Should I Reapply For PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance)? Details Of The PUA Extension?

***If you have worked a W-2 job while collecting, you might need to reapply for regular unemployment!

In this video, I talk about:

Details about the PUA extensions?
If you have been on PUA, should you reapply?

A new bill was signed and the PUA program has now been extended until Sept 4, 2021.

Also claimants will also receive an extra $300 boost on top of receiving the state benefit amount.
I have been getting this question a lot if you have been collecting PUA, do you need to reapply?

Unless you have been told specifically by your state, do not apply unless your state specifically tells you to. The states are currently waiting on guidance from the federal government so that they can program the unemployment software based on the new laws…the sooner the states can get this information, the sooner they can program their systems.

This channel will discuss everything regarding unemployment benefits. I will do my best to give you the latest unemployment updates and changes and I will do my best to keep the viewers informed of all of the changes regarding: regular Unemployment Compensation, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), Extended Benefits (EB), and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) as well as Lost Wages Assistance (LWA).

I have done a ton of research on Unemployment benefits (because my family is on unemployment!) and see all of the questions that people have on Facebook and wanted a place for people to go to get their questions answered.
If you have any questions, please post them below this video and I will do my best to answer them!

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ LEGAL DISCLAIMER ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️

⭕ The information on all videos of this channel is for entertainment purposes only and cannot be considered legal, tax or professional advice, financial advice, or other.

I will do my best to give the most recent information. Please see YOUR states unemployment page to get the most up to date information.


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  1. Do you know if Michigan wants proof of income for someone who received it in 2020 and 21, but doesnt seek extra money per week with proof of income?

  2. Derrick Moon

    Do we have to reapply for pua after we had to reapply for the BYE unemployment .

  3. brianna velez

    I’m frustrated, I claimed last week Sunday and they said pua doesn’t need to reapply, but then my payment history disappeared and now they’re saying I have no claim on file. But can’t get through to anyone on DOLs phone lines, absolutely frustrating

  4. Witchy Crafter

    I sent my proof of income 3/18 and it still says pending. I called they said yes they received it. I don’t see any movement on my page. I’m in Ohio and there is no answers to what’s taking so long.

  5. margaret bradley

    i am on pua but my state ask me to refile when my benefit year ended

  6. marie Krekora

    PUA is a nightmare I’ve been without benefits for a year

  7. The government was approved the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance when you applied last year, you spent all the money. Now the government asked you for a proof of employment.

    The people that received and spent all those money they had been jobless for years and no way of paying back all the money. The government must forgive them and not prosecute them.

  8. Robert Marino

    Isn't any body reading u dont have to reapply how many times u have to tell these people

  9. Hey Kim thanks so much. I’m in PA on PUA my claim runs out 2nd week in April despite me just starting the end of November. I hope they hurry and not go through the anxiety of the previous extension.

  10. Tobais Whale

    The benefits is with carmachael007 on Îñstagram he can help you pua your unemployment update with the better condition of the state increasement

  11. Tobais Whale

    The benefits is with carmachael007 on Îñstagram he can help you pua your unemployment update with the better condition of the state increasement

  12. Tobais Whale

    The benefits is with carmachael007 on Îñstagram he can help you pua your unemployment update with the better condition of the state increasement

  13. Kay Squad videos

    It says disqualified when I try to do my weekly claim? It says my benefits are exhausted

  14. Hi Kim, the PUA benefits are exhausted in 2 weeks, will there be more money added to extend to September?

  15. Hello. In mi. Have to verify identity but they told me the mailed a 6347 form that I don’t have. Been watching the mail.. sent them several images of social and Id aside my face. What do I do

  16. Its back up automatically 👍

  17. Virginia Faulkner

    Call UPA they will tell you

  18. This Sunday 3/21/21 I claim and didn’t receive 300

  19. Monique Rodarte

    Yes this was helpful thank you

  20. Hi, I was just able to continue to file for PUA in PA and it looks like the state reloaded my account for somewhere around $5,000 but that wouldn't last until Sep. What will happen when the five thousand runs out. The amount should be around 10,000 to last until September. I'm confused.Whats going on? Any clarity that you could provide would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  21. Minnesota is doing a Reapply and wait for info ….

  22. Jennifer Silva

    My payment is halted what do I do this is the 2nd week and it said (pending issue halt) idk what’s going on

  23. Giovanni Simms

    hey mrs kim uopdate pua in pa is updating and process the american rescue plan many clams will process on 3/23/21 and other are requiring additional programming so they are still updating this ptomblem i had earlyier today I checked my unemployment pua it was updated showing the new amount. i did not mean to click file weekly and it always would tell me you already filed for that week and it like put me back to exhausted benefits i know they are still updating and they adding the extensions and im nervous and scared My filed claim for 3/21/21 was there when it got changed to processing from disqualified and all the old certification that i filed disappeared except one it said #59 which was there processing which was the week of 3/21/21 and it said my benfite year ended and said sum about exhsusted

    benefit year ended but thats wrong cause its updated in the system to 9/4/21

    But then put me back all my weeks are here and it's prompted me back to file a weekly certification

    I'm confused and scared if i should file it again or wait i was told to wait by this lady on facebook and a youtuber mr steve ram said dont worry they are updating there system
    what do you think i should do or any body else in Pua In PA i was going to wait untill they update my acciount and my filied week for 3/21/21 comes up again i hope. I hope everyones account gets updated im staying in the faith of the lord and praying for you all God bless


  24. Thanks so much for the content!! I'm in PA and my claim was updated today (extension funds added). Unfortunately I now have an open issue on my claim that says "ip investigation case special project scheme system". Not sure why. Trying to find out if anyone else has this issue. Sent an email to pua today. Tried calling a bunch of times but never got through. Thanks for any info or advice. Following…

  25. Michelle Butler

    Oh sorry I miss you I'm late but I still here not live

  26. Brandy Spencer

    I just got through to edd, they refiled for me.. It was easy, they even pushed through pending payment's

  27. Saadat Siddiqi

    Hi I am on PUA since the pandemic started and now my benefit year ending yesterday so I have to file a claim or reapply or certify like before I don’t know I’m confused please can you answer me. Because I don’t wanna do any mistake that will cost me for the future weeks I am in New York.

  28. Charlie Mccune

    I’m from ga n they want us to reapply 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  29. Sean Russell

    Very helpful. Thank You!!!

  30. Do I have to reapply on extended benefits in pa after my years up

  31. Definitely great information Thank you

  32. Sherry Truscello

    Ohio sucks

  33. I looked it up they want ID …sound right?

  34. Denzel Askia

    I’m stuck in limbo as of the 1st week of February, and my payments remain “ in progress “. I can’t even continue my weekly certifications because the drop down menu at citizenship won’t allow allow me to get out of “US permanent resident”. I’ve called and sent emails to no avail. Any advice???

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