Small Sensor Big Value – RED35 VLOG 077

In this VLOG, I want to discuss the value of your camera gear, regardless of formats. Why are they so expensive these days? Do they really worth that much money? Let’s have a chat. #photography #makingphotographycheaper #microfourthirds

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  1. Anthony Pierre

    Wow… speaking truth! I have a G9 and don't even scratch the surface of what it can do. I don't post focus, shoot 6K images (although I am thinking about it for video), and most of what I shot is stationary or barely moving.

  2. Hey Jimmy. You stole my argument 😆. Perfect sense.

  3. Very well said as always, Jimmy. Unfortunately, those of us in the "middle" group continue to get squeezed. The smartphone march from below is relentless, as is the camera manufacturer's pandering to the "pixel peeping, dynamic range worrying" group at the top. 😕 Btw, can you do something about the audio of your intro/outro? It's way too loud compared to the audio of your actual video. I find myself cranking the volume down, then back up all the time on your channel.

  4. Michael Gerrard

    Well said. I like gear, techie stuff and photography 🙂
    That new 20mm is still big. The f1.8 lenses are still the best and true m43 lenses!

  5. Ride Along with Randy

    Good stuff Jimmy. I am done buying new camera gear as I have more than enough, and the photos are good for what I need them for. I do have a problem tho, my house is starting to look like a camera museum, as I keep buying antique and vintage camera gear from the 1900s to the 1960s. Cheers!

  6. Scott Fineshriber

    I am in total agreement that today’s technology has outpaced the needs of many, many photographers. I did some very good product photography around 2000 with a 2MP Nikon. I still have the flyer we produced, and it looks quite professional. We compare one camera or lens to another, but we often fail to compare our actual needs to the cameras we’re admiring. In the last ten years, I’ve become less and less concerned with sharpness and megapixels, and more concerned with lighting, subject and composition. It’s not like the photos in National Geographic or Vogue from 10, 20 or even 50 years ago are now crap, just because cameras got better. Great photography is not dependent upon fancy gear.

  7. every word is gold

  8. Thomas Stirr

    Hi Jimmy,

    I totally agree that professional photographers have a different outlook and approach to how they establish value for their camera gear. I remember when I sold all of my full frame Nikon gear back in July 2015 and started doing all of my client safety video projects with Nikon 1 kit. Many folks scratched their heads and wondered why. The decision was all about time efficiency. I could do my client safety video work faster and easier without any difference in video quality up to ISO-800. The biggest benefit was not having to bring multiple studio lights into the industrial settings where I typically work. That dramatically reduced onsite shooting time.

    Moving to the Olympus M4/3 system in mid 2019 took this to another level. Not only can I leave my studio lights behind, but also all of my camera supports like tripods/video heads, slider and gimbal. I can now shoot video projects totally handheld with my E-M1X bodies, three M.Zuiko PRO f/2.8 zooms and the M.Zuiko PRO 45 mm f/1.2 prime. Everything fits into one medium sized shoulder bag. Makes the job so much easier and faster.

    Another factor that non-pro photographers sometimes overlook is comfort. Shooting onsite for 8 to 10 hours at a time can be very physically demanding. The last thing a professional photographer wants is uncomfortable camera gear. My E-M1X bodies are the most comfortable and ergonomic cameras that I've ever used.

    No doubt full frame and larger formats work well for many people. It all comes down to individual needs. Everything photographic comes with some kind of trade-off. For my specific needs full frame cameras just don't work from an efficiency perspective. The full frame advantages of higher dynamic range, colour depth and low light performance are dwarfed by technologies like Pro Capture, Live ND, in-camera focus stacking and incredible IBIS performance to name a few. I'd much rather expand my photographic potential with these technologies than use a larger format system. I'll never use full frame gear again as it would be taking a big step backwards for the work that I do.


  9. Your recent content is 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Michael Gregory

    Very timely , as the lure of Black Friday adverts tease me with the potential of going back to a FF camera that is a lot smaller than the last one I had before switching to Olympus back in 2015. Yesterday I went out with my Olympus kit and got some great landscape and aeroplane images – had all my kit and lenses in a little camera bag, whereas as all the FF guys had military sized rucksacks. While there might some DoF and minor IQ niggles that I see in my Oly images, nobody else sees that. They all like my images as they are and I should be happy with that! Plus my EM5iii is affordable, and feature packed along with a fantastic range of M.Zuiko lenses that are also great value and fantastic quality. But thanks for summarising all this so neatly in this wonderful video

  11. I have the EM1 and em10 iii I love them both equally I use my EM1 for my professional studio shoots and my em10 for casual use. And if I have a wedding I use both

  12. That's all we want, to create images that are worthy of hanging on the wall. The OM1 was a fantastic bit of kit and all the lenses had the same 49 mm filtre thread. The results were stunning. Today I need a powerful computer and expensive software in addition to the cameras and lenses. I also need to do the job that my printer used to be a specialist in. These printers were highly skilled men who knew how to rescue a negative to produce a brilliant print.

  13. Great opinion. Last year I bought a G9 because of the balance with telephoto lenses. But after half a year, I bought a GX80, because of the small size. But deliver great pictures and use the GX80 for 80% of the time. The difference in AF, drive speed, viewfinder quality is only in some quite specific situations a differentiator. People love the pictures from both camera's

  14. I always appreciate videos like this. I just zoned out the past hour researching “full frame” this and that, blah blah. I’m a dedicated MFT professional photographer/videographer and we always struggle with that tiny voice beckoning us towards “better things.” But when I stop and look back at my work, I’m still impressed and so happy with the results. People never see HOW your moment was captured, they just want to enjoy that it WAS captured. I need that reminder to get back to the basics and let enough be enough for myself and my clients. Thanks brother! ❤️🤘🏼

  15. Uncommon and very refreshing honesty here, Jim.
    I will alert some young people I know to your YT channel – they need to see this.

    Regarding the Forum warriors over at DP : these guys have serious psychological issues.

  16. Neil Cousineau

    Great video. Love your positive upbeat “photography” based rants. My favourite camera is still my 2017 EM 10 mk ii. And next week I’m buying a 2010 Olympus Stylus-1 for walking around and photography fun. Keep up the good work.

  17. steve worthington

    The new Nikon is over subscribed at 7k? Jimmy I have the trusty EM1, get perfectly good result,s with this over engineered masterpiece, with updates a new camera. Ok if I won tonight,s Euromillion,s might be tempted by EM2/3, but 1st expand my collection of primes, then some pro Zoom,s.(Only for the weather sealing).

  18. Steve Kingsley

    My G9 still feels like the gift that keeps giving, with Panasonic's firmware updates!!

  19. Mike Jankowski

    Great content, and I particularly like the visual aspects. It was so crisp and 3-dimensional on my phone, and the lighting and background were very pleasing.

  20. Alan Neilson

    More pearls of wisdom loved it and in the same group as you.
    Looking forward to your review of the lens

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