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  1. I liked it when the karate man said if it was a Lamborghini then I'm getting in the car

  2. This pice carp can’t do anything with his videos he is just clickbaiter

  3. omg i want thee guys to get aid rectricted or what ever it is called/spelled

  4. I love when he saws I’m supposed to be rocking at the front door like bop

  5. everybody this is a reuploaded and they are using the videos for fame please do not mistake them as the real people

  6. Roses are red violetts are blue we got clickbated and gaved them a view

  7. I love the part jeffy gets his credit card and wastes it on dots and nerds this is clickbait learn to make your own vids

  8. Why is it titled Jeffy's credit card if it has nothing to do with a credit card