Stablecoins Indicate Bitcoin Bull Run & Weiss Calls For $70K BTC

Cycles of Bitcoin –

📝Legal: *’The above video references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.’

Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price price moves very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. Andrei Bitay

    I like your new editing bro. B-)

  2. Lol cant attract enough action to get stay above 9500.00

  3. The rising hash rate indicates a slowdown in miner capitulation, which could assist in sending the bitcoin price higher, what this simply means is that the time is now, the time to stack up more coins and grow that portfolio as an investor. I am achieving this by guided trading with Dr. Vincente Sanz, through copying his trade signals I have grown my portfolio from a meager 15,OOOusd to over 9O,OOO that’s including my alts though in just 3 months.
    Grow that portfolio now so as to take full advantage of the coming months and Vincente could also be reached on Gmail: {[email protected] com} for more info into his Trade signal service.

  4. Hey Dan, do you think you could do a chart on LINK just from an educational standpoint? Link has been in a bullish chart this whole bear market and it would be cool to get your take. Huge fan, great stuff

  5. why that miauh miauh background "music"?

  6. Stablecoin means money on sideline ready to buy some cheep BTC. Hold strong and buy some extra during dip. My opinion

  7. Both short as long term bull Dan. I believe the Dollar will crash in time. 😎✨

  8. Stephen Seedhouse

    Great Video Dan. Thank you.

  9. Brian Conley

    Those wood-paneled walls are pretty sick.

  10. Stablecoins meeh.. Not bullish ncs of that! Still might see small dump before going up finally. Im not bullish until we go above 10.5k

  11. Bitcoin is moving like an old granpa on is grandma. There is some business going on but it´s not worth watching and somehow even disgusting. Lets hope that this changes soon

  12. 480shenanigans

    ETHE Grayscale

  13. Joel Ciencias

    meaningless curve fittings…hah…

  14. LeaveMyPony Alone

    You became a big bitcoin fanboy for the past year or so.

  15. Black Tower Radio

    Love your video’s and analysis. Lose the background music though bro.

  16. Fatima Iria Monteiro

    Straight from são Paulo Brazil… thank about a bullish person!!! I Always enjoy watching your vídeos because they match With my thoughts. I drink de might hit 20k By december or so… god bless…

  17. Glass node's job is to acquire subscribers. They'll use anything to hype up btc. Also no one questions the data nor knows the origin.

  18. It is a game of hide & seek. Glimpse of home followed by misery in the eco system. Each time an altcoin pumps 20% many youtubers send it to Mars, soon after if falls down flat. If all those institutions beef buying BTC, then why its price keeps falling?

  19. Why do any of the Bitcoin OGs even listen to any of these "analysts"? 3:30 We were buying Bitcoin before they even knew what it was or how it works or what is the potential. Now THEY are the experts? Yeah right, pull the other finger. Just keep buying and pulling your Bitcoin off the Exchanges. When the time comes all the so-called experts will have to buy from YOU if they want any Bitcoin.

  20. love your videos! Super positive, always encouraging. I think that BTC GLD and Silver are all being suppressed by the government bc they threaten the US dollar, not sure where they feel like they need to hold it or when their means of manipulation and suppression will run out, or public interest will overwhelm their ability to suppress

  21. MrStacker1965

    Totally bullish both short and long term 😃

  22. victor taboika

    Institutional interest has changed things for BTC with emphasis on CME options/futures vs spot volume.

  23. mehtap taşcıoğlu

    i dont know about you guys but they about the rip off us all fuck i 1,750 ltc and i will keep it no matter what

  24. I'm bullish short term, hope I?m not wrong.

  25. Bitcoin like gold & silver has been capped by the Fed. Bitcoin will never go above $10K.

  26. Ernie Segura


  27. I can't say I love the background music, but I appreciate your T/A. Please keep up the good work.

  28. Crypto Trades

    So the alt season is over?

  29. Hercules Marsella


  30. Like the video. As long as the SEC, Steve M. and markets can rig prices, no one can predict true price value until there is a freely traded market. Just my humble opinion : )

  31. Always look forward to watching your videos.

  32. Super Bullish. Want a nice correction to buy

  33. Jerry Hardison

    If I thought I had all the answers Dan, I wouldn’t have to watch you!! Lol!!

  34. Finalyyyy!!!! Thanks for your vid!!!!

  35. God bless!

  36. Great video

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