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Hello all you dear friends.

I have yet again come up with an idea to boost your career choices. See the video and share further with your friends and help them too.
You can click here for the website:

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See you very soon with some fun ideas of growth in this time of challenge.

Love, Aleena


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  1. guys, initially I advise you first understand the portal, understand how it works, whether you really will be able to earn money and students from it (because different things work for different people, not everything works for everyone), if you do find it meaningful, only then go with paid version.
    Spend your money diligently. OK

  2. Hello , u didnt said we have to pay to this website to start teaching…. If i want to start teach how will i pay …

  3. Firstly your smile is enhanced your personality. And your way of teaching is very good, informative, fabulous. I like her very much.

  4. thank you mam .you are really helping the people and getting them awarness.

  5. Very informative video am from Pakistan 🇵🇰 but am always watching your videos ❤️❤️

  6. Really I'm not cheap minded but really this is my advice u too beautiful

    Why u teach . Ur made for modelling

  7. It was great. . Simple and good explanation of the concept. Thank you very much.

  8. extremely annoying, I'm wondering why she switches to another language or access from time to time. especially the important times. such a strong accent.I missed a lot of important points

  9. Video starts from- 6.07 ,thanks me later if i saved your time 🙂

  10. Aslam o Alaikum dear ..ap apnaa watsapp nmber snd kr skti ha ap sa personally baat krni thi

  11. Please tell which app you use for making videos and it has such a good audio quality with no noice. I also want to start making online classes video but finding difficulty in selecting proper app.

  12. Do we need bachelor degree atleast for starting
    Because i am in 12th grade pre med

  13. I just want to say you are so beatifull and your way speaking is awesome and your voice is soothing.I am absolutely flat.