Simulating Natural Selection… on a Chromebook

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Luke Garrigan’s blog post:
The ​end result:
The (rough) code:
My instagram:


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  1. Very interesting. Thanks!!

  2. Stephen Worsley

    beep 2:01

  3. Hey mate I'm Luke who wrote the blog, I really appreciate the shout out! Somebody just commented on the post saying you'd mentioned me, Cheers mate!

  4. It's Marky ATX - Austin, Texas Vlogger


  5. Mohamed Ashraf

    Thanks, this was actually a really cool way to introduce genetic algorithms and the example at the end really fired me up for the possibilities of its applications

  6. 112 Aditya Sangave

    I wrote NEAT for playing flappy bird but my laptop isn't much powerful to handle it

  7. Tarunpreet Kaur

    Amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  8. was hoping to hear john's typing sound

  9. Stephen Chen

    Cool vid and nice project. But we didn't come from evolution but are created by God. Just sayin'. God bless y'all!

  10. Hann TongFong

    You've inspired me so much

  11. prithvij mody

    Software engineers bang vicariously through these bubbles

  12. Amigo yo miro tus vídeos para aprender inglés xdxd

  13. if idk anything about algos then should I get into this?

  14. just use aws free tier

  15. Olin Rose-Bardawil

    Great video John. Too bad Darwin isn't alive to see his theories manifest in code.

  16. Why not create a discord server? Seems like a great idea 🤷‍♂️

  17. Anirudh Tiwari

    I will stick to my punnets squares

  18. #savesheikhjarrah
    Share this hashtag as much as you can help them they’re dying everyday and expel from their own houses by the israeli government and some of israeli people

  19. #savesheikhjarrah
    Share this hashtag as much as you can help them they’re dying everyday and expel from their own houses by the israeli government and some of israeli people

  20. #savesheikhjarrah
    Share this hashtag as much as you can help them they’re dying everyday and expel from their own houses by the israeli government and some of israeli people

  21. Erlend Brede Torvanger Ellingsen

    You are amazing!

  22. Rishabh Anand

    Just one word 'flabbergast'

  23. Hey John have you read war and peace or crime and punishment?

  24. Paramjot SINGH

    I don't understand anything he said but I will watch.

  25. Popular misconception…? I think it's the first time I ever heard someone say that.

  26. Monteiro Del Prete

    Thank you for motivating my mind and thank you for spreading the computer science's beauty.

  27. 5:08 Yeah… I can't believe that's so ✨simple✨

  28. Martin Giordano

    Do genetic algorithms relate to the Game of life in any way ?
    I had a school project to program an implementation of it

  29. You've inspired me so much I really needed this. I was so caught up in studying that I started to lose my sense of creativity and curiosity.

  30. You should start a series named something like “Coding 101” where you show subscribers how to start coding and pathways you recommend they take to improve.

  31. ImAFuckingDuck

    Great video!

  32. Hi John
    With this video you made me sooo freaking interested in algorithms

  33. When you copy devon crawford's thumbnail

  34. Thanks for making another interesting video and for sharing your project on genetic algorithms. I tried your code and look forward to playing around with it. Looks like a lot of fun! I have little formal mathematical or technical training, but it is amazing what you can learn by fiddling around with a fascinating project and using the internet when you get stuck. Your video is also very timely for me. I belong to a group that races autonomous radio-controlled cars in Oakland, CA (DIY Robocars –, and we met in person today for the first time since the pandemic began. You and any other interested folks may like to check out the group's site. The group holds both physical races in Oakland and virtual races using a simulator in which people from around the world can participate (Race Simulator Info.- It would be very interesting to see how evolutionary/genetic algorithms could be used in both the physical and particularly the virtual races.

  35. mckenna hall

    does this count as studying for the apcsp exam?

  36. All satisfaction can be found in Christ Jesus. We are always wanting more and more that’s why people binge watch shows because they are not finding the full Satisfaction they want. Jesus gives eternal satisfaction

  37. This is so cool!

  38. Zhanerke Zeylbekova

    After watching your videos I am interested choosing computer science in the future,🤣✌

  39. Been loving the videos John. This project was really cool to watch and learn something new. I would like to see if you have the time a algorithm that generates passwords but really secure passwords. Thank You

  40. The Dana Yi Show

    Really interesting algorithm and great video!

  41. Awesome

  42. Pablo Millan

    Subtitles in spanish, please 😊

  43. you're so close to 1M subs 🥳

  44. Manju Tiwari

    Nice video👍👍. All the best.😊😊

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