Social Credit: China's Digital Dystopia In The Making

Leave No Dark Corner: In China, advances in technology are making surveillance techniques more and more sophisticated. Now, a citizen’s most trivial actions – or even, it seems, their ethnicity – can affect their freedom.

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“If people keep their promises they can go anywhere in the world, and if people break their promises they won’t be able to move an inch”, says Cong Jie of credit system Alipay. Facial recognition, security cameras and mobile apps are permitting monitoring of citizens’ every move, using their actions to calculate a ‘score’ based on their perceived merits. Criminal, academic and medical records, even what you buy at the supermarket, are all taken into account. Purchasing alcohol reduces your score, whilst buying nappies increases it. Fan Dandan believes it’s the natural progression of the Party’s policies. “I think it’s always been there”, she says. “Now it’s just in a more efficient format.” Yet injustices appear prevalent. Investigative journalist Liu Hu has found himself labelled ‘dishonest’ and his rights restricted for no apparent legitimate reason. It began after he exposed a corrupt politician. “There are a lot of people who are on the blacklist wrongly”, he says, “but they can’t get off it”. Reports of racial profiling and unfounded detainment abound, raising serious questions about the motivations behind this new age of totalitarianism.

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  1. It’s a spiritual war in Gaia and the only judge is god. We CANNOT give our power as divine free human beings born on earth to those who want to control us and are ego designed so thick it has turned into narcissism and god complex. Once you take action into playing god you believe you are higher than someone who is apart of you in the essence and nature of being. These are people who were taught ways of thinking over generations from the same perception of false power trauma and fear deception. This is deeper than survival. This is a move to control masses both physically and psychologically. Your worth = to credit. Measuring love hate behavior mistakes. Karma works on its own. There is no number you can put on multidimensional ways of being. There are no real borderlines. We are all the same different paths. You are the only judge for you know and choose your path and resonance in this life. Whoever is behind this is playing your god. You were born here the same as them. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE POWER YOU HOLD. TAP IN BE BRAVE RESIST!

  2. I always said people will give their rights away for convenience and safety . Total goverment power leads to corruption. She might change her tune when she realises her beloved government wants to make someone she knows dissapear.

  3. Lianne Abrahams

    If I think right here, without moving an inch, my idea can travel around the world. I've already had that happen. Why would I want or need to travel?
    **this might depend upon how free your internet access is. I think in China they mostly have access to a kind of internal national intranet, so communicating your idea to the world would be more difficult under those circumstances. For now, in the west, I don't care if I have to stay in my home. That is a price worth paying for freedom of thought.

  4. Lianne Abrahams

    I'd rather think what I want and stay in one place than travel and not think what I want.

  5. Jamie Andrews

    The chinese style social credit system is one of the goals of UN Agenda 21 and they have conned the world with a flu like virus to try and install it to the rest of the world

  6. Technocracy and communism…how can they not see this?

  7. Better not drive 36 mph in a 35 mph zone.

  8. Creeeeepy

  9. Corporal Hollywood

    It's called fuck in evolution do you watch you if you're good to everyone else and you help homeless people and you help everyone else out jealous of your own problems you get good credit and that means that you don't rely on the government they give you credit so you can take care of yourself it's a small mathematics Quetion Americans don't understand that now

  10. Morally Awkward

    Keeping people against their will in country is the same thing the Nazi’s did to instill fear and obedience. WTF happened to this world?!


    How did the film demolition man end again ??

  12. China is incredibly stable because of this, but China bad

  13. Omg that’s scary! I can’t believe they are doing this to people. This is so wrong.

  14. Danny Castro

    God bless america. But were already here. Your phone reads your mind and sells you things you talk about.

  15. Electric Ink

    Slavery pure and simple

  16. ИОСИФ Joseph Секейра Мендес Sequeira Mendes

    DAVOS's multinational fascist Corporations and WESTERN POLITICIANS DREAM. The system is been implemented. Welcome into Animal Farm.

  17. ИОСИФ Joseph Секейра Мендес Sequeira Mendes

    Is no different from western social media. Why spend money in robots if they can robotise people?

  18. Uncookedcat 069

    It's 2021, I still haven't seem this shit in America or Canada

  19. ONE (Eileen Colts)

    Psychotic ruling elite are intent on destroying humanity. If this is a test, humans are not capable with governing themselves with an ounce of integrity.

  20. This is part of the reason the mask agenda was pushed…

  21. David Benabe

    Try rioting and burning flags over there and see how it works out

  22. Onela Galela

    Its painful watching this during COVID 😥

  23. LOL damn this would be good in America to help people lose weight

  24. Ultimately once they control 1.4b Chinese people, they will leverage the control n change n conquer the free world.

  25. thatninetykid Ant

    coming to the united states 2022

  26. life is about second chances, this system takes that away.

  27. this makes the stasi look like santa claus

  28. its only going to make criminals more cunning. sheer laziness and social ostracizing

  29. Fabrizio Federico

    Dan-Dan you are insane if u wanna live like this!

  30. Hpbaru Dibetulin

    Peoples are not robot

  31. Calvin Marty Klein Mcfly

    Ermmmm Hello.
    You had so much before and gave it up for some points.
    Well that makes sense.

  32. Juan Shaft Patel

    will this work on blacks?

  33. Actually I wonder if Chinas Model of surveillance state is to prefer; In china it’s obvious; the government seems more transparant & even bragging about the surveillance state; (compared to Sweden where the extreme surveillance state is lurking in the shadows & outright denied. I think Chinas model seems more honest & fair compared to Swedens model..)

  34. Chyllmode3000

    So we get the system in place, and then we allow the AI to take the reigns. It sounds like a precursor to the Antichrist/Beast system. It is quite the picture perfect counterfeit of God in a very tangible manner. Lucifer/Satan most definitely wants this system in place to control mankind. It's also no surprise that it is entirely materialistic. God & Jesus both clearly warn us about worshipping the material world. It will enslave many people very soon, and will result in their damnation.
    I'll never submit to this trash, and you shouldn't either. I wonder if the Chinese are losing their souls right before our eyes.

  35. Coverage Awareness Studio

    You know what the sad part is, I have deleted myself from the current "social" system in the United States. All my information is gone,. Oops… I am not sorry for what I just did… I even suppressed and locked the information of the popular Lexis Nexis… PLEASE CHALLENGE ME… actually, you won't win… Nope!

  36. Psycho Pass inspired…

  37. Andrew Harmon

    "Jesus the name that cancels sin and sets the prisoners free. His blood can make the foulest clean. HIs blood availed for me." Does the world need an omnipotent Savior? Just what else is our hope in the face of this?

  38. They are starting this in the US now.

  39. Looks like the "American dream"

  40. Jandaap Schandknaap

    3m08 Example: stealing a candybar.. In Holland they say you break the law. Pretty formal. In china they say you break a promise. Pretty personal. There is a fundamental difference there

  41. This is pure fascism.

  42. Gladiator Days

    She is like I better not say anything negative! Talk about fear! All bad ! Alll Baddd!

  43. prison state this is what's in store for all of us

  44. Jared Barker

    Protesters should break every public security camera in China. Every motherf*cking one of them.

  45. quite progressive, the Chinese society

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