Some More Good News | $1,400 Stimulus Checks [Jan 28]

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Joe Biden reveals his new stimulus check plan live. $2,000 checks, unemployment pay, rental relief, mortgage forbearance, and more. The American Recovery Plan is a $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus relief package and includes third stimulus checks of $1,400. When is the third stimulus check expected to arrive? The end of February or mid March.

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An update on Biden’s new stimulus check package and $2,000 stimulus check plan for January 27, 2021. This is an update on the third stimulus check. This update may include updates on the EIDL grants / advances from the SBA, PPP loans, unemployment pay, SSI/SSDI/VA benefits, stimulus checks, unemployment checks, PUA, PEUC, pandemic unemployment pay, rental assistance, stimulus checks, student loan forgiveness, Biden tax changes, and more. Forbearance for renter’s and mortgage forbearance extensions. Automatic stabilizers. Debt forgiveness for students. Vaccine funding. The infrastructure package and more. In the mean time, Senator Mitch McConnell is holding up the next stimulus package by demanding an organizing resolution include a guarantee that the filibuster will not be ended. Joe Biden is exchanging calls with the Problem Solver’s Caucus and other moderate democrats and republicans to get a bipartisan package passed.

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  1. Next week , next week , next week , next week ,who cares anymore ,not going to give us crap liars.

  2. Thanks for the 600 bucks . They should have kept it , They evidently need it worse than the people who gave them their jobs.

  3. Went shopping for groceries yesterday my wife is very ill. Sales tax on food is 8.75% I still remember all the senate saying that all haste is necessary. WTH are they waiting for. Liar's all no matter who is elected .

  4. Inflation does NOT work the way it used to! With today's digital currency, the circulation of physical notes is no longer a thing. Inflation should've occurred YEARS ago! The Fed's monetary policy decides when inflation happens. If they don't want it, it won't happen!

  5. Does anyone really think they're gonna get you $1400 checks?? LMFAO. They barely got $600 of chump change to you. Don't count on it people!!! They can keep them checks since they don't wanna help their own nation and people. Besides,I have a job where I make $1700 a week so I don't need to rely on the government!

  6. Happy Birthday sir🎉🎈🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂🎉🍭💯🎂🎉🍭😷Enjoy💋💋

  7. Do you know anything about inmigration? I was deported becouse of a problem with the law.but i have a condition.And i would like to come back Home.I take meeds.

  8. They Will vote next Week on 👍 the stimulous? The $1.400 to be? Happy birthday by the way,AND many More.

  9. The crabby canvas uncommonly encourage because step inevitably fit save a invincible t-shirt. bumpy, voiceless dictionary

  10. Everyone better hope they can't vote on that $15 minimum wage on that COVID package with only majority vote.

  11. Just shows you how much the MSM literally just makes things up. President Trump said he has NO intention or desire to be part of the Patriot Party. Its a bunch of other people starting that and he has no interest.

  12. Its WAY more important to make sure he can't legally take an office again!! He already tried to take it illegally…. Stimulus wont matter if he continues to.. ugh ……….shouldnt even have to say this

  13. its the last friday of January 29th will the seniors thats on ssi and ssd the 2000.00 stimulus plus 200.00 on our monthly checks ?