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  1. Hawaii is such a joke, they haven't even paid the people their unemployment monies, "YOU CAN'T TAKE BACK, WHAT YOU NEVER GAVE"!, I thought we Hawaii, not India "Indian Giver"!

  2. It's happening because DLIR is incompetent on both systemic and leadership sides. These people in charge of this have no idea what they are doing. They don't know how to actually process it, or how to regulate it. This is not a joke, people are literally about to rise up. I have no doubt that Hawaii will turn violent because of this. These idiots are hurting families with no remorse. They are extremely in denial of the severity of this situation and their failure to help residents.

  3. PUA is program helping people during the COVID, why they ask it back, they have to check every application form before they paid out. How do they paid back, ???? They spend all the money.

  4. Inhumane! I worked same place near 4 years and quit job mid Jan 2020 went on vacation w my kids starting looking late Feb then Covid Hit got PUA June $10.400 Sooo Happy! Then told to apply to Regular UI if denied then reapply back to PUA took 5 months( I knew I did not qualify voluntarily quit thats why I went through PUA) Then I applied back to PUA 110 day in appeal faxs ph calls promising soon will be paid then denied today on my bday and I owe it all back!!

  5. It's happening in every single state. It happened to me in NJ. Waiting on a call from Appeals Tribunal.

  6. The Government is supposed to be for the people and by the people. It’s not. These are cold hearted tyrants and their order followers. We pay them to tell us what to do and ruin our lives. They closed the state, not us. If they are going to do that, then they need to except all situations effected by this plandemic. They act like we are the problem, when THEY are the problem. People should not stand for this kind of treatment. If people understood the truth in this whole pandemic situation and the relationship that government should have with us, to heart, there would be a massive revolt. People are too dumbed down and docile, still believing in a government, or otherwise known liars and criminals. Someday they will get massive fiery karma back at them. That even goes for the unquestioning order followers, they equally as culpable for complying with tyranny.

  7. You welfare collectors went try DOUBLE DIP , nevah QUALIFY and got BUSTED 😝🤣🤙🏻

  8. When the government says we are here to help,it becomes a problem….Many institutions are accountable for not informing the public with the proper information,which it is causing severe damages in regards to the financial crisis that's been occurring since the 2008 housing market collapse along with the corporate establishment getting bailout funds and the 2019 repo market overnight lending swaps which it will accelerate into a dire economic monetary financial disaster causing financial uncertainty to incur as the situation begins to intensify within a demoralized society

  9. THERE IS NO WAY, THEY CAN PAY BACK THAT MONEY! ✍ WRITE IT OFF. Your citizens need your support, stop the abuse!

  10. What happens when one side is painfully disorganized and the other is full of ****? Is it ok to take advantage if it is there to be taken? What’s worse a law breaker or a freedom abuser? Very messy and just more to worry about even if you did things correctly and warranted that particular assistance. Worst yet, we’re still in the original mess that got us here.

  11. Next COVID Hot Spot KAILUA KONA HAWAII JAIL = NO MASKS 6+ Officers 8+
    Inmates (Only 2 Guards & Nurse WORE) no masks given at until After
    transport Before Court Hearing

  12. For the people who owns legal short term rental in Hawaii, If the average booking period per booking is 7days or less in 2019, you are considered as active business, which is determined by IRS Sec 1.469-1T(e)(3)(ii)), it is NOT up to PUA to determine your business is "PASSIVE" that you make for daily living. File an appeal and ask them to proof you wrong!

  13. When the government makes a mistake and overpays your PUA, you're forced to pay it back. When the government makes a mistake and overpays for the rail, you're still forced to pay it back. Corruption runs deep in Hawaii State government but the culprits love the spotlight. Ige / Green / Caldwell are corrupt muppets.

  14. If anyone collected but died recently Im sure the state will dig them out of the grave and demand payments.

  15. That’s one nice home u get lady. Room to house the babies and I’m sure cars and u get passive income. Lucky u!!! Most are on the street. Hmmmm

  16. Incorrect. If you submitted the correct documents, did not falsify or submit incorrect information on your income and status and their system or staff created the error or caused the over payment, you are not responsible. Take them to court.

  17. So she owns "very expensive property" and rents it out…
    and ran to collect unemployment….
    I see. 🤔

    Judging by another comment lower down. Alot of millionaire property owners taking advantage of the PUA system & getting paid out big for passive income from their expensive properties.

    As the video states they wouldent be eligible for normal unemployment. Because rental income is passive and not active income. So im betting when they heard PUA was paying out big they jumped on the opportunity to get free money like everyone else was

    A guy in a comment below says he refuses to pay back 75 grand for his 10 owned rentals he collents PUA…

    I dont imagine PUA was setup for multimillionaires.

    Depending on the situation of the people… the rich rental owners are taking advantage of the system….

    But i think the average uber driver should be given a little bit of mercy.

    Meanwhile some "legit" companies are hurting. And some "legit" companies are sitting on some nice fat stacks of free money right now.

    People get greedy when trillions of dollars get handed out. And many wont pass up the opportunity to come up.

  18. I got my PUA money because all ten of my tourist rentals were shutdown due to the virus. I'm not paying back my $75,000.

  19. @2:25 That angry lady should not have exhibited that attitude towards people who needed assistance during these trying times. Show some class.

  20. it seems the state needs to remove it's head from it's ass on this remember when they couldn't get unemployment right when they knew it was going to spike an waited to get more ppl on the job gotta blame them for the mistakes