


    Where is my 3rd Stimulus check for $1400 Its freaking July 2021 all ready not A Happy Camper Sincerely me Huntington NY

  20. Robert Hayes

    When are we getting a 1400 stimulus check in July and when are we getting a 200 raise in social security income I live on 794 dollars a month because of my heart disease and lung disease and irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis I only get 134 dollats in foodstamps I am 3 times below poverty level Robert hayes Denton texas

  21. Glass houses?

  22. Robert Murdock

    The neoconservatives claim there are jobs out there but what kind of jobs are we talking about no minimum wage no worker protection,no health insurance The corporatists of both parties are only interested in the profits not workers rights or a living wage or health care

  23. Robert Murdock

    The corporate Democratic Party has betrayed every issue they ran on no 2000 checks ,no minimum wage increase,no single payer health care just money for Wall Street and corporations Yes there is a reason they will be totally.defeated in the midterms and they will cry when the people throw them out again

  24. Iantha Swingler

    I just listen to the news the president say he not giving anything!

  25. Kathreen West

    Congress need to get busy. Unemployment shouldn't be going up. If folks are saying the Economic situation is quote better evidently it's not

  26. There is an idiot in the comments whos name is "having a great life" who just gonna crap on anyone who for the stimulus check. I dont personally need one but to you my friend i say stfu and how bout stop being a bully .



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