Small altcoins with huge potential! (NO TOP 100 COINS) | Crypto market update

In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi breaks down the latest crypto market update and then takes on a challenge to only mention altcoins outside of the top 100 crypto market cap rankings! Hashoshi shares a handful of small altcoins with huge potential, or crypto projects with exciting plans ahead.

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⏰ // Timestamps // ⏰

0:00 Welcome!

1:02 Q1: Does hash rate drive crypto prices?

3:05 Q2: BlockFi vs. Celsius (+ Ledn sponsor shoutout)

5:08 Q3: Crypto bulls vs. bears explained


7:21 WEEKLY SCAMMER ALERT! AND the Keystone giveaway 😎


9:28 ALTCOINS WITH HUGE POTENTIAL (sub-100 market cap rank) CHALLENGE

10:40 NFT – Terra Virtua

12:26 NFT – Efinity

14:11 NFT – Wilder World

14:42 Interop – ICON ICX

16:22 Interop – KardiaChain

17:40 DeFi – Osmosis

19:11 DeFi – Secret Network

20:11 DeFi – Bumper

21:25 Misc – Unibright

22:25 Misc – Zeitgeist

23:42 ⁉️ 404 Logic Not Found: “Bye Bye Bitcoin: It’s time to ban cryptocurrencies”

26:47 NEXT UP: ⏭ Check out the first episode of the “404 Logic Not Found” show🛑 // DISCLAIMERS & TRANSPARENCY // 🛑

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  1. Ricky Martin

    Great content as always, thanks Hashoshi 💪

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    Shameless comment to enter for the Keystone giveaway. 🙂 Thanks for the quality content as always, Hashoshi!

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    Great stuff as always!

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    Great video as always!


    Nice video…
    Why nobody talks about Nervos Network???

  6. Thanks for the great knowledge 👍

  7. Peaky Blinders

    That's an amazing list is you have man, I'm also looking at Celo, it is still under the top 100, and looks promising. Fyi, it is a decentralized stable coin project focused on payments as a use case, especially for unbanked and underbanked communities.

  8. KAI is numero uno – it's like buying etherium when it was 5 cents

  9. Osmosis is amazing. Best AMM I've ever used. Beautiful, easy to use UI.

  10. Carlos Gomez

    By far my favorite crypto channel in YouTube. Thank you for guidance, good judgment and analysis

  11. Hashoshi, thanks for article about Maiar app in Wealth Mastery last issue. Very useful material!

  12. Thomas Frydenlund

    Thank you for a great video, I really appreciate that you are shearing your knowledge and I will follow you on Saturdays from now on!!

  13. IMautodidact

    One of my favorite ep.

  14. RicViperMoto

    Tvk the pics and shovels of the space LETS GO

  15. RealSeraphimZero

    It seems you are a big ADA fan. Are you concentrate the when looking for new/small projects?

  16. deposited all my ADA on your stakepool…32k. hope that helps both of us!!!

  17. Marco Camara

    Man..There is much better projects than this…Only UBT were good on your list 🙂

  18. Leland Carlisle

    <🚀Bitcoin has made huge noise in the cryptomarket of late. It has chosen to confine itself within the $ 39-$ 41k price range. What’s more, the likes of Cardano, Litecoin, and XRP, alts, doge that had once taken off on independent rallies, have now begun to follow the king coin’s footsteps, but nevertheless, the alts marketis predominantly green today, though the gains are relatively insignificant. Most crypt0currencies are charting increases in the range between 2 % and 5 %, with a few exceptions. At this point, it is essential for the trαding volume to pick up the pace, Only when that happens a potential rally can be expected. And accumulate in the Btcmarket which has become a frequently discussed topic within the cryptocommunity. With the previous subtle re-accumulation pattern expanding, coins have been shiftn from weak hands to strong hands. BTC’s slumping liveliness on the 7-day moving averages chart pointed towards more market dormancy and increased accumulation or HODLing patterns. For most lnvestors in the space today hodling seems to be the only way they know and it's due to this fact coins have been shifting hands, I trαde daily so I can keep raising my portfolio regardless of the price condition of the market. Investors and trαders need to embrace trαding and be more open to it because there are many services these days to help you stay profitable in your trαdes. I trαde with signals from Raymond Anthony Sammak and I’ve increased myportfolio from 2 btc to over 8.7 btc, yeah his signals are that good and accurate. Raymond is a pro trαder who has proven his worth and his trαde signal service is second to none which is why I’d recommend them for anyone looking to stay profitable in the space. He can be reached on telegram [ @Raymondsam01] for more details about his services or for any cryptorelated inquiries you have for him.

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  20. Helpful af

  21. Safemoon Looks 🔥

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    In $WILD love it! (TVK Too)

  24. FriendlyNewt

    I think it's automated market maker not automated money maker.

  25. Alex Dallimore

    Awesome to see Wilder World get a mention. Amazing looking platform with some great price potential, imo.

  26. Arguan Modeth

    Unibrite sounds like DRGN chain

  27. Arguan Modeth

    How much KYC do you need on Ledn

  28. Learned a lot in this episode! Thanks for the great informational videos per usual Hashoshi!

  29. Beckett Leonberger

    I feel compelled to leave a second comment and compliment. That was just fabulous. A great life lesson in the 404 segment that everyone needs to hear. Also just amazing content as usual.

  30. Awesome as always!!

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    Love your content Hashoshi. I’m MELD staking right now but will definitely be back to your pool afterwards.

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