Should You BUY Bitcoin RIGHT NOW??

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  1. I just received some couple of Dollar with the help of these guys cryptonaid .com i profited more

  2. Crypto currency investment is here to stay if you can't see that at this point its time you leant more about it

  3. Its at 23.5 rn i bought it at 16k i made round 400 bucks in 2 weeks on my first trade

  4. General thought.. I should have bought at $13k… $18k…..$20k….$23K….$25k….etc…..

  5. In India we trade gold not knowing that bitcoin is way much better and profitable, bitcoin has helped me in many ways
    Bitcoin to the moon

  6. If I didn't already have a shit stack of the stuff maybe I'd be buying more.

  7. i think this pandemic have taught people the important of multiple stteems of income unfortunately having a job dosent mean security

  8. $100 spread on coinbase between bid and ask . There’s your bitcoin “scarcity” signal”. That spread will only increase over time.

  9. Like all of us…just shooting in the dark here. Some bigger money gobbling up btc…there is still enough otc available…so the price flutters under $20k and does not drop the expected 30%. How you guys talk you one would think one of you could map where every btc is right now. 21 m total ….some say 3m lost….65% locked up…2m left to mine. Seems like an easy number for those in the know to calculate.

  10. Outstanding information, thanks George. Amazing all the TA guys missing this and sounding quite bearish!

  11. I’ve been buying for last two years. I can’t buy more. Ready for moon

  12. Dear friend can you please talk about the coin EGLD on your next upload? Something interesting happens there

  13. Short answer…uh hell no. The time to buy bitcoin was in march. When it was 4k. And even then it wasnt the best choice. If you invested in Theta or Ada at the time (altcoins) you would have made alot more money. Ada has done an 8x- theta a 12x. Bitcoin has trouble doing a 5x. Bitcoin is great as a store of value, however solid alts have always made more money and will continue to do so. If you are just in the space to make money, news flash, bitcoin is overrated. Also move in the opposite direction of a herd.

  14. Great stuff bitcoin fundamentals are solid. DeFi and eth are next. Dot is soon too

  15. Please learn what the dot colors signify in the stock to flow model. It doesn’t look good for the level of expertise your content promotes. I just expect more rigor. No thumbs down over this, but no thumbs up because of this.

  16. Retirement funds, and savings may well become a target 🎯 to pay for some of the consequences of the present crises.

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin are lifeboats 🚢 🛳 rising as the tide comes in.

  17. The colour change on the plotted chart signifies the time in months until the next halving

  18. guys i found DeepOinion(ONION), its TOR based and anonymous Coin, perfect to fight agains regulators who try to take you down soon and take all your (tax) money… be fast and secure your money and life…

  19. Cryptocurrency is here to stay if you can't see that at this point, it's time you learn more about it.

  20. Bitcoin is a feature investment and is the nicest thing to do now especially the current rise. Despite all the economic crisis this is the time to start up an investment.

  21. You should've bought btc these past 3 years like I did. I am waiting for a huge dip to buy. If not lets just go to the fucking moon already.