Status – $2,000 4th Stimulus Check & Monthly Checks for Everyone

Status, $2000 4th stimulus check and monthly checks for everyone
In this video, we discuss the 4th stimulus checks and monthly stimulus checks for everyone. This is something that many people are asking about right now and curious when the next stimulus check will arrive, the 4th stimulus check, monthly stimulus checks, recurring stimulus checks and the $2000 stimulus check. Many people are wondering if we’re going to be getting it, when will we get the next stimulus check, how much will the next stimulus check be, Who will be included to receive the next stimulus check, will there be a fourth stimulus check, how much will the fourth stimulus check be, $2000 fourth stimulus check, and when will we receive the next $2000 fourth stimulus check. We discussed the current status of the 4th stimulus Check in this video also known as the $2000 stimulus check as well as a Monthly Stimulus a Checks and Recurring and Monthly stimulus checks.
This video does pertain to everybody including Social Security, SSDI, SSI, VA, our RV, low income, no income, and everybody else.
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  2. Kathryn rishar

    Your the only one I trust some other so confused I understand you people I dont like like go your cannel

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  4. Carolyn Wilson

    Heyyy Matt

  5. Notice all women are commenting lol dont mess with their money

  6. Catherine May

    SSDI needs a raise every month because I still struggle and with everything going up

  7. Lakesha Crosby

    Thanks for this review 🤗

  8. Kathy W. Gressett

    Happy mothers Day to Corey ! Your 1st mother a Day but by no means your Last !! Congrats ..

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    Nothing will be approved so move on

  10. 8 think we are all dreaming. After the comment that Moscow Mitch made the other day, we're not getting anything. 100% of his agenda is to disrupt the Biden administration.

  11. Your story headline and the story itself di dn't match. I'm going to unsubscribe because of faulty reporting. Sorry.

  12. Felicia Tutson

    What about the people on SSI payments every month I heard we was going to get a raise

  13. Hello! I love all those questions. Actually, those questions are in my mind. Thank You…

  14. JD Calderwood

    How about future president 2024

  15. Gloria Stanley

    I still have not received the 3rd stimulus check. SOCIALISM has become the new normal

  16. Appreciate the updates, thanks; keep it up huh.

  17. jesse Frieze

    So tired of the numerous thumbnails saying 4th stimulus approved or checks are being sent out now & when you click it. It tells you the topic wasnt even brought into light.

  18. 👶🍼💞

  19. Regina Paulk

    Went are we going get those checks

  20. Charles Heddy

    Thank you and tell your wife happy mother's day


  22. It appears that YouTube "4th stimulus check" vids are starting to fade. Is this a reflection of peoples' lack of interest, realism, fatalism, or apathy? Maybe the producers aren't getting the number of clicks needed to make it viable. Hmmm?
    Keep up the good work.

  23. Lawrence Durgan

    If you'd been pushing that button on the wall behind you quit pushing it that's the fast-forward button

  24. Angellica Goodson-Lord

    THUMBS DOWN You are still spitting when you talk. I see that to try to move the saliva to the back of yoiur mouth but then you need to swallow to clear the back of your throat where the spitting sounds are being made. Second, why are you creating video's if all of this is just in the dream stage. Why get people's hopes up until their is a stimulus check about to be sent. I think it is crewl to make it appear that something is happening when it is not. Sick of hearing that the government is working on our behalf to increase our monthly benefits to a much more realistic number only to once again realize that NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Start your video's with NOTHING IS ON THE TABLE YET BUT these are some of the ideas being floated around in Washington. You should not lead us on either.

  25. Candy M. Clark

    Happy mother's day to all . And God bless you all 🌹

  26. Blessings!! Happy Mother's Day's eveyone don't forget Grandmas , Aunts, sisters ect!! Much love!!👣🤗😘Love Conquer's All.

  27. Richard Schmidt

    I'm on ssi

  28. Richard Schmidt

    I'm confused. I received 600…then 1400 on April 7…did l miss something??

  29. I want to wish Corey a very happy Mother's day.thanks Matt for everything you do for us.

  30. Andrea Walker

    Congress & Senator's & Biden needs to get a move on bills are backing up & everything else. Bills are getting higher, food, meds & gas we need this in June not Sept or October. People are struggling very badly. Money doesn't last long period!! Hope see this We need the 4th Stimulus & Recurring payment's, Get it DONE before it's to late for everyone!!

  31. Andrea Walker

    Happy Mother's Day Corey & all the Mother's out there ♥️🌹🌷🌼

  32. Edward Wesolowski

    I would like to know about the raise having to do with ss they keep talking about. I know alot of people who could use this raise people always say respect your elders why does it seem that.politicans dont feel that way can u answer this

  33. Gina Hegseth

    Love all you do for us Matt.

  34. LadyoftheLake

    Mother’s Day Blessings Ladies🌹🍃..

  35. So everything is just talk screw ur inferstructer WTH no humnas left who cares about rebuilding humnas need stim retro reacuring checks..or going to wait yime so we don a dime ..yeah we knw ur stratigies usa screwed out checks ALLL yr long last yr cuz they went out n spent our money all yr on now if they move slow enough ur not gtting anything it what they want…humans need stim not reconstruction..morons…

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