Spiderman Far From Home POST CREDIT SCENES Explained! (SPOILERS)

Spider-Man Far From Home Final Scenes & End Credits Breakdown! How are these Spider-Man post credit scenes the most shocking and game-changing reveals yet in the MCU?

Spoilers ahead! Seriously, DO NOT continue if you haven’t seen Far From Home yet!

The Spider-Man Far From Home ending includes two post-credit scenes that deliver ultimate fan service — Easter Egg callbacks to past MCU films and classic superhero cinema, and earth-shattering twists that make us question everything coming next in Marvel Phase 4. How will Peter Parker react to being exposed and vilified? Could J Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) be Peter’s most dangerous threat yet, and could his reporting lead to the formation of the Sinister Six? And what is the deeper meaning behind the Nick Fury Skrull twist? Could Marvel be setting up a Secret Invasion storyline for future films?

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  1. Jordan Montero

    Is Jameson supposed to be alex jones ?

  2. it’s the beginning of a era

  3. Davit prtterson

    The vulgar argentina separately explain because pants similarly promise regarding a shrill foundation. knowing, past methane


  5. Jackson Rush

    Your Talos impression sounds a lot like Korg

  6. This video sucks. I spotted a few mistakes.

  7. Gebhard Blucher


  8. Kaysack Big Boi

    What if nick fury told tony stark about the skrulls and had a skrull swap with stark and now stark is undercover due to everyone thinking him dead🤔

  9. Can’t wait to see the 3rd movie!!

  10. Diogo Fernandes

    Now you know why is the same actor playing J. Jameson. ahah Multiverse!

  11. i dont know if im mad at mysterio for leaking spidermans identity or thanking him bc its the best ending to the movie EVER

  12. Nick fury was also far from home

  13. Payton Smith

    Secret invasion

  14. kwstas apostolou

    So mcu has turned into a huge among us arena

  15. Aiden Snyder

    Mysterio wins! 🏆

  16. *Nick fury was the imposter*

  17. …Or Peter Parker is still in a simulated reality.

  18. Nova Balancar Ballares

    The cut scene is true

  19. Mysterious is a bigger snake than KD

  20. I think this is hinting out to us that the aliens made this whole thing up themselves and no one actually knows spider man's name

  21. Rikin Thakkar

    The news reporter who comes before jk Simmons is the same reporter in tasm2 who announces norman Osborne’s death. How has no one noticed this

  22. marvel haters: Marvel movies are way too predictable
    marvel movies:

  23. Michael Matteo

    so is jk simmons supposed to be the same jameson as the other movies?

  24. At the end when mysterio said spiderman is Peter my mouth dropped I was like “ what’s happening next now?” (Also when there’s end credits there will be another movie)

  25. Too bad everyone believes JJJ.

  26. K.m.k.prasanth 123

    Please say slowly I don't understand your language

  27. I think they will travel back to time to bring tony stark

  28. Esther Montfrooy


  29. Tristan Ruiz

    It would be cool if silver sabel hunted peter down

  30. That J. Jonah Jameson impression was SPOT ON!!!

  31. I've just re watched the whole mcu and what I don't understand is why fury after endgame would've gone to space … Anyone who has a valid explanation for that?

  32. I hope that Flash and Peter come face to face 😂

  33. NL - 08BK 732163 Cheyne MS

    Pls pls make spider mans name clear I don't want everyone to know it'll ruin it all

  34. Benjamin Sander

    Hello excuse my bad english that's not my native language i'm from Germany okay but it could also be the paradise of the young Turks aka TYT

  35. "Identity Crisis" Movie Adaptation 😍😍😍😍😍…..I think it was based on the Ultimate Spiderman Animated Series…. where the Daily Bugle was brodcasted in a Big screen on the Building 😂😂😂

  36. Christian Aristil

    Does alien, they were in caption marvel you should check it out since you don't know about it.

  37. Harry Foster

    Yo how did skrull fury understand the surfboard code reference, unless that happened to be one of the things that fury told them. But that seems so specific and unlikely.

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